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1 star steak conversation

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    1 star steak conversation

    I'll say this up front - I liked my steaks before, but they got better after reading this site and following the advice to dry brine, reverse sear, monitor temps with a thermo-meter and serve immediately.

    I also see the steaks some of yall post and know there's still some room to improve.

    A buddy of mine, who LOVES the steaks I cook, sent me an article today about how a Michelin star chef cooks steaks at home. Said, "this HAS to be best way to cook steak".

    I read the article. The info on buying quality meat was right on. But everything else was the opposite of what I've learned on this site:
    Saying bone in steaks are juicer, seasoning right before you cook, letting them come to room temp before you cook, front seering hot and the cooking in an oven at 400+, NOT using thermo-meter, checking doneness with a cake tester, slathering it in butter, letting it rest before eating, etc.

    I said, "you know that's the exact opposite of how I cook steaks" and sent him the how to cook steak link from the free side.

    He said, "you think some guy on a website knows more about steak than a chef"

    I said, "Who do you trust more, some lady in Beverly hills named Hilary, or a guy named Meathead." followed with, "if you don't like the way I cook steak, you don't have to eat em".

    He said - "maybe I should re-read that link you sent"

    It's amazing to me how many top end chefs and food writers adhere to these steak myths.

    So I'm not sure what value i put in a Michelin star....... I buy Firestone tires anyway.

    This is the article in question
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    The star is for the presentation of the miniscule sides, which actually are usually of the highest quality.



      An experienced chef might get away with getting it more or less right, but your average home cook will struggle.
      Your chances are significantly higher of a successful steak cook following the guidance offered here in the pit. And I mean significantly.


        I’ve eaten at CUT in Vegas, and it was possibly the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my life.


          I try not to look at it as the right or wrong way. For example, I much prefer seasoning right before. When I dry brine I can’t really taste the salt. Not wrong just a preference.

          I’m sure she turns out some amazing steaks that way so good for her. And it sounds like you’ve stepped your game up so good for you. That’s what it’s all about! 😊


            The word chef is thrown around so often that it will, very soon, lose its relevance. Food TV responsible.


            • Cheef
              Cheef commented
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              Agreed 100%. Just take a look on YouTube, and you will find literally thousands of ''Chefs" along with thousands of "pitmasters".
              I always kind of followed the backwards thinking of my Grandma called herself a cook, and she put out some of the finest food I have ever eaten.

            I share the enjoyment of the things I've learned on this site, but also learned many moons ago that there is no "THE" answer for what is best...........regarding just about anything. It's chuckle worthy to watch someone poll the internet for THE best way to __________________. I often would like to ask them which of the seventeen different responses they chose. For me it becomes a list of methods to experiment with seeking improvement.


              I see two problems

              1) there is no perfect way to cook a steak - there are proponents for every methodology;

              Sometimes I reverse sear a steak, sometimes I cook it in butter in a skillet, sometimes I cook it completely over high heat and sometimes I smoke it. Each one gives a different result but I think its crazy to call one way right and all the rest wrong.

              And even if front sear/high temp cook is more prone to error, a chef who has cooked this way thousands of times can probably nail it 99% of the time

              2) the professional chef is in his own way using a "thermometer." You and I could.not tell the temp by using a cake tester but I'm pretty sure a professional chef after years of experience knows what med. rare feels like.


                IMO there’s never a right or wrong way to cook anything especially a steak. So many variables come into play, quality of meat, cooking instrument, cooks level of experience and quantity needed can all determine how a steak gets cooked.
                If someone can give me a tasty piece of meat I’m not worried about how it was cooked....I’ll just enjoy it.
                If it’s a thick steak and I only need 4 or less I’ll front seat, if I need several thinner steaks I’ll just go straight on a grill or griddle.
                I just wish I could tour everyone’s backyards and enjoy their styles of cooking. Maybe we should do an Amazing Ribs home bbq hop around the country...HA!!!


                • BFlynn
                  BFlynn commented
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                  That would be an amazing event..... like a progressive BBQ.

                Like others have said, no wrong way. And most high end restaurants are cooking steaks this way because of the set up they have. And it gets food on the table in a shorter time period.

                Mastro’s in Phoenix is a place I’ve been to once and they serve an outstanding steak! Probably the best I’ve ever had, and they cook it at some high heat, over 1000* or some crazy number like that, i just don’t remember exactly. It is served sizzling and with a warning of not to touch the plate or else!

                But, even though we don’t have that equipment per say, you turn out good steak after good steak with what you do have. And that is why your and my buddy loves the steak we cook up! We have our methods down!

                so what kind of steak you cookin up this weekend? This has me hungry for a good ribeye!


                  I agree that there really isn't a right and wrong way of doing many things. But in my travels and meeting different people from different cultures I have strong convictions that there is a right and a left way of doing things. When I have stated this in the past I usually get people shouting at me saying "Heresy!" and I shout back "That's not my name!" But I usually answer anyway. Damn insecurities. Need a new broker.

                  Repetition and experience can help with getting a "feel" for something even if the explanation of what is happening is wrong. Take beer can chicken for example. It works 'cuz it's chicken and upright.


                    Come on assuming your steak and way of cooking is superior to a professional Michelin chef who does this for a living and who’s food you haven’t tasted is laughable.

                    My problem with how cultishness devout AR followers get sometimes is there tends to become an arrogance of “if you don’t do it how MH said to then you are wrong!” I went through that phase for a minute early on.

                    Eventually you realize people have different palates, texture preferences, etc... some people love fall off the bone ribs and some don’t... some people want a marshmallow to look like charcoal some people want golden brown. You also realize there are different ways to get similar results. Ask 10 guys who Q how to cook a pork butt and you may get up to 40 different answers.

                    Back to the professional chef thing. As many stated some people who do this for a living have a gift or natural ability coupled with repetition of cooking that item many times in one night and night after night... similar to an athlete having natural athletic ability and talent coupled with conditioning and practice... MH on the other hand created a process that was measurable, repeatable, and designed to up the game for backyard heroes who aren’t professionally trained. Basically an opiate for the masses. It doesn’t mean either is better or more correct than the other.... there may be some science one way or another but the impact could be unnoticeable.

                    My guess is if two steaks were slid in front of you. One with MH method and one done by a talented chef you wouldn’t be able to tell me who dry brined, who let the steak come up to room temp, etc...

                    As far as Meathead’s name... if I remember right his dad called him Meathead and probably for reasons unrelated to cooking meat... I’m pretty sure some god from mount bovine didn’t come down and ordain him with it after trying his steak.

                    I have always wanted to see someone go on one of Gordon Ramsey‘s cooking shows and be like “but that’s not the way Meathead says to do it... or that is a myth don’t you read AmazingRibs”... and then watch to see how many different cooking tools get used to bludgeon that person to death while Gordon keeps yelling “who the F is Meathead you Meathead!”

                    That all being said I tend to use a lot of AR stuff as a guide because I’m not a professional and I can’t touch my nose or hand and figure out the doneness of a steak... but I won’t turn down a steak from a.... well I was going to say 5 star Michelin chef.... but the truth is i probably just won’t turn down an edible steak... even if it is well done.... just slather it in some ketchup!


                    • barelfly
                      barelfly commented
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                      Ketchup?????? hahaha. I was a higher end spot in Vegas, the steak was well done when I asked for medium. I asked for A1 sauce....you should have seen the look I got!

                    Meathead himself says there is no right way. There’s a video of him and Jamie Purviance doing steaks both ways, and concluding that both steaks were great.



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