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Ok, so who makes their own Pet food?

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    Ok, so who makes their own Pet food?

    We all love our pets. Apart from store bought kibble for my dog (Oscar), I make his wet food. Gotta be better for him than store bought wet food. He's also just 20 pounds so making his food goes a long way.

    So when I make pork, beef or chicken broth and I'm not using the meat for the recipe, I'll use the meat to make his wet food. I also don't add salt when I'm making my broth so that the meat is not too salty for Oscar.

    Boiled chicken, cooked brown rice and cooked carrots.


    Boiled beef or pork, cooked brown rice and canned green beans

    The protein, carbs and veggies are all mixed together, chopped if necessary, portioned out and then vacuum sealed and frozen for later use.

    Who else makes dog food and what is your recipe? Would like to try or add something new.
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    Good for you. We only supplement feed our dogs unless one is sick or in their final months which is usually the big C. Cooking for 3 corgis would be a full time job. When we prepare it for ill dogs we stick with chicken or lamb and add that to boiled rice and mashed green beans very similar to your recipe. We also are believers in pumpkin, and sometimes plain yogurt, as an addition to their kibble. As I believe FireMan once remarked, our dogs also see me as a walking food vending machine.
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      I don't make food for them per se. But when I slaughter I cook all the bones in a crockpot and they get all the meat from that along with the trimmings and offal. They also get all the cracked eggs from the chickens. And they help themselves to pig, chicken, and horse manure.


        i make jerky treats for my dogs using my electric smoker without wood chips (learned quickly that smoked treats make for messy piles in the yard!). i've done salmon scraps, chicken thights and leg meat - pretty much whatever is about to spoil. chicken thighs are the best and are availble dirt cheap at the value markets. the dogs love the fresh treats and i don't have to pay $$ for a small bag of dog jerky that is gone in seconds.

        my brother prepares a simple mix of rice, egg and ground beef for his dogs. he mainly started doing it because the dogs all would scratch all night and keep him awake. he found that the custom food forumla improved their skin and coats and no longer scratched all night so he could get some sleep. win, win.


          My first thought on seeing the title is that I would never turn our pet into food.


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          I don’t make my own but I am somewhat close.

          We switched recently from kibble to raw dog food which is called Steve’s Real Food. It made a big difference for us and comes in easy to eat kibble sized bites for our 20 pd Boston Terrier. He loves it and it has really helped with his sensitive stomach and skin. It easily fits in our freezer and is ready to serve.
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            I have in the past and it is easy enough to prepare and at the end of the day probably better than what we purchase for them. We have two small dogs and it is really too easy to open a can.



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