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Beef Short Ribs - 1st time!

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    Beef Short Ribs - 1st time!

    Hi Everyone!

    Hope the New Year's going well for all!

    So I bought some Beef Short Ribs from the "scrap yard" at Kroger, i.e., "Manager's Special". Got 12 ribs @ 5.99 / lb. They looked really good and couldn't pass up the deal - smoked 6 for #1 and myself; Foodsavered 6.

    Picked out 6 for the cooker. Salted over 12 hours and used Meathead's Big Bad Beef Rub. Be careful with "generous" on the rub - used a little bit too much. Used the Chipolte spice vs. Cayenne.


    Weber Kettle: 22.5
    2 x 2 fuse ( Kingsford ) - Full kettle
    Vortex centered - wide up
    Maverick ET 733 probes
    2 oz Oak Chips
    No water pan

    Cook took 5 hrs 35 min with avg temp mid 230's. None-the-less:delicious. Only burned about 2/3 of the fuse. Click image for larger version

Name:	Beef_Short_Ribs_020815.JPG
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    This was a great 1st cook with this meat. Many lessons learned, and I am confident that I can now plan on more Beef Ribs and Brisket. Thanks to this site!


    Look good, mine have been a little tough for the wife's taste so all for me!


    • THoey1963
      THoey1963 commented
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      If they are tough, most likely they haven't been cooked long enough. Takes me 6 - 6.5 hours to do a plate at 275*. I do not wrap. I pull when I can insert a toothpick between each bone easily.

    Did those start as a slab? I haven't found any beef ribs here yet that I would buy. Found some today on the way home - over-trimmed single ribs, almost no meat, for $9.99/lb. NOT!

    Gotta widen the search.


    • Medusa
      Medusa commented
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      I saw a few packages at Kroger the other day for 7.99 lb. These were single bone, and needed some of the fat trimmed for sure!

      I'll talk to the butcher for the next time. I'm thinking 8 bones and trimmed. I'll cut 'em down to double bone.

      It's just the 2 of us... (music, singing in background)


    I saw some mediocre single ribs in the supermarket and asked the butcher about the whole rack. He had them in the back. they were chuck not plate, but very nice. You might try asking the meat dept guy at the supermarket where they carry the cut up pieces. Just a suggestion.



      Hi All,

      The ribs were all cut to single bone, but there was a good amount of meat with very little fat. I was really impressed which is why I jumped on them. I think they were normally 8-9 / lb and these were around 5.99 or less. The one's in the freezer have maybe about an inch of meat on the bone. The one's I smoked were a tad thicker.

      I will definitely have the butcher cut & trim the next set. I'd like to have the rack cut to double bone so they sit bone-down on the grate through the whole cook. The single bone didn't stay upright through the cook, so the next time I'll run a skewer through them to keep then sitting bone-down.

      I think I'll use a water pan the next time to add some moisture. The smaller ribs were a bee-bit tough, but the thicker ones were fairly tender. Never-the-less, #1 and I ate 'em all.

      I hear you about the price - and I cringe every time I goto the meat counter. I did find a pack of flap steak ( sirloin for fajitas ) labeled as Boston Butt for $3.49 / lb



        Here are some timing stats from Meathead's Cooking Log ( use a log, you won't regret it - I know what / what not to do for a BNLS Pork Loin from a cook back in November )
        22 minutes to light 8 coals in the chimney

        2 minutes to get the coals, grate, probes in place and Cover ON

        42 minutes to hit 226 ( target was 225 )

        21 minutes to hit 278 (when I was ready to pop the Cover and put the wood / meat ON.

        Total of 1 hr 27 minutes before starting the Cook.

        5 hr 35 minutes cook time ( to hit 203 in the thickest rib ). The kettle temp dropped to 142 while I was getting everything in place. It took 12 minutes to come back up to 225.

        It would have taken longer to cook if I'd kept it right at 225. Occasionally, I'd let it run hot before adjustments. I let it run in the 240's for the last few degrees of IT as it was getting to be time to eat! Next time, I'll try a water pan inside the Vortex.

        So, I can tell # 1 that it will take 7-8 hours before dinner is ready. No Couch Tonite!



          I found that cooking the whole plate is easier than individual bones. If they sell short ribs, ask for the whole "Beef Short Rib Plate". Should be a hunk of bones about 8" X 8" X 2". Might be cheaper per pound as they don't have to cut it. I remove the bottom membrane just like my pork ribs. On beef, it is really thick. I do a basic SPOG seasoning and will sometimes add W sauce.

          I cook at 275* (where my WSM likes to run) and they take 6 to 6.5 hours. I do not wrap. I pull them when a toothpick can be pushed easily through the meat between the bones. Check between each bone. Had one plate that the first two ribs were very tender, the third, not so much, and the fourth was down right tough.



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