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Brisket in the Oven

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    Brisket in the Oven

    I have a friend who wants to cook a brisket in the oven. I have never done this. Need some advice on what to tell her. I was thinking along these lines:

    - Dry brine as normal overnight.

    - Coat with a binder of worchestershire and maybe a little liquid smoke to try to simulate wood smoke (how much?)

    - Hit with just pepper and maybe some garlic powder.

    - Cook in oven at 250-275 on a wire rack inside a foil/aluminum pan.

    - At IT of 175, double wrap tightly in aluminum foil with 1/4c of beef broth.

    - Continue to cook until IT hits 205.

    - Either lower oven to 170 or use a cooler and towels, and hold at least 2 hours.

    - Be sure to cut across the grain.

    Would appreciate any and all comments/suggestions.

    I think you're on t he right track... the oven is the same as the smoker aside from (hopefully) not smoking. So, time and temp would be similar. I'd consider using some smoked paprika in the rub to add smokiness but obviously they can't expect the same thing as a brisket that spends 12+ hours in smoke.

    I'l use mustard as a binder, not worchestershire since the latter is pretty salty. Or, if they want to, back off on the salt/pound in the dry brine.
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      My mother in law does brisket in the oven.
      You won't mistake it for brisket on the smoker, but it's tasty enough.

      Brisket flat in a pot.
      Cover in woodys sauce.
      Cook st 300 until it pulls


        I’ve done a few briskets in the oven myself many years ago. It was delicious and it made probably the best gravy I’ve ever had. It’s a lot different than what you’re doing, but I can recommend this if you want. Just make sure you trim most of the fat off. If not, it will melt into your pan and make the brisket greasy.
        1. Place the brisket in your cooking pan and coat it liberally with Good Seasons Italian Dressing. I used about 3/4 of the bottle.
        2. Sprinkle it all over with Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning.
        3. Add about 1 1/2 cups of water and cover during the cook.
        4. Bake at about 225* - 250* for about 3-4 hours and check the IT.
        5. Continue baking till you reach your preferred IT. Before you do, cook uncovered for about the last hour. When it’s done it won’t have a crust like a smoked brisket, it’ll be more like a roast cooked in the oven. But it is delicious. I served mine with mashed potatoes or rice to go with the gravy. If you don’t do this with your brisket, it’s also good for cooking a regular Chuck roast.
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        • smokin fool
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          I took the au jus and put it in the freezer 30-40 mins later the fat would congeal on top and skim it off, simply reheat again

        • Panhead John
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          I didn’t trim the fat very much one time and as long as the cook is, so much of the fat cooked INTO the brisket. Since it’s cooking in a liquid it was almost too greasy to eat.
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        Actually, temps are about right. I cook until probe tender.
        Liquid smoke for that smoky flavor.


          Done this a few times.
          -dry rub and double wrap in tin foil
          -Preheat oven to 400, place foil wrapped brisket on a grate or baking rack in a large pan
          -11pm put brisket in oven for 1 hour then knock temp to 250 and cook overnight, at 8am knock it back to 200 till noon
          -at noon out of the oven and cover with oven mitts/towels for 3 hours or so.
          -prick the foil and let the au jus collect in the pan....DO NOT THROW OUT THIS AU JUS IS DYNAMITE!!!!
          -unwrap and cut the meat and serve....and don't forget the Beanz....


          • ecowper
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            if you forget the beanz, I'm gonna haunt you

          My mom always use to cook I. The oven and added claudes brisket sauce. It was fabulous!

          but I’d up the cook temp just to get it done. I don’t know I’d there’s really reason to cook 225-250. 275-325 and it cooks and is done with little to no stall.

          should be good regardless!


          • smokin fool
            smokin fool commented
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            I picked my recipe from my sister in Dallas and was based on a overnight cook of 12-14 hours.
            Cooking at 250 doesn't over cook the meat to much where as 275-325 would cook it to death.
            At least this is my rational, good or flawed

          Found this for Louie Mueller BBQ.

          Texas-Style Oven Brisket Recipe | James Beard Foundation


            I mean... if you can do it in the oven with tjust S&P per that link and it's just as good as smoked... why smoke it?

            I think the question is what your friend is expecting/wanting. End of the day, both the smoker and oven are just hot boxes so time and temp will be similar. But smoke adds flavor and you can imitate the effect of smoking it for 12 hours, but not duplicate that.



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