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meat prices and beef short ribs, two things

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    meat prices and beef short ribs, two things

    I don't see the post now, but there was recently one about meat prices, how much they had gone up where they were.
    I just picked up some babies at Walmart, still the same price as a year ago. Beef is high, but has been. The inflation has hit
    different areas differently apparently. I am sure it is coming here.

    Anyway, I had wondered about short ribs, chuck vs plate. They are not usually labeled as one or the other in the stores I go to.
    Went to Restaurant Depot a few months ago and they had both, so I got the plate and am cooking them tomorrow. I am sure I have only had the chuck before, from what I see online that is what you usually find. And found a decent explanation.

    Everything you need to know about beef plate ribs, chuck ribs, short, flanken, and more. Smoke or slow cook the best beef ribs today.

    Are Walmart's baby backs any good? I never bought them there, figured they are low-end.
    Thanks for the tip on the site.


    • Mark V
      Mark V commented
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      Walmart has Smithfield. Don't know if that is bad, I have had good luck with them. They usually are labeled "extra tender" so they are brined already so you have to keep that in mind, they will turn to mush if you cook them as you would something not brined.

    • Huskee
      Huskee commented
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      I've had excellent experiences with Walmart meat. Steaks, ribs, you name it. Not sure how it is in each locale but here I don't hesitate.

    Well Mark V Happy BBQing to you and PBR too.
    Don't tell our friends here, but I enjoyed a very nice Pilsner at a microbrewery.
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    • smokin fool
      smokin fool commented
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      What!?!?!?!!....something other than PBR.....I never....
      Last edited by smokin fool; June 17, 2021, 07:22 PM.

    I’ve brought Smithville ribs up here, cooked them with good results.
    Stopped buying them because they’re sold cyrovaced here and I prefer fresh packaged.


      Dillons (Kroger) sells th Smithfields here, never boughten none from walmart... (I try to avoid th place, much as possible) ; bet it's been 5 or more years since I've set foot in one, even though they's two, here in town...

      HyVee has Hormel Extra Tender, which is my usual go to...

      I'd haveta say the two ribs are neck an neck...no complaints, so far...
      Last edited by Mr. Bones; June 17, 2021, 08:40 PM.


      • Steve R.
        Steve R. commented
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        Smithfield used to be my go-to, but I'll take Hormel when I can find them. I picked up some REAL NICE- looking BBR's the other day at PriceLess IGA. Can't wait to try those.

      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        Steve R. So, what brand does IGA carry??

        We'uns usedta have three IGA's, here, but they long since been gone...

      • Steve R.
        Steve R. commented
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        Usually it's Hormel, but they had metric ton of some brand called Pine Ridge this week.

        PriceLess IGA is a Houchens chain, if you're familiar with them.

      On the question of beef ribs, plates are usually taken from the 5-7 ribs of the cow which is the start of the rib section. The bones are those big wide ones loaded with meat. The ones referred to as Chuck are from the forward 4 bones in the Chuck area. Usually smaller but a little less fat. So bigger and usually 3 bones (plate) versus smaller and 4 bones (Chuck).


        I noticed a tomahawk for $20 a pound just now when I was buying chicken at the high-end market. No idea what they would have cost 6 months ago.


          Here is what Sam Elliot has to say about the rise of beef prices over the last year. The increase in brisket is troubling to say the least. Hopefully it will fall out of fashion and go back to being the cheap cut it used to be.


            I’m still seeing ribs at normal or on sale similar to last year. I just picked up four cryo packed 3 bone angus choice plates, 4 of them were 150 dollars, I feel that is up by 17 dollar range from last year, however butcher store down town was something crazy like 11.97 a lb. that seems steep to me, I do not believe they are not prime. Choice select maybe.


              Metro by us has recently started selling beef ribs, not the monsters some of you seem to be able to get in certain regions.
              Priced between $35-40 for 3-4 ribs, having jumped in yet, I guess my retirement has made me more price conscience to the point of being a a bit of a curmudgeon.
              They also had the Mexican beef back in the bunkers last night, its hard to argue with the prices, a pretty good sized Mexican strip loin was $5, its puny Cdn cousin $12 plus.



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