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Home made Custard Ice Cream & home made oh, so yummy wafflecones

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    Home made Custard Ice Cream & home made oh, so yummy wafflecones

    I LOVE making home made Ice Cream. another place where I can't really afford to buy it from anyone who makes what I would be willing to eat! so, I make my own. on the occasion when I REALLY want some Ice Cream right NOW, it's gotta be Blue bell. well, we all know the problem there (though, they have shut down the entire operation, cow to store for sterilizing. the only way to deal with listeria)

    Anyway, So, the ice Cream is a custard batter. a little work and more time but well worth it.

    Have a small metal bowl that will hold all of your custard and a larger bowl that will hold your small bowl. in the larger bowl, have some ice and salt and be ready to add water and that water bath will quickly cool your custard.

    So, you need 1 cup milk
    1 cup cream
    6 egg yolks
    1/3 cup sugar
    1/8 tsp table salt or 1/4 tsp kosher
    Vanilla bean or 1 tsp vanilla extract.

    If using a bean, open it and use it and the sugar to make dirty sugar. keep the pods, they go in the milk.

    Dirty Sugar goes into the egg yolks. beat them until you reach Ribbon Stage. For those who haven't done that, you beat the yolks with the sugar. the color will lighten and you know you're done when your arm falls off. or, when you can raise the whisk and the mixture streams smoothly like a ribbon falling in a pile. it should leave a trace as it falls back but settle out again, nearly losing the trace.

    next, milk & cream into the pot with the vanilla bean and heat until just before the heavy simmer. take it off and temper it back into the yolk/sugar mix. Once it is all tempered & combined, go back to the stove, heat until thickened and leaving a track on the back of a spoon or spatula when you wipe your finger across. Pour it into the small bowl and set that in the larger bowl with the ice water and stir until cooled.

    At this point, I like to let my custard bloom overnight. put it in a container and refrigerate until the next day. there is a small problem with that, as the bloom makes the custard extremely thick. that's OK, because, at that point, I generally add another cup of milk. If you want to use it immediately, you can but omit the second cup of milk and just use the original recipe.

    Freeze according to your Ice cream Freezer's instructions.

    you can serve soft serve as soon as frozen but, a night in the freezer will ripen it and make it even better.

    this is an incredibly rich ice cream that will be SO good and with a mouthfeel you don't often have from Ice Cream

    The Waffle Cone batter is close to a crepe in many ways but, with a good deal more sugar. and it is SUPER easy!


    2 eggs
    1 cup milk
    1 cup AP flour
    4 TBSP melted butter
    1/2 cup dirty sugar (with seeds from one bean (or a tsp extract)
    1/2 cup powdered sugar
    1/8 tsp table salt or 1/4 tsp kosher

    everything goes into the blender and blend until smooth.

    This too benefits from a night in the fridge to let the batter relax.

    next day, heat your waffle iron or Pizzelle Iron, if you have one. If you don't have either, you can do this in a skillet but it is a bit more work. it really does best if cooked from both sides at once and under a little pressure. I would want two heat sources, a skillet and, perhaps, a flat bacon press heated enough to cook. or, you can use a small cast iron skillet and heat it to det on top of the cookie. If using a regular waffle iron, use the regular waffle side not the Belgian side. one of the grills designed to make pressed sandwiches can be good. the Foreman, I think, has some interchangeable plates. they are advertised for Quesadillas but, flat to flat, you can use it for cones.

    Pour your batter onto a hot iron, cook until just browning, then remove and shape while still hot. you can use a waffle cone, a cream horn cone or you can shape them over the backside or in the cups of a muffin pan to make little bowls.

    When I serve these, I make cones that are 4" diameter Pizzelles and I make small cones. with this rich Ice Cream, that is enough. I melt a little milk chocolate and drop a dab into the cone to plug the hole in the bottom, at the point. If there will be kids, I also put a lip of chocolate around the top rim and add candy sprinkles while the chocolate is still warm. (don't tell anyone but I like sprinkles, too!) If you have it, I also love a small dab of cajeta Goat's milk caramel dabbed on top of the chocolate plug. then, I sprinkle a little bit of Kosher salt on the caramel. it is a nice, slightly savory bite against the sweat rich Ice cream and sweet crunchy cone, just before the last bite of chocolate & cookie. Last, of course, a small scoop of Ice Cream.

    Many times, I'll bake, decorate and even dish Ice Cream into the cones, then put them back in the freezer. they make great little mini desserts straight from the freezer.

    I hope you guys like this. There is nothing quite like home made Ice Cream. and I am REALLY pleased with these cones. it has taken a long time but I finally have my cones where I want them!!

    I need to do something like this with the kids one day they were making homemade caramel last night


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      sounds like the perfect time to make some cones! Heck, I LOVE these things! you can use Browned butter instead of tick butter and the cones are MUCH richer, deeper flavor. a touch a lemon gives some brightness, maybe a little mint extract to pair with a chocolate Ice Cream. you could even go savory. maybe a half or quarter of a jalapeno, peeled, seeded and tossed into the blender, again, against a chocolate Ice Cream. instead of salt on the caramel, some chopped bacon bits and bacon bits in the chocolate candy coating instead of sprinkles. even some of your favorite rub into the chocolate instead of sprinkles. I mean, the sky is the limit and only your imagination will slow you down!

      Meanwhile, about half of any batch batter for the cones actually become cones. I eat several just as cookies.

    Here is another great idea for cones. I ran across this at the same time I found Feuille. they were both listed on the same page (and that sent me hunting Feuille to find out what it was). anyway, probably the simplest cones in the world, the most available to anyone are the bread cones. this was SUCH a cool idea. do you remember when you were a kidlet, there was always the argument about your sammich bread. do you like your bread squished or will you throw it away if it is squished? I can handle it either way.

    for cones, take a few slices of the inexpensive, grocery store white bread (you could do whole wheat, but you want the softest bread available.) trim off the crust and save that to make croutons/herbed bread crumbs for other uses.

    Take the slices of bread and roll it out as thin as you can. then, cut circles from each slice. toss the trimmings in the pan with the crusts for crumbs/croutons. turn a baking pan upside down and lay on parchment paper. brush both sides ofr the bread circles with melted butter and dust liberally with powdered sugar. at this point, flavor if you like. liquids into the melted butter, some ground cinnamon into the powdered sugar. I actually love a packet of kool aid mixed with the powdered sugar. I dust that on the brad slice cones as well as dusting it on one side of feuille, then folding the feuille over to sandwich the sugar between two layers.

    once buttered & sugared, put another layer of parchment paper on top of the bread circles and place another baking sheet on top of the bread and parchment. bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes.

    remove from the oven but take one circle at a time from between the pans. leaving the top pan oven the rest keeps them warm. slide the top pan to one side, grab a circle, then slide the top pan back over the remaining circles.

    Roll the bread circle around a cone form, carefully but firmly pressing the seam to ensure the seal.

    decorate or flavor with melted chocolate, sprinkles, whatever strikes your fancy.

    let everything cool and add Ice Cream.

    A really dedicated host could make some wonderful custom home made Ice Cream, customize these little cones and decorate as you like for a wonderful playful take on even the most sophisticated frozen desert. or just make some vanilla Ice cream, smother it with chocolate sauce and TONS of sprinkles! Be a kidlet!!

    My all time favorite is to edge the cone with melted chocolate & sprinkles, then, a dab of Cajeta Caramel sauce, a pinch of kosher salt, then the ice cream. When you have Ice Cream and cones that yummy, you don't need a huge multi dipped cone. just enough to finish off a nice meal with a great blend of flavors and textures.

    pro tip: when making home made Ice Cream Cones, remember the bottom of the cone has a hole in it. Just a small dab of chocolate in the very bottom of the cone will close that hole. another option is a mini marshmallow. just drop it into the cone and, with a skewer, push down into the tiny hole, sealing it up.

    another great treat is to make these cones, then fill with marshmallow fluff of whatever flavor. making a treat that looks like Ice Cream but is a cone of marshmallow!!

    I LOVE to cook! there are SO many ways to do things!!



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