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Ideas on sides for steak?

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    Ideas on sides for steak?

    I'm doing a steak sampling session on Friday nite. My idea is to serve and slice steaks as they come of grill at various temps. I'd plan to have 2 different sauce choices, a) peppercorn sauce/goat cheese and hopefully b) a lobster or shrimp bearnaise.

    I for sure want to serve tater tots.

    Ideas for what else to serve?

    I would suggest roast potatoes instead of tots and perhaps grill some asparagus for a green vegetable.


    • Burntfood
      Burntfood commented
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      Attjack - Your cheating! I gots to do the Tater Tots. Just got a hankerin for them. No rationale and I agree they don't fit.

      But the asparagus is brilliant. Something green for the health conscious. Grilled and goes with the Bearnaise. On the menu.

    • Attjack
      Attjack commented
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      I like tots too. Tots are tasty.

    • smokin fool
      smokin fool commented
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      Tater tots n steak is like ordering a CTS-V with an AM radio.
      To each his own....

    Hassleback potatoes! I’m like Attjack and like asparagus, but you could also do roasted Brussel sprouts with diced bacon if you are looking for something else.

    mac and cheese is another steak house side that goes over well. As is a wedge salad.



    • Dewesq55
      Dewesq55 commented
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      Wedge, bleu cheese, bacon - BOOM! Wedge salad!

      BTW, LOVE Bearnaise with steak. I rarely have it I though since SWMBO doesn't care for it.
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    • barelfly
      barelfly commented
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      Burntfood wedge for me is simple, tomato, bacon and a dressing. Bleu cheese, or I prefer ranch, and that’s really it. You could do more with it. but it’s a cool presentation as well for those guests you have over.

    • au4stree
      au4stree commented
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      If you really wanna kick it up a notch, I put smoked cherry tomatoes on my wedge salads. @meathead’s recipe on the free site is super simple. I use cherry wood to smoke them.

    Onion strings. They will keep for a short while in a low oven - I use 170° 'cause that's the lowest my oven will go.

    You could also do the prep ahead and cook when ready, or have someone else cook while you tend the steaks.
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        But seriously, Smoked Bacon Mac N' Cheese is always a good choice as are potatoes any way you make them. If you go with Tater Tots, melt some cheese on top and add some crumbled bacon to them.


          Onion rings went into my file for another cook. Never thought of that.

          Did someone say Wibs????


          • HawkerXP
            HawkerXP commented
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            That is a side in my book!

          I never cook the sides, just the top n bottom of the steak


            I'm not usually a steak sauce guy, but this one is a very worthy exception: https://zonacooks.com/ribeye-steak-a...sauce-for-two/

            It's a thick white sharp but creamy cheese topping for steak & shrimp. Have you ever had grogonzola on a steak? If so, this is in a similar vein to that. It works extremely well. It is not alfredo in case you're wondering, I wondered that too when my wife first made it. It's better.


            • 58limited
              58limited commented
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              Thanks for posting this. I used to order Applebee's steaks with this topping all the time (until our local location was closed down - major health department issues ).

            for sides...creamed spinach all the way


              I'm a huge fan of Caesar salad with steak. I used to get it regularly at Palm Too in Manhattan (RIP)


                Green beans with onion, bacon, an lotsa butter.
                Sweet corn on th cob.
                Any kinda lettuce based salad
                Cheese, veggie, or fruit tray - or all 3.
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                  I feel like the answer is always bacon..... or more steak.... and bourbon.

                  "I'll have the turf and turf.
                  It's a 16 oz T Bone and a 24 oz porterhouse. Also, whiskey and a cigar" -- Ron Swanson


                  • Mr. Bones
                    Mr. Bones commented
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                    Th bourbon is always gotta be there, imo...beer with burgers an dogs, bourbon with beyond that level of protein.

                    Yer other 2 suggestions are Primo, Brother; I jus didn't mention em, on accounta I thought they, like bourbon, were a given, thus already included on th menu.

                  I like the tater tots but kick them up a little. Take a semi frozen tot, chunk of pepper jack cheese and wrap them together with some thin center cut bacon. Sprinkle a little rub on them and smoke!!!!...yum.


                    Ok, I re-read all the ideas and this is what I came away with...

                    Mmmmm Bacon



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