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Which smoker should I use

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    Which smoker should I use

    Weber WSM 18 or Weber 22 performer?

    I have 2 four bone short ribs and need help choosing which would be a better fit for smoking them. I have a SNS I can use.
    Also should I ?
    1. Use water in the SNS or WSM
    2. Wrap or not. Paper or foil
    Any other pointers-I'll take them.
    Ive read Troutmans write up and a few others. And now I don't know what is best.

    Troutman! Works every time. That’s it. I’m out.


      I don’t have a wsm, but two would be a pretty tight squeeze in a 22” kettle. I’ve only done one slab at a time in my kettle. I always use water in my SnS for low and slow. I typically wrap with butcher paper after the stall in my kettle because otherwise the bark will be a bit too hard.


        Me? WSM, water pan. Ymmv.

        I have a few cookers to choose from...
        Given yer choices, 'tis what I'd do...


        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          Realized I didn't fully complete yer survey..Sry, totally my bad.

          I don't wrap, but that has absolutely nuthin to do with whether ya should, or not.

          But, ya did ask...
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        For 3 slabs I'd use the WSM and I'd put enough water in the pan for it to run for a couple of hours before the water evaporates. It enables you to run the vents mostly open facilitating cleaner smoke (fire running hotter with the water as a heat sink).


          My pick is pellet grill. Or flip a coin.
          Wrap in Foil or Paper? Flip the coin again.


            I have done them on both, my vote is the WSM. More room than the kettle/SNS, and I have better temp control on my WSM.


              Both! LOL
              Great opportunity for taste test.


              • Andrrr
                Andrrr commented
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                Agreed. Do one on each and let your own tastebuds tell you which is better. If you want to toy around with wrapping then cook them both on the same smoker and only wrap one rack. It’s the best way to see what you prefer.

              Sorry I'm late to the party. My choice, if I had both, would be:

              Weber 22 w/ SnS. More efficient with coals given no need for all that space.

              1. Yes water. Not that it's needed, but I would because I just would and the reservoir is there.
              2. Wrap at ~180 or so, just like a brisket. Foil. take to 200-210. No exact temps needed.

              After the above, hold about an hour faux cambro style. You could also just shut your vents and let the grill come down in temp naturally, use that as your faux cambro, no need to dirty a cooler.


              • JGo37
                JGo37 commented
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                I never had the guts to try cambro in situ. I do pretty well after all this time managing fuel, so I'll try it.

                You've probably seen me promote a table top roaster on warm as a faux cambro before - easier than running towels in a drier and muddying up a cooler...

              • Huskee
                Huskee commented
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                JGo37 Hundred ways and they'll all work. I am lazy so I use the less-things-to-get-ready-and-then-have-to-clean-later method

              Okay I ended up with a 4lb and a 5lb rib after removing the fat.


                Sorry I hit the wrong button. I was trying to download files but I guess I can't figure it out. Oh well.

                I trimmed the ribs, dry brined for 22 hours and applied POG mix on top of some worchester sauce. Then onto the WSM. I put one rack on the top grill and the other on the bottom grill. I used the water pan, which I find makes it a bit harder to get the temperature up. Anyway I got it to run between 250-275.I did not wrap them. I spritzed several times about hourly with a mixture of beef broth, soy sauce, worchester and dill pickle juice.

                The 4lb took about 5 hours and the 5lb took around 6 hours. I wrapped each one in butcher paper and into the cooler for an hours rest. Both were butter probe tender and they were fantastic, I have 2 more in the freezer and can't wait to get them on the grill. Thanks to all for your help and comments..

                If I figure it out I will post some photos I took throughout the cook..



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