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Rubbing pork too far in advance....

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    Rubbing pork too far in advance....

    I have read on this site that if you can dry brine a pork butt 12-24 hrs in advance of putting on the Memphis Dust, it will help with the moisture during a cook. I have been told that putting salt or a rub with salt and sugar in it that far before the cook will make the pork begin to cure. Meaning, the pork will have a "ham" type of flavor because it was curing before the cook.

    Has anyone else heard this or experienced this? I recall years ago that I rubbed some ribs overnight and when I pulled them out of the fridge to smoke, they smelled "hammy". Everyone loved them but I would rather have a shoulder taste than a ham taste to my finished product. Thanks, to all!

    I apply a rub with plenty salt 48 hours in advance with great results. It has no sugar. If my rub has no salt, I don't bother with the rub until I am ready to cook the meat.


      I often rub them 12 hours or so before cooking at 225 and can't say I noticed a hammy taste.


        I think it has to do with size of the hunk of pork. Ribs are skinny with lots of surface area. Butts are a big hunk, denser with less surface. Best pork butt I remember eating was mustarded (don't do that anymore), rubbed heavily and plastic wrapped and "forgotten" in the meat drawer for a week. Pulled it out, it smelled good and cooked up better. Not hammy at all.


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          CandySueQ why do you not use mustard anymore?

        • CandySueQ
          CandySueQ commented
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          Simplified my life! I don't believe the mustard added anything. I'm more likely to splash some rice vinegar on the pork now before rubbing. I always rub butts and briskets as early as possible and let it liquefy on the meat.

        I agree with CandySueQ .. I've dry brined, slathered with mustard and heavy saltless rub 3-4 days in advance. Pork always turns out great .. no hammy flavor.


          Ok, once again, I've learned something. I'm assuming everyone does this with big hunks of meat but do you do it with ribs, chops, and chicken, as well?

          When you dry brine, whether that is with a rub with salt or just salt, how do you store it in the fridge? Do you do it like CandySueQ and simply wrap it in plastic? Can you use foil or will that cause some reaction? Thanks, all!


            Foil reacts to things and I wouldn't use it. Had foil melt on a buttermilk custard pie and who'd ever think it'd react? Cling wrap and toss into a plastic zipper bag. Dry brine -- 24 hours on chicken. Never dry brined ribs or chops. Same thing though, put it in plastic or non-reactive like glass.


              Rub, wrap meat in parchment paper then plastic, refrigerate.



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