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Anyone into Pickling

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    Anyone into Pickling

    I started making my own pickles and relish a few years ago. The relish because all the commercially made ones have alum in it and alum is an aluminum derivative. Now the FDA says it doesn't contribute to dementia/Alzheimers but, who trusts the FDA? Not me!

    i have recipes to share if anyone is interested. I also have a great mustard recvipe that is excellent.

    Click image for larger version

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    Half Sours

    This is for a small batch of pickles

    Must use pickling cukes aka Kirby cukes for best results


    12 4" long pickling cukes about 2 lbs.
    1/2 tsp coriander seed
    1/2 tsp pepper corns
    5 cloves garlic smashed
    1/2 tsp dill
    1/4 cp of pickling salt
    1/2 gal. water

    I am writing up the procedure. I could make gallons of pickles in the time it will take me to write this up. Stay tuned for more


    • mrmikemgm
      mrmikemgm commented
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      Is that the 10L crock? If so, we have the exact same one. Haven't done pickles or relish, but have made some seriously good sauerkraut. That crock is amazing and so simple to use.

    Hi Mike, I am not sure but you are probably correct in you analysis of my crock. I have been thinking of selling it as it is really to large for most of my recipes. I have found, as you can see in the pic, that glass jars and baggies are very effective containers for my pickling.


      Put 8 cps (1/2 gal) of warm water in bowl.

      Dissolve ¼ cp of pickling salt in the water until it is completely clear

      Wash pickles in cold water removing the stem on one end and any blossom on the other.

      Take the coriander and pepper corns and place them in a small grinder and run it just enough to crack all the corns and seeds.

      Pour/place the coriander, pepper, dill, and the garlic in the bottom of a ½ gal jar.

      Pack the jar with the cleaned pickles.

      Pour the brine over the cukes until covered. About 1” from the top of the jar.

      Take a standard sandwich bag and set it inside the mouth of the jar and fold the top of the bag back over the top of the jar.

      Click image for larger version

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      Fill the sandwich bag with brine to keep all the cukes covered with brine all the time.

      Click image for larger version

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      Place cover on jar loosely and place the jar on a plate as when the fermentation starts sometime the brine will overflow.
      Click image for larger version

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      Place jar in a place that is 70*-80* F for 48 hrs.

      After 48 hours place in Fridge and let them continue to age up to 2 wks.

      I usually will start using them after 24 hrs in the fridge.



      • LangInGibsonia
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        Sounds delicious. To me though, that's a pretty quick pickle. I usually let mine ferment at room temp for at least a week, de-scuming every day after the first three days. It makes for a deeper sour dill flavor in my opinion.

      I have made the sweet pickle chips listed here on AR. Just did my third batch. Great on burgers and other sandwiches


        Thanks for the input on the sweet pickle chips. I will have to look that up.



          Is this the recipe you are referring to LINK


          • FLBuckeye
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            Yes, that is the one

          I use to work for a company that owned a salmon caning factory out in the oonies of Alaska. Spent a few days there and the cheif pickled some salmon he gave me his recipe,how ever I have lost it.

          You could not eat one piece. You don't stop until it's all gone.

          I would love to do that one!


          • MBMorgan
            MBMorgan commented
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            Lots of recipes out there on the Interwebs if you google "pickled salmon" ... and they mostly look really tasty ...

          I love home fermenting and pickling. Anything I can do to not buy processed food from the grocery store is wonderful. I have a 10 lb. batch of 'kraut in the croc right now. Just about another month to go. (We like our 'kraut really funky!)


            Marauderer I'd love to see your mustard recipe. I made some last year and was not happy with the result.


              Willy Just for you.

              Mustard Recipe
              I found this recipe in Gourmet Magazine back when it was a bimonthly periodical.
              This makes about 1.5 cups
              It only takes about 10 min but you have to let the mustard seeds soak for two days.

              ½ cp mustard seeds (different seeds, different flavors)
              ¾ cp cider vinegar (I use Braggs)
              1/3 cp water
              1 ¼ tsp sugar
              1 ½ tsp salt

              Soak mustard seeds in the vinegar and water for two days at room temp. (if seeds are not submerged add a bit of water until they are)
              Puree mixture with the sugar and salt in food processor, I use a hand blender, until almost smooth, about 2 min.
              Thin to desired consistency with additional water and season with salt to taste.
              Chilled the mustard will last at least a month.


              • David Parrish
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                Marauderer it's good to see you!

              • Marauderer
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                David Parrish Dave, you and the crew continue to do a great job and i always enjoy when I have time to come back to the "Pit".

              • David Parrish
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                Thanks Chief. Much appreciated!


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