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Does anyone in the Louisville area want to "cater" my bachelor party on January 29?

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    Does anyone in the Louisville area want to "cater" my bachelor party on January 29?

    Hi All,

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I couldn't have thought of a better place for this request:
    • I'm having my bachelor party with about 22 people in Louisville during the weekend of January 29, 2022
    • On Saturday, we're going to the Louisville vs Duke game at noon, followed by a bourbon tasting or two before the evening
    • My grand vision is that we come home (and maybe even before we leave for the game) to someone preparing amazing food for us to eat for dinner
      • I've researched some restaurant catering options, but everything I've seen brings the food to you. While this would be fine, I think it'd be so cool to have someone start and finish the cook onsite (which may be difficult for brisket or pulled pork)
    Would anyone be interested in doing this and bringing your equipment to our house (we are renting a house with a huge lot)? If so, let me know, and we can discuss further!

    Sounds fun. I have nothing to offer the thread except that, while I'm not a big city driving fan to begin with, Louisville remains my arch nemesis for city driving. Hope it works out for you, and if so, we want pics!


      I also have nothing to offer, except to say that I love your user name!


        I can offer something, just not service. When I lived in the Bay Area I moonlighted at a Community Centre and got to know quite a few caterers. One of the ones who impressed me the most owned a butcher shop and did the catering as a side business. He would show up with a small army of Weber kettles and cook pre-rubbed tri-tip and chicken, which were put in chafing dishes when done. The sides were all canned or bagged, Canned green beans, BBQ beans, corn were dumped into chafing dishes to heat up while the meat cooked. Bagged salad was dumped in bowls, bulk dinner rolls set out. He and his assistants would make each plate for the guests at the serving table and charged by the plate. The meat was the star of the show, and was so good that people would rave about the sides, "These are best green beans I ever had!", which always amused me as I knew what they were. It was absolutely brilliant, very little work went into it, as opposed to other caterers who put a lot of effort into prepping.

        So all you need is someone with the skill and equipment to prepare the meat. All the sides can be procured at a restaurant supply store. You can rent the chafing dishes. Get a couple of friends to coordinate and serve (any ex-girlfriends with whom you broke up badly with might not be a good choice, just saying) and you could pull this off without having to hire a caterer.


          As someone who recently did basically exactly this recently: You are going to have a difficult time arranging a professional caterer to do what you want for a reasonable price.

          It was a LOT of work to put together. And spreading the cost of all those hours among only 22 heads will make it fairly expensive to pay someone to do.

          I took on the challenge because I wanted to see if I could pull it off and I was happy to do it because I love my friend.

          The only way I see this working for any reasonable cost is if one of the attendees does it, or at least coordinates it. I did nearly all the work myself, with the help of my wife, but could have probably recruited some help if I wanted. I agree with ComfortablyNumb Make it DIY and get a couple people involved. Prep what you can ahead of time so the folks feeding everyone still have fun inbetween meals.

          If you do end up having a professional quote this to you, I'm certainly interested in hearing the prices they quote.

          Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and best of luck with the party!


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            The above mentioned caterer sent one cook and two assistants for the average party. While the cook prepared the meat, which was simple, the assistants readied the chafing dishes and sides. When it was time to eat, people lined up and the cook served the meat with the assistants adding the sides. Very simple and easy. But the meat was so good that reactions were as if they had just dined at a fine steak house.

          Consider hiring a food truck as an option. May not offer any bit of cost-savings, but could be fun alternative


            Just invite at least one guy who doesn't like basketball OR bourbon, and leave him at the house tending the smokers while the rest of you have fun... He can shove pre-prepared sides into the oven an hour or two before you guys get back.

            Seriously, it sounds like you will be gone all day, so it just doesn't seem that you will be there to watch someone preparing and smoking meat and sides all day long. Getting it catered with the food dropped off and as a value-add, setup, is probably the way to go. I had BBQ catered for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner for 80 folks, and they set it up in foil steam table pans with those cheap metal frames and cans of sterno, and it worked quite well.

            If you want something no-fuss just so the guys can smell BBQ smoking all morning before you head to the game, take a Weber Kettle with you and set it up to smoke 2 Boston butts. Those can run unattended all day long if you set it up right.



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