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First Brisket on the Weber with the Smokinator

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    First Brisket on the Weber with the Smokinator

    So I did my first brisket on my Performer yesterday. It turned out looking good, but the flat was a little dry in the end. It never really stalled (except I couldn't get it to push past 198), so I never wrapped it, which might have been the issue. I did inject it - about an ounce per pound. I also usually cooked them on my gas GOSM at higher temps, but I may have to drop back down over charcoal.

    8.3 lb whole packer with dalmatian rub

    Click image for larger version

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    Cooked mostly between 240-260 (even when I added 18 chicken wings above it on the Hovergrill). After the wings I left it at about 280 for a couple of hour, then just let the kettle cool off slowly down to 230 while the internal tempo went from 181 to 198. Took it off after stabilizing at 198 after about 7 total hours.

    Click image for larger version

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    Wrapped the pan and into faux cambro. When I re-insert the probe I hit a 201 spot. Sat in the cooler for 3 hours, where it fell to 154. Put it into a 170 oven for the last hour until dinner.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    So, as I said, a bit dry, but still tasty. Will probably be better when re-heated. Next time, I think I'll stick to 225 and wrap at 170. Maybe with butcher paper. I really like the bark, but moist is more important.

    No surprise to have a dry flat. I've had moist flats on the offset when reheated that were wrapped at about 194 internal. That was the point at which I had the bark I wanted.....


      Looks pretty good to me. Did you use any wrapping liquid? My guess is that you didn't wrap in a towel to put in the cooler, when I do that mine will be around 180 after 2 hours.


        @JB, my last packer in the GOSM was dry in the flat also, but it was a 12 1/2 pounder, the point was way thicker than the flat, and I had the probe in the point. This time, as you can see, the thicknesses are much closer and I probed the flat. I think it will just take some adjustment on the kettle, which seems drier to me than gas did. Will definitely have to wrap at some point (no pun intended) and see if that keeps some moisture in.

        @John, I've never used any wrapping liquid before, but I've always wrapped at 170ish before. This time, I took it off the grill naked, into an aluminum roast pan, covered it in foil, towel on the bottom of the cooler, brisket, towel on top of that. I've used other things to insulate with before but they've taken on a permanent brisket smell (reminder to me: get some cheap white towels that can be bleached). The cooler's a bit funny - no-latch design, didn't even realize when I bought it. And I'm sure the probe mucks with the seal a bit. Still I've had better rests than this. Someone needs to make a wireless probe that transmits directly to the device... By the way, I'm pulling for your Chiefs to shut out the Pats tonight and knock Ridley out of the game on his first series.

        Chopped brisket, even with a no-carb BBQ sauce, nuked for 90 seconds, provided a nice tender & moist lunch


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          Looks like we almost got the blowout. I had to stay home with sick kids, my brother in law went for me and is rubbing it in.

          I use some water just for something for it to suck up. If you have a Sam's Club nearby you can get a pack of white towels for a couple bucks, just saw some this weekend. I use a big fluffy bath towel and it does indeed smell like smoke, but just enough. I should use it as my bath towel, gotta be better than most of those colognes.

        Yeh Burn, I've cooked a lot of briskets whereby the flat and and point were combined, and passed thru a 12mm grinder plate for some mack daddy chopped brisket sammiches.

        Even the junkiest Select do awesome!


          Nice! Keep em cookin!

          Jrod, how many briskets have you cooked? #thousandsIamsure



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