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Something coming from Ooni?

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    Something coming from Ooni?

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    Looks like a pellet pizza pooper to me.


    • Polarbear777
      Polarbear777 commented
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      Their last pellet rig got some poor reviews.

    • Attjack
      Attjack commented
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      Yeah that's old news. That already have those. Propane is where it's at IMO. Pizza cooks so fast what's the point of pellets or wood?

    • RonB
      RonB commented
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      Attjack - Bakin' a pizza in my Kettle using charcoal adds a great flavor to the pie. I'm not cookin at a bazillion degrees though...

    Their wood fired karu is good.


      Well it's here Ooni Fyra... and I'll be the guinea pig. Pre-ordered one right away. I've had some serious MCS on Ooni for some time. I'm thinking for searing sous vide cooked stuff, in addition to pizza. Didn't tell the wife - she'll for sure have something to say about it. Wish she wasn't lactose intolerant - but with this I can make her pizza separate with goat cheese. The waiting begins...


      • hogdog6
        hogdog6 commented
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        I use my Ooni pro to sear after SV all the time. It puts a fast delicious crust on steaks perfectly. You'll love it.
        And the pizza is a fantastic bonus! 🔥

      I’m sure after all the feedback on the prior pellet version and what they learned from the karu, this will likely be a winner.


        All this Ooni talk got the best of me! Just ordered the Kroner, I mean the Karu. I have been wanting one for a long time so here goes! Funny, my Son was just here a few weekends ago making me some good pizzas and we were eyeing these things.

        I chose the Karu cus I always got wood. and Lump. I could do the gas later but wood is what I really want. But I was a thinking, why not pellets in this thing? It seems to have a really nice tray for the wood or lump.

        Maybe I'll find out but I can't wait for some great pizza!


        • Polarbear777
          Polarbear777 commented
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          The karu with wood is amazing. It has a small firebox but if you keep tossing chunks in there it will hum along around 800-900 degrees.

          I’m sure they learned a lot from the karu design for this new one.

          The pellet version might be more convenient because you can load the hopper and run it for a while.

        • Polarbear777
          Polarbear777 commented
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          The gas add on works well but the stone isn’t as even or quite as hot because you’ve got to keep the front door open. As long as you turn the pizzas it will be fine though, and of course you can easily dial it down somewhat more easily for different styles.

        I think it's a replacement for the ashtray in my old Ford Highboy, so I can get that nice smoker atmosphere in the cab.


          Would like to see the new one in action. These ovens work amazingly well and at a reasonable price. (Much much better than hacking a kettle or gas grill etc.).


            The karu on wood

            Click image for larger version

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            • lonnie mac
              lonnie mac commented
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              Oh jeebus. Now I can’t wait!

            Karu with gas

            Click image for larger version

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              I'm waiting for my Ooni Fyra to arrive, so... need to get some stuff to go with...

              Here is what I have so far... except for the 00 flour - Amazon sent an eMail saying it is delayed (surprise) , now scheduled for middle of May.

              The cutting boards are really nice, though not inexpensive. Should last a long while if cared for properly.

              The pizza cutter is super nice. It deserves the 5 star rating. The link now takes me to 16" size, though I bought 14" for $15 or so.

              The torch (for quick pellet lighting) is super dooper! Heavy duty, powerful flame, easy light, lock flame on .

              The book I've had for some time - now I'll put it into practice.

              These accessories are adding up to be as much as the Ooni itself. Anything else I'll Need?

              Hurry it up Ooni - I can't wait!







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                I just received notice today that my Fyra shipped 🤗 - it is on the way from Las Vegas to Grants Pass. Scheduled to arrive Wednesday the 3rd. I'll have some dough ready to go. Ooni said it would ship end of May when I pre-ordered around April 15th - so they are true to their word. I'll post with first results. 🥳


                  It's here! Arrived today yeah!
                  I'm more than ready. Have sourdough dough on final fermentation in fridge, shopped for all of my toppings, read up on everything, tested (seasoned) the oven today; it does work - very hot. The flaming picture below is before I discovered I had the damper nearly closed - once I opened it screamed fire! BTW, I looked hard for a dough proofing box and found them to be very expensive, so I settled on this much cheaper dual purpose cake carrier - much cheaper and seems to be doing the trick...https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...?ie=UTF8&psc=1
                  Hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow - PIZZA!

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Awesome. Can’t wait to see your first cook. I agree on proofing boxes. Looked into getting on but put off by the prices or the size. Been using a plastic cambro type box but still looking around for other options. Considering getting individual round aluminum dough pan but haven’t decided yet.


                      OK - here is the first cook on my Ooni Fyra. I would say it was good, but not near the excellent I'll be aiming for. Here are my learnings:
                      1. Don't place the dough on wax paper sheets after removing from the fridge to bring to room temp. They stuck to the sheets. Will use recommended "flour" next time - or maybe parchment would work; probably just on the ceramic plate would work just as well - better than the wax sheet for sure.
                      2. Maybe seminola flour on the peel is not best; it works great for keeping the pizza from sticking to the peel, but it burns on the very hot stone.
                      3. Don't use mozarella "balls". The little buggers roll right off of the pizza onto the stone and into the fire. This caused a failure to launch. My pizza got messed up in the process, and the fire cooled because I had the door open too long.
                      4. Don't launch the pizza too far toward the back of the oven - it burns back there.
                      5. Timing is critical - it really does cook fast. I may turn down the heat just a bit next time (use chimney damper). Click image for larger version

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                      • shify
                        shify commented
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                        Looks great. I agree with the placement. It runs so hot that if you launch it deep, the crust will burn in no time.

                        I’ve been using fresh mozzarella balls but have been ripping them in 2-3 pieces so no issues with them rolling off.

                        For the dough, I cold ferment in the fridge in the plastic deli containers and then re-ball and move to the plastic box to come up to room temp. Then I stretch on a wood cutting board before sliding it on my peel to launch. Have only used flour, no semolina

                      • treesmacker
                        treesmacker commented
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                        shify thanks! I'll try the flour only. For convenience, I purchased a package of mozzarella balls. They came in at about 5/8 inch spherical - that didn't work. I'll smash them or cut them in half for my cook tonight.

                      • shify
                        shify commented
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                        treesmacker - if you see this picture (https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fi...1&d=1590018678), you can see the fresh mozzarella. I've been using Buf brand mozzarella di bufala that I got at Whole Foods. The balls are around the size of a cherry tomato and I just break it apart by hand and let it drain slightly before using it.

                        Learning the nuance of the Ooni and hoped to make some more pizza today but the weather isn't cooperating. Hopefully tomorrow.
                        Last edited by shify; June 5, 2020, 12:45 PM.


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