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Overnight brisket cook on my Grilla OG question

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    Overnight brisket cook on my Grilla OG question

    Looking to cook my first brisket on my Grilla OG.

    Been doing some research and it seems people say they get more smoke flavor from a pellet smoker cooking at a lower temperature.

    When I get my next brisket I’m thinking of putting it on around 9 or 10 PM at 200 degrees and letting it roll all night until the next morning at around 7 or 8 AM when I wake up to check it. If the bark is nice I’ll wrap with butcher paper and bump up the temperature to 250 degrees and go until probe tender. If the bark is lacking I’m thinking I’ll still bump it up to 250 then wrap when I’m happy with the bark.

    Will smoking it overnight at the lower temperature give me a greater smoke flavor on the brisket or will it not make a difference. Will smoking it at 200 mess up the brisket some how?

    Any pellet smoker first hand knowledge on this would be greatly appreciate.


    Watching with high interest! I have a full packer ready to go on the Recteq about 9:00 PM tonight.


      I never detected any difference other than more prominent smoke rings.


        Lower temps will give you more smoke. I have not noticed a big change in the flavor. If you want more smoke from a pellet cooker, I would recommend a smoke tube. For me the flavor is just fine the way it is, but I am probably a minority.


          Traeger with supper smoke works for me.
          you got the right idea. Over nighter.


            If you want the most smoke, use whichever setting is NOT the one that keeps your OG as close to whatever temp you set it at as possible. I get lots of smoke from my OG when I'm cooking hot and fast at 350 BUT, my OG is an original OG, with a dial controller that keep the temp within 30 or 40 degrees, more or less, of where I set it. Mine is from the days when Grilla was telling people to "trust the swing" because the swing, when the cooker letting the pellets sit there and smolder that you get smoke. When they are actively burning, they don't create as much smoke.
            I'm on my soapbox now, since this is an OG themed thread. Grilla came out with the OG, they told people to trust the swing, and the design of the cooker provided some really nice smoke to the meat. The OG also had a very unique design, and some people loved it. But everyone else had a design that looked like a barrel cut in half (kind of) that looked "bigger" so Grilla came out with the Silverback so people could buy a pellet burner that looked like everyone else's (why people would want that is a mystery to me). But they kept telling people to trust the swing. But everyone else had fancy controllers that kept the temp as close to the set temp as possible. So Grilla finally gave in, and gave the people what they wanted. (because everybody knows that if your meat isn't kept to EXACTLY the set temp it will be ruined!!!!) Yeah, check out the swings in your kitchen oven some time. Except what the people wanted produces less smoke, because it's that swing that produces smoke. So now of course people who have bought a pellet smoker complain that it doesn't produce enough smoke, because of course someone who never used a pellet smoker before is an expert on what produces the best result. So now they have to add smoke tubes and other stuff to get the smoke they want.

            OK, off my soapbox, now to give my response to the actual question. If you're still reading.

            Don't use the PID setting on your controller. I don't know if that's 1 or 2, I don't have one. Set it for 200 to 225, as far as I'm concerned, anywhere in there will work fine. The other thing that will make the most difference is what you are burning. To some extent, I think some people worry way to much over whether they should use cherry or apple pellets. My palates not that discerning, it's wood, it makes smoke. If you want a hot fire, that's different, some pellets will burn hotter. I just use either Lumberjack or Bear Mountain, usually Competition Blend, because that's what my son sells, and he lets me know when they are on sale so I can stock up. Let it go low and slow overnight, and in the morning you can see where it's at. You can either wrap and bump it up to 300 and even 350. Or wrap it and stick it in a cooler if it's done.

            Actually, in my OG, I've done hot and fast, and low and slow, and again, I may not have the palate some guys claim to have, but there's never much left by the time my guests are done eating. Fed 22 pounds of pulled pork and brisket to 18 of my family a month ago, and some of them are close to vegetarians. We had a little more pork left, but about a pound of brisket. I put that those on at 7 in the morning, and we ate at 6 that evening.

            Well, this went way longer than I planned. Can anyone tell I'm a preacher?


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              Apparently Lyle Lovett has been to one of your services.

              I remember an interview with CandySueQ and a few others. She mentioned that in her opinion, pooper manufactures were shooting themselves in the foot with PID temp control.
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            • Bogy
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              willxfmr, he must indeed have been at one of my services. "Listen to what the preacher said, It's time for dinner, lets go eat." When I was talking with the search committee for the churches I'm serving now, I told them my hobby was smoking meat, and I loved to share what I made. That sealed the deal.

            • Clark
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              Bogy Amen!

            Sounds like you have a solid plan. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

            I'm a huge fan of smoke tubes filled with wood chips instead of pellets. You just need to cram half a piece of charcoal in first to help the chips get going early on. With some practice, you can hit the smoke profile you like no matter what temp you run the pooper, or how closely it holds temps.
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              Your plan sounds good to me. Other ways to add smoke include the smoke tube, the Heavy D attachment or charcoal pellets.
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                Now if you really have your heart set on something to make smoke, I have one of these. I also have a Blaz'n Grid Iron for my bigger cooks, and I occasionally use it with that. It has a PID controller, but it was made in the U.S. so I compromised. This thing will last at least as long as your smoker.




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