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Rub on NY Strip Steak

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    Rub on NY Strip Steak

    Quick question. I have three NY Strip steaks that are around 1 inch thick. I plan to just sear them over high heat on my Weber. If I apply rub, will it burn the rub? If so, I won’t use rub, just pepper.

    Montreal steak spice is always a winner here but salt n pepper with garlic and/or onion powder is always a winner too.
    Optional a couple a dollops of Wishdishere sauce


    • jfmorris
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      That is my go-to as well.

    • Donw
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    We eat a lot of steak. I've tried using a rub over and over. I thought if I just flipped the steaks every minute I could get the perfect exterior I was looking for without burning the rub. What I found was that that much flipping made most of the rub fall off. In the end i went with just salt and pepper. You're not really giving up anything. A good well grilled steak with salt and pepper is wonderful.


    • JCGrill
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      What he said. The salt penetrates, everything else seems to stick to the grates and come off. I season heavily to combat this, but it only works a little bit.

    Some of the coffee rubs like Carne Crosta from Oak Ridge are made specifically for searing. The essential oils in the coffee are released by the heat. You may want to give that a try. Also nothing wrong with S&P, taste the meat !!!


    • RonB
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      + 1 on the Carne Crosta.

    • barelfly
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      +2 Carne Crosta!

    • ofelles
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    I don't use rubs on steaks--just kosher salt four hours before cooking---your steaks are thin so cook hot and fast over direct heat and then transfer to indirect heat zone if crust develops before the steaks reach medium rare. Good luck and enjoy.


      You just have to play, i know it seems like a cop out but really you do. Sometimes leaving overnight to let rub absorb some works great, other rubs dont. High sugar content will have a tendency to burn but not always (dark brown sugar for me does better in this area). I have never tried that coffee rub above but can attest to a coffee rub i make doing very well with searing.


        Montreal steak is my go-to and I put it on before reverse searing. Tonight I am going to try some Hardcore Carnivore Black that I picked up recently.


          I'm doing strip tonight. I'm DBing for a few hours. Then all I use is cousre black pepper. Doing indirect per MH's method.


          sorry no pictures. Man those Wegmans cuts are fantastic. Indirect to 115, then seared to 135. With the grilled potato. Per Meathead.
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            I went salt, and pepper with worsh yer sister sauce as a binder the other day. Topped one with avocado compound butter (ABs recipe, it's killer, give it a try) and the other with a garlic, rosemary, thyme, Gorgonzola compound butter. Both were great. Seared in a 600° black iron skillet.
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              I use Char Grill garlic peppercorn, and the Oak Ridge carne crosta. Both ridiculously good. I prob alt for the char grill more, but both are awesome.

              As far as your “burn” question goes, rubs (without sugar) will not burn when you use RADIANT heat, but can burn if you use conductive heat. So, the cold grate method works great. You know what I use? I use a charcoal chimney and freaking let it rip. Hot as can be. But, I levitate the meat over the coals with skewers (or a pitchfork device I got for roasting turkeys). I flip it every 15 seconds or so, and get an awesome CRUST on my steak. I will send you the hyperlink to my topic I posted a long time ago.


                You can read the whole thing, but my April 1, 2018 post is when I found steak sear nirvana



                  Originally posted by Troutman View Post
                  Some of the coffee rubs like Carne Crosta from Oak Ridge are made specifically for searing. The essential oils in the coffee are released by the heat. You may want to give that a try. Also nothing wrong with S&P, taste the meat !!!

                  Here's my recipe for a cocoa/coffee rub

                  1 Tbs. finely ground espresso coffee beans
                  1 Tbs. pure ancho chile powder
                  1 tsp. natural cocoa powder
                  1 tsp. granulated garlic
                  1/2 tsp. ground cumin
                  1/2 tsp. brown sugar
                  1/2 tsp. ground fennel seed
                  1/8 tsp. ground allspice
                  4 tsp. kosher salt
                  2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

                  Oakridge's Carne Crosta is really good.

                  Dizzy Pig also has one called Red Eye Express and it is quite good.

                  I forgot about a new one from Oakridge BBQ, Spogos (salt, pepper, onion, garlic, leeks, porcini mushrooms, chiles and other spices). Definitely a keeper.
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                    Pepper can be burned, especially if seared at very high heat. I am a salt early, lightly pepper to the end and touch of sea salt just before serving guy.


                      I ended up using pepper and just a touch of Not Just for Beef Rub from Adrenaline BBQ (dry brined earlier). I got the coals roaring hot and threw on some pecan more for effect than anything else. Kept flipping and took them off at 125. They came out really good.


                        I try to limit the salt in my rub for a thinner pieces of meat. Too much of a salty rub will overwhelm the taste of the meat. Fish fillets, thin NY Strip, thin-cut pork chops and such can all be diminished by over-salting. Your taste may be different, though.

                        I think Montreal is too salty even for a thicker cut. Most other grocery store rubs behave the same.

                        We like Hardcore Carnivore, both the Black and the Meat Chelada. Even my kids will eat that and they hate anything that isn't a chicken finger or boxed mac-n-cheese. Those two aren't that salty, so they works even on thin cuts.

                        My father always did garlic salt and lemon pepper, which still gets into our rotation. Just go gently on the garlic salt.

                        I've used Adam Perry Lang's Board Sauce: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/other-fun-sauce-recipes/board-sauce-recipe-adam-perry-lang. I like using a basting brush made out of fresh herb sprigs tied to a stick along with his board sauce (from APL's Charred and Scruffed). It looks great and tastes great.


                        • ScottyC13
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                          I dry brined, so the rub I added didn’t have any salt.


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