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First ever Dino Ribs

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    First ever Dino Ribs

    I bought Dino ribs for the first time.
    Read the recipe on the free side and watches Malcom Reeds video, wondering if anyone has any extra tips.

    Rack was 4 bones of choice dino ribs weight right at 7 lbs.
    Trimmed roughly 3/4 lb fat off.
    Cut into 2 sections - two bones each.
    Have them dry brining right now.

    Plan is to use a layer of POG and a layer of BBR.
    Lay on the grate on PBC at 250 with hickory chunks.

    Smoke til bark is good.
    Wrap in butcher paper til probe tender
    Hold in cooler for an hour or so.

    Anything I'm missing?

    Reading the recipe I was thinking 8 hrs ish.
    Mr. Reed did whole racks at 250 in 5 hrs total.

    What sort of time frame should I really be looking at?

    One of the sections is really uniform thickness.
    The other one has 1 thick rib and the other rib is half as much meat.
    Will that make much of a difference?
    Should I cut them all into individual bones and go blasphemy style?

    Am I over thinking all this? {no one has ever accused me of that}

    Wish I could post the pics I have.

    Every cut is done when it decides it's done, all on it's own. If you can, monitor your two cuts independently? That may be misdirection, but I also wouldn't separate two different but adjacent attached ribs if you want to pull it all out at the same time. I believe the differing thicknesses will cook more as one piece if left attached.

    I'm looking forward to what others think...


    • BFlynn
      BFlynn commented
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      I've got 2 probes on my Fireboard. Figured I'd monitor each pair.

    Yes. You’re over thinking this cook.
    I used to do the same. 🤔 Actually I still do. 😳
    You're pretty close on your 8hr mark. But as JGo37 said it’s done when it’s done.
    I myself have found that these “Dino Ribs” absolutely take 7-9 hrs to cook.
    Oh be careful of your seasoning. Don’t go overboard with it. Especially with the salt factor.
    I have found the less seasoning is the better for this cook. Let the beef shine.
    Hope this helps. 👍👊


    • Jfrosty27
      Jfrosty27 commented
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    I've got them salted already. I don't think I've over done it. Both rubs are salt free.
    I guess if I plan for 9 and they're done early they can rest longer in the cooler.....

    Which can't hurt them


    • JGo37
      JGo37 commented
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      I rest them bundled in foil, in a tabletop roaster on warm. Easier to clean up, temp never drops. I've had good luck with this as a substitute for faux cambro.

    Can finally post pics.

    ​​​​​Wife wants chicken tomorrow so these are waiting til Saturday to cook

    Cut in half

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200813_205039.jpg
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ID:	895962

    Thick set

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200813_205053.jpg
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ID:	895961

    Thin set

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200813_205104.jpg
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ID:	895960


      I do these often. I cook them in a whole rack though. Always 8-9 hrs. Really hard to over cook them. More likely to under cook if impatient. As said above, they’re done when they’re done.


        I've reread posts and watched some videos. I think I have this under control. Ready for Saturday


          Seasoned with POG and BBR.
          Smoked 6 hrs in the PBC with hickory chunks.
          Probe tender then wrapped and put in cooler for an hour.

          Not too shabby. Click image for larger version

Name:	20200815_183218.jpg
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Name:	20200815_183229.jpg
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          • Jfrosty27
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            That’s a winner. Way to go pitmaster.


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