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Smoked corn beef

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    Smoked corn beef

    So I have a friend who has been smoking corned beef for years and he aint been to forth coming with the details. Good stuff tho..and by the way Happy St. Paddies Day to yall... So in that vein I picked up some corned beef yesterday. A flat which I will do traditional with taters and cabbage. Boiled, simmered in juices, of course but I picked up a botton round tip cut corned beef as well that I want to smoke cook. I was thinking of rinsing and drying it and putting a nice coat of pepper on it sans salt and smoke cooking it...sounds good to me but has anyone ever done this? If it is corned does it mean it is more tender? Do I cook it as a normal brisket? Thanx. Andy.

    Andy, nothing wrong with trying something new! Have you perused this AR article: http://amazingribs.com/recipes/beef/...d_cabbage.html

    Also may want to check out the link to pastrami.

    I think I'd brine and add some other flavorings (coriander, crushed roasted mustard seed, for two). I hope you report back what you did, and how it is. You might make the next great find!

    Happy St. Patrick's day to all!


      Another Item I am interested in discussing with yall::: I am interested in purchasing another charcoal smoker. I currently have a 22" WSM and am totally pleased with the product that comes off this cooker but want a larger cooker to accommodate larger crowds (15-30). That being said I have researched online the Good One Marshall Gen III, Peoria Horiz Cooker, Lonestar Grillz Vertical and Lonestar fridge type cookers, Stumps gravity feed smokers, BackWoods smokers, DW Vertical with gravity feed ( I like the large charcoal compartment on the DW for charcoal versus Stumps narrower stack), Lang reverse flow and OMG so much more,,,Jambo ( wow the price tag on that is large)...the selection is mind boggling!!! but for some reason I keep going back to the Good One Marshall..I like the fact that you can grill on it and smoke cook but am concerned about the thickness of the metal in regards to holding heat and the large amount of charcoal one must use to complete a cook...If it had an insulated fire box I think it wood be a no brainer for me! I do however think that the good one is way over priced. So that being said I must tell u that I am not a "set it and forget it" guy. I love to tinker with the cook. Mother always said "if ya aint in the kitchen minding yer food ya aint cookn"!! I love food and I love putting my hands into and onto the food. Also I am a charcoal guy...Not a stick cooker. I wood appreciate yalls input whether negative or positive. Also I find it difficult to find any negative reviews on any of the above cookers that I have researched. thanku guys and gals


        Andy you have a lot on your mind. How about posting links to the AR reviews (or websites if no review) of those bad boys so folks can easily research them and give you input?


          Tough choices man. Crowds of 15-30? Go a bit bigger than you initially think. Because we both know the first crowd of 30 will be so pleased with your food that next time it will be 45. You may be better off looking at a larger cabinet style smoker, for instance the Backwoods Party line, or the Meadow Creek BX50, and simlar. Those kinds are insulated well. Since you don't want to use logs, your heat will be expensive charcoal so my advice is purchase something now that may help save your costs down the road. I don't recommend an EOS (expensive offset smoker, such as Lang or Jambo, Yoder, et al) since they'll work fine with charcoal but you'll need to remortgage your house yearly to afford to feed charcoal to them on each & every cook. Not being in your shoes to know your budgetary concerns my advice would be go with a large insulated cabinet style.



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