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Caution, potential blasphemous content

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    Caution, potential blasphemous content

    Are we overthinking it? I cooked one of the best steaks ive done in ages on sunday. It was at request of my 5 year old. I thawed it that day so had no time to brine overnight. Put some salt on it and whacked it good on my napoleon gasser. Came out a solid medium to medium rare and one of thee best and juiciest steaks ive ever made.

    no rub, no reverse sear, no sous vide...

    im as guilty of this as anyone, always trying to find the next level but sometimes its just too much?

    im gonna go hide in the bushes now

    There is a lot to be said for salting while the grill warms up and cooking without fuss. Buying good steak to start with helps too...


    • Murdy
      Murdy commented
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      A quality piece of meat will come out good unless you do something stupid to it

    Front sear with salt and pepper for me. 🧂🥩🔥


      Dry brine, reverse sear and freezer technique for me. All easy to do with consistent results.


        At the end it's all about the eating, and yes I reckon the Interweb has caused far too much overthinking!


          Salt and pepper any time up until right before putting on the heat. Then just keep flipping it.

          Even so, you have to pay attention. But that’s it.


            A great steak is a great steak as long as you pull it at the right time regardless of cooking method. But I've been super happy with an overnight dry brine and reverse sear or even just straight smoked to temp with no sear... because I feel I can make a decent steak into an almost great steak with some extra TLC.


              Some of my laziest steaks are the best steaks. That said a steak sous vide and passed through a flux capacitor for final searing with Nigerian Espresso activated charcoal rub...also delicioso!

              Ultimately I think my favorite steak preparation is to have a 2" minimum thick New York or Ribeye, rubbed with S&P or your choice of rub...then either front sear or reverse sear but started/finished in the smoker to 125, covered and let the carryover finish 'er off....dang it...now I'm drooling.
              Last edited by JakeT; May 11, 2021, 07:00 AM.


                Back to basics. S&P always seems to work. Medium rare make great table fare.
                Happy grilling to all.


                  There's nothing blasphemous about one of the best steaks you have made, so come on out of the bushes. The other methods are more foolproof for getting consistent results, but you will hit your share of homeruns just doing it the old fashioned way like you did.


                  • Polarbear777
                    Polarbear777 commented
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                    You can always nail one. Other methods are more fool proof so when I’ve got the planning time...

                    In the end, the results can be close indistinguishable if the methods are executed well.

                  My lovely wife requested filet for Mother’s Day, I was more than happy to oblige. So, I procured some Prime filets at Sam’s, they were beautifully marbled. I was late getting home from turkey hunting so I didn’t get to dry brine. Needless to say, I put SPG on them about 45 mins before on the hot grill. Used the above mentioned (@mosca) "just keep flipping" technique until I got a crust I wanted and they were all 135-140F. Best I’ve done thus far. Clean plates all around.

                  I much prefer a ribeye, but it was her day and we were all happy to celebrate her.


                    That's basically how I do my steaks all the time. Did a 3 oz and 8 oz Filet, 16 oz bone in Ribeye and 15 oz NY strip for my family a couple days ago. Thawed them that day, 3 hour dry brine, seasoned 1/2 hr just before going on the grill, front sear and finished indirect. cooked all the steaks to 135 d. Everybody's steak came out perfect.
                    Last edited by TripleB; May 11, 2021, 09:43 AM.


                      After struggling & fighting steaks well into my Amazing Ribs career, the best friend is a thermo pen or a meater. I never brine a steak, never. Salt em a little before I cook em. Pepper em on the last go around cuz I don’t wanna burn the pepper. Flip, flip, flip, flip til 120-125, sometimes bathe em in butter or duck fat. I now "kill" em. Yessir!
                      Last edited by FireMan; May 11, 2021, 12:27 PM.


                        Can't go wrong with S&P.

                        Of course, a nice chimichurri marinated skirt steak isn't bad either.

                        One of my favorite experiments was using Montreal seasoning along with a local rib joint's rub(similar to Magic Dust) on a couple fat bone-in ribeyes...use the Spicy Montreal if you really want to kick it up a notch.

                        Again, S&P is often all you really need...with a great piece of meat.


                          We eat steak at least once a week. If I start out with a good quality steak the thing that determines how I cook it will be the thickness. Those 3/4 inch steaks from the local store are great to just s&p and throw on the grill. Some of the best I've had are done that way. If they are the 1 1/2 inch ones like we did Sunday for Mother's Day, or thicker, then I'm a fan of reverse sear. I usually add a chunk of mesquite while I'm getting them up to temp just for the added flavor. I've tried several rubs on steak, I can't get away from just salt and pepper, it's what I like best.



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