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Dirty Sugar

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    Dirty Sugar

    OK, folks. Quiz time or riddle time! However you want to think of it. Why is my sugar dirty?

    Because it didn't take a bath


      Bugs in it.


        Chocolate chips??


          Nope & nope. actually, this is a technique I started using a few weeks ago. the black are Vanilla Seeds. I LOVE real vanilla. split the pod, scrape the seeds. the only problem was, you end up with about half the seeds on your fingers and you don't always get them all scraped from the pod. and they are spread on the cutting board and pretty much everywhere except the recipe bowl! Well, Vanilla is almost always used in conjunction with at least a little sugar. so, I started splitting my pods, scraping the seeds, and then, rubbing the pod, the knife and my fingers, with sugar. the seeds are damp and sticky and the sugar crystals will grab hold of them. Rub sugar down the pod and you have almost all the seeds from the pod in your sugar.

          Another thing I use and absolutely LOVE are paper plates. the cheapest, flimsiest paper plates you can buy. they are excellent for use when weighing ingredients, they make a terrific disposable cutting board and small item prep. So, I split my beans on a paper plate. measure out the sugar onto the plate, crape the seeds, then rub the pods with the sugar on the plate. once you are all done, just fold up the plate to pour into your bowl/pot. All your seeds are in your recipe. the plate is also used o weigh flour, then funnel it into your bowl. it really makes life SO much easier.


            Amen on paper plates when cooking, measuring, making things. Being out of (or low on) paper plates is worthy of a text message in ALL CAPS to SWMBO. Just like when the wine is gone, but sometimes that's only a regular case text.

            Interesting on the vanilla bean sugar. I wonder how it would fare in rib rub? Not thinking too well but can't knock it yet.


            • Eastonbeef
              Eastonbeef commented
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              But... you folks have me thinking. Dangerous? yes.. Me thinking that is... Vanilla gives the perception of sweet. Pork loves sweet. I'm probably gonna eat some crappy meals till I get it, but balanced correctly with savory....... That's an idea the I never thought of! Thank You Queen Karon Adams!!

            • scorched_porch
              scorched_porch commented
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              Absolutely Vanilla on ribs! It goes wonderful with a smoky background. One of my sauces has a teaspoon in it. In fact this one with bourbon isn't bad: http://www.food.com/recipe/vanilla-b...q-sauce-484632

            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              Ok you guys try it and report back Eastonbeef scorched_porch

            You're welcome, Easton. I like the idea of Queen Karon Adams, but, I'll just take Consort of the Flame for a title. or, perhaps, Hestia's Handmaiden (Though maiden may be pushing it a bit ;-)


              I have used a lot of vanilla beans this last quarter. Mostly in ice cream and making vanilla extract. I think it would be interesting to try it on a rack of ribs. One bean mixed in the dry herbs and sugar as part of the rub, put the scraped beans and rub in a blender to mix. I use sucanat w/honey and sucanat in most of my baking. Huskee introduced me to using sugar on the ribs after I put them in the smoker. The results were very impressive.


                I have taken to Vanilla beans. I have always loved Vanilla as a flavor. friends and family think I'm strange because I like Vanilla over Chocolate and within the chocolate world, my favorite is White Chocolate. In fact, I often tell people 'I would do unnatural things for White Chocolate'. it is truly my favorite. But Vanilla has always been my first love in the dessert world. and vanilla beans are of course, magical. I buy them by the pound, these days and never run out. if I draw down to 1/4 pound, it is time to order more. I keep a couple of liters of Vodka on hand developing extract at any given time. One bottle finished and ready to use, the other still in process. Given the option, I'll use seed rather than extract any time. I just adore it. and, once the seeds are used, the pods are saved. Of course, they still have great value to add to the brewing extract and, when you have plenty overstuffing the Vodka bottle, and more vanilla pods in the sugar jar than you have sugar, well, there are always dresser drawers, coat closets and even in between mattresses to offer fragrance to the home. I even keep a couple of empty pods in the bottom of my pocket book. I actually sewed a little pocket in the bottom lining and kep 3-4 vanilla pods in it. yes, a little obsessed but I HATE throwing away anything that still smells SO wonderful. so, I keep finding new places to stash it and make my world a little more Vanilla!


                  I've kept vanilla beans in my sugar jar forever! Is there a time when the flavor gets tired? Love these ideas, Karon!



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