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    Last minute poll

    I usually do not wrap my ribs. Right now, I've got 3 racks o' baby backs about to hit the 3 hour mark. I want to experiment on one rack.

    My plan is to take one rack off, coat both sides with brown sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup, add 2 tbs of apple juice, wrap, and throw back on the smoker.

    I'm sure someone here has tried maple syrup.

    Thoughts please........

    absolutely but be careful not to wrap to long the can get mushy fast


      Probably too late but maple syrup is fine. Syrup is just liquid sugar though so be careful using both as they may be really sweet.


        Oh baby, that will be one tasty rack I can promise you that! Pork & sweet go hand in hand. But like Papa Bob says, if you leave it wrapped too long you will end up with delicious pulled pork with bones in it.


          I did one rack memphis dust dry.

          One rack wrapped with honey.

          One rack wrapped with syrup.

          Only left them wrapped for an hour. Unwrapped to put them back on the smoker and they were difficult to get back on in one piece. Got one on in 2 pieces and the other in 3 pieces.....just fell apart. I'm not a fan of fall apart ribs, but some of the company I'm having over tonight is. I'm sure everyone will be pleased.

          Thanks for the input.


          • Papa Bob
            Papa Bob commented
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            1 hr.. would be a lot for baby backs 1/2 hr. would be enough most of the time

          What you do is say something along the lines of "I know you like yours extra tender so I made these especially for you!" Win win.


            I always wrapped my because my family, friends and me loves them falling off the bone. I like to smoked them for 3 hrs and wrapped for 2 hrs (check them every 30 minutes so they don't get mushy) and 30-45 minutes unwrap to stiffened them up a little. Before wrapping I like to spread brown sugar, honey or maple syrup and butter on the meat side only (some do both sides) but I don't see no need to do the bone side.


              I have a few girls here, that like them tender. So when I do backs, I do 3 slabs usually. 1 for me which is dry and about 5 hours at 250 ish. Wrap the others at 2 hours. ! hour for the ones that like em falling off, and 30 minutes for the ones that like tender but a stay together, then a 30 minute 300F finish.


                Be sure to use the drippings from the wrap for a sauce!

                Add some vinegar (not too much or it will be too thin!) to get the tang you want, some apple jelly (for more of a glaze) or apple sauce to enhance that flavor and body, and simmer to let it thicken up. Add some chipotle or cayenne for heat. Measurements? We don't need no steenking measurements!
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                • Jerod Broussard
                  Jerod Broussard commented
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                  Just like badges, we don't need no stinkin' badges, but don't tell the Pit Boss

                Fed 8 people tonight. Nothing was mushy thank goodness.

                Maple took the vote. Followed closely by the Memphis dust dry rub. Followed even closer by the honey. All in all it was a win for everyone involved. Did not have a single bite of leftovers (including a 5 lb brisket and a pan full of smoked mac n cheese).

                You can rest assured that I will be putting Log Cabin on many a rack o' ribs in the future. I'm a fan of dry ribs that you can bite off the bone....but the maple wrapped concoction was pretty damn delicious!

                I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Weber for my Smokey Mountain smoker, Rapidfire chimney starter, lighter cubes, and hickory and apple wood chunks. I also want to thank BBQ Guru for allowing me to keep a constant temp of 250 degrees with the DigiQ DX2. I also need to give a shout out to Kingsford. Your two for one sale a few weeks back allowed me to buy 32 bags of 20 lb charcoal to keep me fueled throughout this endeavor. And last but not least, none of this would have been possible today without my good friends at Cap't Morgan and Angry Orchard. Your tireless efforts to ensure that I remained in a state of apathetic bliss meant that I didn't mind getting blasted in the face with scorching heat of a thousand volcanoes. I didn't cry when I removed the grate without my leather gloves. And I also didn't care which slab of ribs I tried first. Because thanks to you......they all tasted delicious.

                And here's to you my friends and fellow smokers....everything tastes better when you're drunk.


                • The Burn
                  The Burn commented
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                  Love me some of that Angry Orchard Hard Cider

                Equal parts water, sugar, and brown sugar is all you need for syrup and is in my opinion much better than store bought. If it isn't real maple syrup anyway you can get some flavoring and done, make it fresh how you like it.


                • boftx
                  boftx commented
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                  John, your taste buds must be as dead as your love life if you think maple syrup tastes like watered down molasses (which is what you described.)


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