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Ok, how long do you think this brisket will take?

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    Ok, how long do you think this brisket will take?

    I haven’t done a brisket in a couple years, and I usually separate flat and point. This time I’m not. And I usually inject, this time I’m not. And this son of a gun is HUGE.

    I plan on serving it between noon and 1PM Saturday. Normally I’d put that roast on around midnight, separate points and flats take 8-10 hours. But this thing, I’m thinking 6PM Friday? At 250*-275*? I’m not worried about holding it, but I don’t want to be late with it.

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    6pm sounds pretty reasonable tbh.


    • IFindZeroBadCooks
      IFindZeroBadCooks commented
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      I’d assume you would wrap and bump up temp if you are falling behind on the timescale.

    • Mosca
      Mosca commented
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      Yeah. I shouldn’t have promised this, but I did. I’ll set the CyberQ for 165* to catch the stall, probably the middle of the night and 11*. Then I’ll wrap and reset the alarm for 200*.

    • IFindZeroBadCooks
      IFindZeroBadCooks commented
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      16 hours for the cook plus 2 in the cambro plus wrapping.

      The alarms etc. all sound reasonable.

    I don’t know how long it will take but that looks like an awesome peice of meat. If you give the day, time, and address for dinner I will be sure to be there in time to give plenty of advice. Oh and I’ll bring some beer.


      I wont venture a guess (my baseline is 1.25hr's per lb at 225...I've never had one go faster than that). but what I do is take whatever my time guesstimate is, and add 5 hours. that leaves me plenty of fudge factor and I just stow it in a faux cambro if they finish early.


        Your time sounds good, especially because you will Cambro.


          I give myself 18hours pit time on brisket, but I inject, and go at 225°


          • Loren
            Loren commented
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            This is about what I was going to suggest too; I don't inject but I haven't found a big difference with injecting or not when cramming 16 lbs of brisket into a 22" Weber 😎

          • texastweeter
            texastweeter commented
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            20 on a biggun

          I just did a 18.5 # pre trim brisket. It took about ten hours to probe tender on my kettle at an average temp of 240. Wrapped in butcher paper at 180. Brisket always seems to take me about ten hours, regardless of weight, unless it’s just a piece of brisket, those usually take me 8 hours.


            I run at 225 for 12 hours then wrap when good bark formed and a couple hours to finish then a couple hours hold. 16 hrs. (I wrap toward the end of the stall because I want the bark formed before I wrap).

            at 250+ you can probably cut that to 13-14 hrs?

            a full packer should stay too hot to handle in the cambro for a couple hours. I’ve held for 5+ and still had it above 140F.

            if you get good bark before wrapping, but it comes out of the cambro too soft the. Heat oil (or better yet rendered fat trimmings) to 375F and pour slowly over entire brisket to flash fry. Do this outside and be careful it is way messy.
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            • HouseHomey
              HouseHomey commented
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              Pro (duck) move right there. Dang.

            It would take me about 30 hours, but I usually QVQ my brisket due to time constraints. I'm sure this doesn't help, but I didn't want to be left out.


              If you plan for plenty of time it will surely cook way too fast. If you don't start it soon enough it will surely take forever to cook. At least that is my experience.


                I give 12 hours plus rest time when I smoke/grill a brisket, 225-250*F

                BTW--PBR pairs well with brisket. That is if there is any left after the cook.
                Last edited by bbqLuv; December 18, 2020, 09:31 AM.


                  Us kettle cookers are used to that airflow. The BGE is a moisture bomb. Throw it on at 6pm at 250° and I think you will be in the cambro by 6 am.

                  I could be wrong. I usually am. With all of that time 250° should do you. I don’t think I’d go hotter but thats me.


                    Late to the game, but my last few packers, versus a 16+ hour overnight cook, I did them during the day, and managed the temp of the cooker to meet schedule - starting around 6am to have dinner at 6pm.

                    For the last cook I recall starting around 6am, I lit the charcoal around 5:15 or so. It usually takes 30-40 minutes to get the kettle up to 225, and I tossed the brisket on as soon as it crossed 200 on the cooker. I think I ran the first few hours of the cook at 250, and was in the stall around 11. I let it roll until about 1:30 or so, and was still not quite where I wanted to be, so pushed the kettle to 275, reached my IT of 170, and wrapped in foil at 2:30 or 3, and then pushed the temp to 300. By 4:30 I reached my pull temp of 203-205F, and went into cambro for about an hour and a half.

                    This is off the top of my head, and those temps may be a little off, but the overall timing is not - I used temperature changes to speed up or slow down things as needed the last few times I ran a brisket.


                      I'm going with 6PM. I'll start the BGE around 4:30.


                        That brisket looks like garbage. Just send it here to Texas, and we'll dispose of it.

                        I would guess between 12-16 hrs at 250F, plus time in the cambro. Maybe a little shorter in a PBC.....



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