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Wagyu Tri Tip and Tomahawk Rib Eye

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    Wagyu Tri Tip and Tomahawk Rib Eye

    I am fortunate enough to have a good friend with the ability to get meats at wholesale cost, which means I get to play around with some of the best cuts at insanely good prices.

    I cooked a Snake River Farms American Wagyu Tri Tip for a group of friends this weekend. I asked for some tips from my Slap Yo Daddy BBQ class alumni and instructors and got some good pointers! Donna Fong was especially helpful!

    It was already defatted but I trimmed the fat and silver skin even more to get a more consistent bark (figuring that the marbling of the Wagyu throughout would have plenty of fat). Applied a very light base coat of SYD all purpose rub that I made at home and then added 2 Salts, cracked peppercorns, and granulated garlic. Cooked on WSM @250-275 with a couple of chunks of red oak for about 30-40 minutes. When internal temp reached 115, I moved it over to the kettle over direct heat and finished to 125- it was amazing! The final pictures aren't as clear because I had a house full of guests and we were rushing to eat!

    Day 2- I was also lucky enough to get a few 32 oz Tomahawk Ribeyes, so wanted to give it a shot on those using some pointers from this site and others. Started by adding a couple of salts and very light amount of pepper a couple hours. Left in the fridge and heated up WSM to 250 with 1 chunk of read oak. Tried the "fuse" method on the charcoal since i didn't need to have everthing heated for long and it worked very well. I usually use Harry Soo's method but for smaller cooks i feel like it uses more charcoal to make Soo's donut, in addition to hot coals and wood chunks. Left on for approx 45 mins focusing more on the temperature- at 115 it came off and I added some of my homemade "beef love" which I made by rendering the fat from the trimmings of the Wagyu tri tip from the night before and adding my Salt and Pepper mix with a few more cracked peppercorns.

    Had a bit of a flare up when doing the direct method because I just have the standard weber grate and the coals were very close to the meat. Caused it to be a little more medium than medium rare but over all it was insanely good!

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice cooks...😎

    It's great you have a path to high quality meat at low prices.👍


      Yum! Nice job


        Looks great!


          Where is that "Ultimate Jealousy" emoticon???
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            Those look ridiculous


              Haven't you heard about the recent report that red meat is bad for you. Please give your friend my number, so he can send that terrible red meat my way since you are going to have to stop eating it. Great looking cooks!


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                Haha thanks! yes i heard that i just didn't listen in one ear and out the other


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