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Managing cooking notes?

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    Managing cooking notes?

    I have not taken the time to learn Paprika app, so maybe this is available there.

    How do you manage all your notes on various ingredients, the ways you could imagine using them, proteins, vegetables, root veg, herbs, spices, etc? Do you all in the same note book, or a note book for each, or,? These seem to be the cooking related things that keep me up at night. I really want to slow down a few of my process and start understanding the quality of ingredients, the various timing of preparing, and new ways I can utilize them. And, if you also do this, what questions do you ask of an ingredient when considering using it.

    I wouldn't call it "Organized", but it's all in one place!
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      I’ve kept a cooking journal for the last 10 years. I’m on Vol. 2 now.


      • Richard Chrz
        Richard Chrz commented
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        how do you separate or organize on the various different topics?

      • TripleB
        TripleB commented
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        It’s strictly a journal on the day I cook and what I cook. It is not organized by topics. So if I have to review the methodology of a cook, I’ve got to flip through the books till I find it. My journals really have an interior motive.

      I use Google Drive for recipes and make notes on a different color font. Some of what I have were originally txt files stored on 3.5 floppies. 🤓

      (Posted from my phone)


      • SheilaAnn
        SheilaAnn commented
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        N227GB You did not say floppy disk? 💕💕💕

      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        The question is what year did you finally give up floppies?

      I wish I was that organized...

      Paprika does have a Notes field though, at least on the desktop app (not near my phone). Open a recipe, click the Edit button in the upper right and there's a Notes control at the bottom. Click it and you see this:

      Click image for larger version

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        I use piece of software that was actually built in the great state of Texas. Chaos Software Group. I have used it for 20 years. I manage my contacts, my calendar, email and all my notes in this app. Dont know what I would do without it.


          I'm starting to use Paprika for recipes but will continue to use Google Keep for notes, logs, etc. It's free, searchable, and automatically backed up to the cloud.


          • au4stree
            au4stree commented
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          I have never kept any notes on my cooks. That’s probably why my cooks are so hit and miss. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe I’ll start.


            I use paprika notes or even online in the "directions" field.

            easy to update and save on the fly.




                I typically don’t write it down and then two months later when I want to make something again, I frantically search the internet, either what I wrote on this site or me trying to find the original recipe I used or riffed from. Every six to ten months, I re-dedicate myself to writing everything down in a notebook which generally lasts 1-2 cooks before I start slacking.

                Would not recommend this approach


                  Generally it’s either a Notes or a Word doc...saved to a file on Dropbox. That way I can search for recipes, ingredients, cooking methods or whatever. I can also easily share it with someone if I’m so inclined. If I’m sharing it I’ll usually convert it to a PDF because it can be opened & printed by just about everything/everyone.


                    I keep a 3 ring binder for printed recipes I keep. Eventually, they may make it to Paprika. I keep a spiral notebook for random notes. And I write in my cookbooks.


                    • Attjack
                      Attjack commented
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                      I still have binders but haven't cracked them open for quite some time.

                    My notes are usually looking back through my Fireboard sessions hoping I used it for the cook I think I’m remembering. I need to take better notes and remember to name my Fireboard sessions.


                      I have been gradually digitizing my recipes into OneNote. in the past I used Parika but I got a bit concerned last year when several iOS apps that I had "purchased" decided that they were going to move to a subscription model and that my purchased version would still work, I just couldn't get any support or upgrades unless I updated to the monthly\yearly subscription plan. I understand the developers need to make some money and selling an app once for $5 isn't going to pay their bills but i don't want to pay a subscription for everything and get nickeled and dimed to death for a bunch of apps so i had started looking for other options for recipes and landed on OneNote. it's free and built into Windows, I can cut and paste recipes, pictures, etc right into it and organize, search by ingredient, name, etc.

                      for my cooks, I still do that longhand in a journal. I have one for grilling\smoking and one for baking. I do this for one simple reason, it's kind of morbid but some of my most cherished things are handwritten recipes from my grandparents and mother. I know with the digital recipes my kids won't have that, but they will have the journals to look back on how i did the actual cook or how I experimented with changing a temperature or different wood, etc. Maybe it will tie their cooking legacy to mine like those handwritten recipes do for me.



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