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Smoked Pork Belly

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    Smoked Pork Belly

    I was going to smoke a belly tomorrow (first time) and was surprised that there isn’t a recipe on site except for sous vide and burnt ends… anyway I was planning to smoke at 225 to maybe 165 then wrap it with apple juice and continue to 203F?

    Maybe Meathead Memphis dust for a rub? Or just salt and pepper?

    Any help & hints?

    This is how we do it. (just a little less butter.)

    Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends by How to BBQ Right — The Smoke Sheet – Weekly Barbecue Newsletter and Events List (bbqnewsletter.com)


    • bbqLuv
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    A couple video recommendations using Pork Belly, two of my favorite YouTube videos

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Video from Meat Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omEpZI18OtM&t=25s

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Video from How to BBQ Right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL82hlORY-k


      I smoke plenty pork bellies (bone in and out)
      Dry brine at least overnight.
      MMD (I like to add some chili flakes)
      Cook indirect at 130C (270F) even higher sometimes. It usually takes sround 4 -5 hours to probe tender dependant on size. I find mine probe tender anywhere from 84C upwards.
      I love pork belly.
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      • Dewesq55
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        For us backwards Yanks, 84C is about 183°F. 😁

      • Troutman
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        What statin did you say you were taking? holehogg

      I do skin on bellies on the kettle with rotisserie. Score the Skin and rub with plenty of salt. I don't use any other rub, I prefer the taste of the meat itself, but any rub you prefer would be OK.

      Here's a post from a couple of years ago with a piece of bone-in belly. I've done the same with belly without the bones.
      I've been intrigued with trying bone-in skin-on belly for some time, but found it difficult to find a source. Finally hooked up with a small whole animal butcher called Orlando Meats.


      • Bkhuna
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        I'm glad you showed up on this thread. The link to the smoked belly is awesome. I can see some of that showing up in homemade ramen.

      Thanks all for the tips.

      I was a little taken aback by the huge varience in cooking times.

      The longest was this one at 8 hours (@225F) on a pellet grill. Others were only a few hours....Since this is my first rodeo with belly, I'm going to plan on 8 hours max and put it in a cooler if it is done in half the time.

      Most of the recipes are burnt ends.

      I'm not doing burnt ends - or maybe I'll make a portion as burnt ends just for a taste.


      • Henrik
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        I’ve done a ton of pork belly, both for me and at events (then I do 25 at a time). Never gone longer than 4 hours on any of them. I smoke ‘em at 265 (give or take)

      • dlaslo
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        I started in the morning expecting an 8 hour smoke. In almost no time the thermometer was at 150F. I ended up pulling it and sticking it in the fridge for 4 hours. Put it on again at 2PM and it was done at 5:00 --- total of 4 hours.

        It was a little dry but strangely the second day - I put some leftovers in the microwave with BBQ sauce and it was fantastic.

      The pork Belly bahn mi recipe on the site....it’s phenomenal. That’s the only way I’ve done pork belly besides curing it for bacon. Enjoy!


        I cut one into 3 sections and seasoned all three differently - one with MMD, one with an Asian chili marinade, and one with just S&P.

        I was amazed at how it was just with S&P. MMD was 2nd, Asian was distant 3rd - it didn't take on much of the marinade.

        I cooked at around 250 up to IT of about 195-200, let it rest and sliced it into prolly 1/2" strips.


        • DuckinBBQ
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          What was your S to P ratio? Assuming you salted/dry brine a few days prior and added the pepper just before going on the smoker?
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        I've made Henrik 's version and it was wonderful: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...ith-cracklin-s


          You could always do a porchetta…

          A Porchetta (pronounced por-ketta) is yet another example of the national cuisine of Italy. Like the Filipino Lechon, it is a whole pig roasted over coals until the meat is done and


            Originally posted by Troutman View Post
            Yup....I'm gonna try a porchetta


              Originally posted by dlaslo View Post
              Maybe Meathead Memphis dust for a rub? Or just salt and pepper?
              I used MMD on pork belly burnt ends last weekend, and thought it worked well. I'm sure it would work well on a whole one.



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