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Weber Kettle triple-cook

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    Weber Kettle triple-cook

    Today was day two of me borrowing people’s gear to cook. I must say I’m having a grand time!

    Today I figured I should make three dishes in one go, while the ’que was hot. The 'que is the Weber kettle, using briquettes.

    Doing a prune stuffed pork butt was a no-brainer, I have done it once before and it came out just incredible. So, that’s dish 1. Another one I kind of like for its simplicity is ABTs (Atomic Buffalo Turds). Nothing fancy, but great to munch on while cooking. Dish 2 covered. The third dish that I decided upon was new to me, but I was inspired by reading Meathead’s recipe on it, so I decided to give smoked tomato soup a try. Although I did quite a bit of free-styling on this one.

    The snake in the kettle, with my cake ring in place:
    Click image for larger version

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    The pork butt got the usual treatment: dry brine the night before, and rubbed in the morning. I put it on the grate 4 hours later, and smoked it with cherry wood. I utilized the cake ring (from a springform pan) today again, works just great!

    The pork butt, ready for prune stuffing:
    Click image for larger version

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    While it was cooking I smoked the cherry tomatoes, and made soup out of them. After they were done I put the ABTs on. I filled them with a good strong mature English cheddar, as I like a lot of flavor. Wrapped them up with bacon, smoked them, and served.

    The tomatoes, smoked and ready:
    Click image for larger version

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    The ABT's on the grate:
    Click image for larger version

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    The tomato soup:
    Click image for larger version

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    Pork fest!
    Click image for larger version

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    Overall it’s been a great day of cooking/smoking, and I did three dishes with very little effort. Have just finished it all with some friends and a good red wine (an Appassimento). Life is good.

    Thanks Meathead and all you forum members for inspiration.

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    Awesome! I am liking that cake form idea... I need to find one!


      Tell me more about these atomic buffalo turds. Hilarious name, I have to try them at least for the name.


        yeah ABTs... I was like... what is that??? Not sure if this is the same thing Henrik is talking about it, but with Google's help, I found this....


          ABT's from Diva Q are the bomb .. I've done them twice and each time they were awesome!! Heed her advice and wear gloves .. or at least don't be touching any sensitive body parts, yours or anyone else's, without washing them 4 or 5 times


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            Thanks cdd... I am gonna try them. Also watched her chicken lollipop vid... another must try!

          Yep, that's ABTs for ya. I guess there are as many variations on ABTs as there are cooks. Here's how I did them, yet another variation :

          Jalapenos, stuffed with English cheddar, wrapped in ground beef (seasoned to your liking), and then wrapped with bacon. Double layer of meat in other words.

          I wouldn't follow Diva Q's advice to "smoke them for hours..." though (she says so in the beginning of the video). Way too long for me, seems like it's a good way to nuke 'em. I usually smoke them for 30-50 minutes, depending on size et.c.


            Is that a 22.5" your working with Henrik? And a 12" diameter cake ring? Questions, questions. With that setup, how long did you cook the pork and how much coal replenishing did you have to do?


              I went out and measured it. The kettle is 18.5", and the cake ring is 8.5". I have done a couple of sessions on it now, and have deduced that a quarter circle gives me roughly 3 hours. A half circle gives me roughly 6 hours, so it scales linearly. I cooked the pork for 6 hours, so I didn't have to replenish coal at all.

              This is the superior advantage to the Smokenator in my opinion. I have bought and used that one also, but the big drawbacks with it is the constant refilling of water, and the hassle when you must replenish coal. With the snake I don't replenish coal at all, and if I want to, I can easily place a water pan inside the cake ring, or use the cake ring itself (with the bottom plate attached) as a water pan.

              Also, I found it very easy to regulate. I could go from 225 deg F to 340 deg F and back easily, by adjusting the bottom vent.

              The drawback with the kettle in general is of course that it is very sensitive to wind and rain, as I found out. If it is a chilly day, prepare to open the vents to get it up to temp.


                Thanks Henrik! Great info. Since i've got the 22.5" I'll try to find a larger ring to keep the ratio similar and try a cook.



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