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Sous Vide Brisket Cook

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    Sous Vide Brisket Cook

    Great results with my new Anova Precision Cooker!

    About a month ago my wife bought a nice Prime brisket at Costco. Since there are only four of us, I decided to experiment with "splitting" the brisket down the middle and the separating the point and flat. I smoked that "half-point" and "half-flat" and documented that cook in another thread. At the time, I carefully wrapped the other half of the point and the other half of the flat and put them in the freezer for later cooking.

    Fast-forward then to two days ago. I just received my Anova sous vide device last week and only used it on a pork loin. It was good but not spectacular. After reading and watching several videos on cooking a brisket sous vide, I decided to give it a shot.

    Below are the steps I took and some photos of the semi-finished and finished product. Suffice to say that it was a major hit with the family. Very, very tender and flavorful with the right touch of smoke flavor.

    My steps:

    1.) Coat the brisket flat with Salt Lick rub (mostly salt and pepper)
    2.) Seal in Foodsaver bag
    3.) Set Anova Precision Cooker to 132 deg F in 28 qt faux cambro
    4.) Place bag with Brisket into faux cambro for 48 hours (final product turned out to be about 53 hours)
    5.) After cook time elapsed, cut small hole in bag and drain juice into a small pot
    6.) Set the pot to boil and then reduce juices down for gravy
    7.) Fire up 1/2 charcoal chimney
    8.) Pat down brisket and add Texas Roadhouse sirloin seasoning. Add Alder wood chips to Weber Smoky Joe with charcoal
    9.) Sear the brisket over heavy smoke for about 2 minute per side. I also flipped it 90 degrees to sear one edge for a couple minutes
    10.) Slice and Serve!


    Here is the brisket in the bag at the end of the 53 hour water bath

    Click image for larger version

Name:	5CC8F38D-6FF0-4D32-AECB-609D9E5F6786_zpsen7nnd5i.JPG
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    It was surprisingly "done-looking" on the outside. Even before searing

    Click image for larger version

Name:	79616403-08D5-4344-83AB-18CC29631537_zpsrbjsfbqe.JPG
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    Here is a view of the edge with a slice taken off (had to try a piece!)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	B612553B-8658-412B-A217-C7D329EDE8B2_zpsrevrvmsb.JPG
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    Searing on the Smoky Joe - I had it covered most of the time to absorb the smoke flavor

    Click image for larger version

Name:	0D6516F4-0E5B-4857-93A8-F5A362613895_zpsijfuj0cv.JPG
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    Post-searing, prior to slicing

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E994FCA3-3398-4688-BCDC-882F9055311A_zpsyrh1k0i1.JPG
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    And finally, sliced and ready to serve. As I mentioned, I reserved the juice from the bag and we all used that in place of any sauce. It was delectable! I was amazed at how the small amount of smoke flavor added to the meat.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	8E6311FE-19EF-4386-A4CE-1B92B37FAC53_zpsfrrppkea.JPG
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    Very interesting temp there, glad it came out great, I would be worried myself but 50+ hours must have done it.


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      Like you, I was very skeptical as all I had ever heard was that it took temperatures over 160 to melt collagen. It was the videos I watched that convinced me. I guess since the flat is generally so lean, it doesn't have much collagen TO melt and the meat can cook tender at the lower temp.

    I bet that was awesome with the reduced sauce. I think a board sauce as described by Meathead would also be great.


    • PenskeFile
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      I should have put more effort into researching the sauce. It turned out well, but I appreciate the tip on MH's sauce.

    I'm a big fan of sous vide.I've never done large cuts of meat just individual steaks, chops or pieces. The pictures you posted look awesome - they're making me hungry - I better go and cook some dinner now.... Well done mate it looks great.... Now I'm drooling .. hmmmmm


    • PenskeFile
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      Given that this was half of a brisket flat, I don't think it weighed more than three pounds - somewhere in that range +/- 0.5 pound I would say. I may not have actually needed to cook it that long since all the recipes and videos I watched were on full size flats. I'm not going to argue with the result though.

      Appreciate the compliment!

    I did a similar treatment with a 2" thick piece of chuck steak/roast. Did 48 hours at 130 followed by a quick sear over super hot coals. Could have passed for a big chunk of prime rib! Sous vide is a super interesting way to approach cooking.



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