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First overnight cook: brisket

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    First overnight cook: brisket

    This is the cook I was worried about a few days ago. I’ll cut to the chase and say it turned out wonderfully, with my brisket-loving husband saying it’s the best he ever had. Even allowing for a certain amount of bias on his part, that’s pretty nifty.

    Equipment: WPD 22, never-before-used Slow n’ Sear, Thermopro TP20; Weber briquettes and hickory chunks. 12.1 lb Choice brisket, trimmed to 10.2 lb; dry brined for 10 hours; Big Bad Beef Rub.

    Thursday, 10:30 pm: Light starter; brisket on the grill just at midnight. Stayed with it for an hour getting the temp fairly stable. (Every time I went outside the dogs followed me, dismayed that I was messing with their sleep schedule.)

    1:00 am: grill temp 254, meat temp 83. Dogs and I all go to bed.

    Friday, 6:30 am: grill temp 220, meat temp 146. Shake out ash, tweak bottom vents; wander off and have coffee.

    11:00 am: grill temp 238, meat temp 164.

    12 noon: grill temp 225, meat temp 165. Looks like the stall has begun. Wrapped brisket in 1 layer of butcher paper and 2 layers of foil. Clean kettle, shake out ash, add fresh coals and water to SnS. Brisket back in kettle.

    2:15 pm: TP20 alarm goes off: grill temp 251, meat temp 203. Pull brisket and place into old Igloo cooler with a couple of towels. Reinsert probe; almost no resistance! I am agog!

    5:00 pm: meat temp 170. Opened Igloo lid and removed top towel to allow more cooling.

    5:30 pm: meat temp 160. Brought brisket inside and unwrapped it onto cutting board – it wubbas! I may actually have achieved good brisket after I-don’t-know-how-many tries!

    5:45 pm: slice and serve. It looked amazing, barky and still juicy. And it smelled and tasted fabulous, too. Served with green beans, mashed potatoes and a little A-1 sauce.

    I feel like I’ve summitted Everest. I was glad to find that the signal for the TP20 travelled to the far side of the house (it didn’t last time). The Slow n’ Sear made such a huge difference, I can’t say enough good about it. Temps were far more stable than I’ve ever been able to get. And the brisket was juicy, delicious, crunchy on the edges and so smooth in the middle.

    Thank you all so much for your advice and encouragement. On to more and better barbecue! Excelsior!
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    Beautiful! Congratulations!!


      Awesome looking cook! Glad it turned out so well.

      My dogs won't sleep while the cooker is going. They're too excited about the meats.



        my first brisket would have made a very happy cobbler


        • SmokingSteve
          SmokingSteve commented
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          BFlynn I do believe they are indicating "tough as shoe leather" hence the "Happy Cobbler" as in glad to have extra shoe leather to make shoes with. LOL!

        • BFlynn
          BFlynn commented
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          And I was thinking about blueberry cobbler..... And how to put a crust on top of brisket....

          I've got ideas......

        • pjlstrat
          pjlstrat commented
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          Bingo SmokingSteve

        My son is doing one tonight for service at dinner tomorrow. His kit of gear is 100% exactly the same as yours. Spooky almost. I will pass along your experience for some guidance. Thanks! Great looking cook btw. 👍


        • Ann-Marie in the backyard
          Ann-Marie in the backyard commented
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          Please give your son my best wishes! I'm sure he'll do a great job!

        Congrats on your first brisket cook. You’ll always remember your inaugural cook !!


          Whoa! Excellent! Congratulations!


            WHOOHOO!!!!!! Great cook. Congrats. Oh and by the way love the copper kettle. My regular performer is also copper.


              Very nice! We knew you could do it!


                Great lookin' hunk o' meat. Congrats on a successful cook! Now think pastrami....

                Recipe on the free side - "Better than Katz Pastrami".


                  Outstanding job. Very well cooked.


                    Congrats, nice looking brisket ya did a great job!!


                      Fantastic, good for you!!! Agog is wonderful state of mind to be in, I hope for many more agog moments in your life!
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                        That's awesome! Looks great!! Cooking like that is an Amazing journey. Congrats!!


                          Beautiful looking cook. Congrats!



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