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Pork Loin

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    Pork Loin

    Hi all
    I hadn't cooked one in a very long time so I grabbed a decent size pork loin roast to cook up for dinner tonight. A little over 3 lb. Just regular ol commodity pork.

    I am planning to inject using Meatheads pork injection from the book but not sure what I want to do after that. I have a PBC, gasser with grill grates on flat side (the other side is there but I ain't cleaning it today) and an Anova Sous Vide at my disposal.

    Weather is looking good today so I'd like to cook outside but I also have to work, so not opposed to letting the sous vide do the bulk of the work while I toil away. I'm kind of leaning towards this option as I generally find sous vide gives me the best result when it comes to leaner cuts of pork.

    The pork loin recipe in Meatheads book calls for a pesto rub which I don't have. I do have tons of spice mixes, including all of the Kosmos rubs, individual spices in bulk (lots) and tons of different sauces. If all else fails I'm sure a good rub and sauce combo would be very tasty

    I guess I'm just looking for some suggestions on the best way to cook this. The book calls for wrapping in parchment paper (which I have) and cooking low and slow. Like I said I don't have pesto but I'm pretty handy in the kitchen and could whip something up. Some kind of garlic herb butter comes to mind.

    On the other hand I could pop it in the sous vide and then finish it over higher heat, but I know this thing can dry out in a flash.

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    Pics of the completed cooking, please


      There's a lot of ways to go... you could butterfly it and put an herb/cheese mixture in the middle, then roll and tie. You could inject, rub, wrap with bacon and slow smoke. Salt and pepper. Into SV. Sear on gasser. Serve with a sauce or the garlic butter with herbs.

      Lots of ways to go. Loin isn't an all day cook, so you could prep, then start the cook around 4-5pm or so.
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      • bbq_esq
        bbq_esq commented
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        I want to try the injection - I was leaning towards either rub and PBC it to temp, uinwrapped, or SV then sear, but I worry the gasser will burn any rub I put on there. I need to get a kettle for charcoal grilling (or the Hasty Bake I have been eying)

      • rickgregory
        rickgregory commented
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        "I need to get a kettle for charcoal grilling (or the Hasty Bake I have been eying)"

        ONE OF US. ONE OF US....

        Given whay you list, I'd inject, PBC to temp. I agree that a high sear will burn the rub.

      I would stuff it and roll/tie. From there smoke, or if you have it spin on a rotisserie.


        One of my favorites is to slice a pocket in the loin and then stuff it with jalapeños and cream cheese. Sprinkle the outside with Tony Chachere’s, then wrap in bacon. Smoke it off the side for a while then sear over the coals…oh yeah!
        As Jfrosty27 mentioned, on the rotisserie is even better.
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        • bbq_esq
          bbq_esq commented
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          That sounds delicious, but my wife wants to keep it a little lighter on the weeknights. Saving this idea though!

        Whatever rub fits your fancy from your collections should work fine. It's commodity pork... it's a flavor sponge. Otherwise, just follow the recipe.


          Lots of good suggestions here. For me, this is one of the cuts that sous vide shines on. Put it in the SV bath at 140F for 3-4 hours, then sear on the gas grill to get some nice color on all sides. About any rub you like will work well on a pork loin.

          Pork loin is one of the few cuts I still bust out my Anova for.

          If you have a vacuum sealer, I've done a bacon wrapped pork loin before, and the time in the SV bath in a tight vacuum bag really sealed the bacon to the pork loin. I then would sear in a hot oven or hot grill to get the bacon finished. 10-15 minutes in a hot oven to crisp up the bacon didn't ever bring up the IT above 140 for me either.


            I'm going to give it a shot on the PBC. I injected with Meatheads pork brine earlier today using Spitjack injector - seemed to work great.

            Rubbed with a mayo-mustard mix, then rubbed with 50/50 Kosmos Honey Killer Bee and regular old Montreal Steak seasoning. I knew I wanted some of the sugar from the Kosmos rub, but something about the big granules of the steak seasoning sounded like a nice contrasted to all that lean (hopefully juicy) meat.

            Just hung over KBB will monitor temps and post results for better or worse.


              Well this cooked way faster than I expected. After about 90 minutes it's already nearing 140, which is where I intend to pull it. Not really dinner time here just yet. I'm hesitant to try and keep it warm in the oven or anything because I think it will dry out.


              • Panhead John
                Panhead John commented
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                You can wrap it. Put it in a cooler to stay warm.
                Last edited by Panhead John; May 3, 2022, 04:34 PM.

              Pics, or it didn’t happen. 🤓


              • bbq_esq
                bbq_esq commented
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              So my wife's brussel sprouts were going to take too long in the oven, made an executive decision and moved to the wok at mach 10.

              The cook was excellent! Juicy, flavorful and tender. The crust was the perfect compliment and the brine was noticeable but didn't overpower.

              ​​​​​Aside from somewhat being at the whim of my PBC this was pretty easy cook and will definitely repeat it. Easy way to feed a crowd.

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              • jfmorris
                jfmorris commented
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                Looks great!

              To add - this was done over KBB with a small handful of applewood chips.

              Again, came out very good. I think the fast cook can be attributed to initial temp spike on the PBC? This also wasn't a huge piece of meat, only about 2.9 lb.

              Looking forward to some leftovers on sandwiches. I have a block of havarti dill cheese calling out to be melted over some thin slices on Italian bread.


              • Alan Brice
                Alan Brice commented
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                Looks Great! Good job on the PBC.
                I got a hanger basket n have done Brussels n many other veggies in the PBC. Quick work n smoky!
                Last edited by Alan Brice; May 3, 2022, 05:15 PM. Reason: Veg basket

              Perhaps for the next time; pesto is fairly easy, typically fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and pine nuts, pulverized into a paste. As an alternative I've made it with parsley instead of basil, and almonds instead of pine nuts..................slightly sweeter tasting and excellent with pork.


                Looks awesome, it is a versatile cut for sure.


                • bbq_esq
                  bbq_esq commented
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                  Yeah, definitely a cut I tend to forget about. The cook was great but oh boy the leftovers. Phenomenal sliced thin as a cold cut

                Trying this same recipe tonight but now on the SnS Deluxe Kettle. Call it a science experiment. Basically same recipe, injected with Meatheads recipe, rubbed with mayo-mustard mix and then rubbed heavily with Montreal Steak Seasoning spiked with some brown and white sugar. Meat is on the kettle. Aiming for lower temp than PBC allows just to see how it goes, looking like 235 or so. KBB with applewood chips. Not going to stress over temps, will pull at 140 internal. Pics to come.
                Last edited by bbq_esq; May 24, 2022, 03:54 PM.



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