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Meatloaf, #1

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    Meatloaf, #1

    Hi Folks,
    I would like to share with you my first attempt at meatloaf. I was really surprised how much tasty it is and for sure I will reply.
    This is my cook.

    I bought some ground beef with enough fat inside. Then I added 2 italian sausages because I forgot to buy some ground pork meat.

    IMG_0801 di BBQness, su Flickr

    Then I pureed some veggies

    IMG_0792 di BBQness, su Flickr

    and added them to ground meat plus 1 egg, some breadcrumbs, some salt and pepper to taste.

    IMG_0802 di BBQness, su Flickr

    IMG_0810 di BBQness, su Flickr

    I fit all in a pan, added some dry rub and put in the 26 OTG for indirect cooking at very low and slow T round 200F. I added some mesquite and hickory chips for smoke, but ended oversmoked.

    IMG_0826 di BBQness, su Flickr

    5 hours later it was like this

    IMG_0833 di BBQness, su Flickr

    and sliced....

    IMG_0836 di BBQness, su Flickr

    IMG_0838 di BBQness, su Flickr

    IMG_0841 di BBQness, su Flickr

    I really loved the taste and the moistness of this piece of meat. As I said before it was over smoked but still good.
    Bark was good. tenderness ok. I stopped cooking at 161 F IT.

    If you like this is the slideshow on youtube http://youtu.be/5b90iZFahLc?list=UU5...dcSBWPQKZhMVrg

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    This looks really good. My wife makes something really similar to the meatloaf you made except instead of the rub she tops hers with spaghetti or marinara sauce(I honestly can't remember which right now) and bakes in mozzarella cheese in the center.

    And of course hers is baked in a pan in the oven not on the smoker



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