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American Wagyu - Part 4

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    American Wagyu - Part 4

    Well to be most accurate its Part 3 continued. In part 3 I QVQ to Medium Rare an A Bar N Ranch absolutely gorgeous packer brisket. In that write up I cut off the front end of the flat which constituted about 40% of the weight, to make into pastrami. Knowing how good that Wagyu meat was, I couldn't wait to get crackin' on this flat so into the brine it went for 5 days to corn using Doc Blonder's calculator...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	brisket 03.jpg Views:	23 Size:	906.4 KB ID:	883160

    Came out on a Thursday, I soaked it overnight then did the initial smoke of the QVQ process to establish my bark and work some flavor into the meat. It then went into a 135* SV bath for the next 52 hours. Iced down to stop the cooking process and chill the meat, it went back into the fridge until this weekend when I got a chance to do the final smoke and re-establish the bark.

    Final smoke went well, and if there was ever a justification or reason to purchase a fan controlled product (in this case a Fireboard with a Pit Viper fan) just check out this near perfect graph of that cook...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3633.PNG Views:	21 Size:	153.7 KB ID:	883167

    When it hit 135*, I pulled and rested it for about 30 minutes then sliced for sandwiches. Net result, very good. Not quite as good as some other Wagyu I've made pastrami from, but I'm not complaining. Even my wife, who doesn't care much for it (more for me ) even liked it.

    All in all another perfect result using the QVQ process. Bottom line, I highly recommend purchasing a brisket from the A Bar N Ranch folks, you will not be disappointed. A cut above prime, fully trimmed and cheaper then a lot of the on line merchants out there.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pastrami am wagyu ABarN flat 05.jpg
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ID:	883381Click image for larger version

Name:	pastrami am wagyu ABarN flat 01.jpg
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Name:	pastrami am wagyu ABarN flat 02.jpg
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    And of course I'd be remiss by not saying that I had to have me a Pastrami sandwich on an onion roll the next day. Enjoy the parting shots. Trout is out !!!!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	pastrami sandwich 02.jpg Views:	22 Size:	9.46 MB ID:	883165Click image for larger version  Name:	pastrami sandwich 04.jpg Views:	22 Size:	6.70 MB ID:	883164Click image for larger version  Name:	pastrami sandwich 05.jpg Views:	21 Size:	11.53 MB ID:	883166
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    Ah, man, stop it please. I promised the wife I wouldn't buy any more meat until we ate at least half of what we have in the freezer. Now I am going to break that promise, this will cost me much more than just the price of the brisket...


      Looks awesome. I like that they sell their briskets Pit Trimmed rather than packer, saves some work. Just checked their website, still sold out. They do have a discount code for 20% off site wide though.
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        Sold out! That is some of the best news I have heard in the last few days lol

      Yup, looks awesome 👌👌👌




          Excellent sir!


            WOW. For the least of the exclamations I could use



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