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Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers

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    Brooklyn Burger Steakhouse Burgers

    Has anyone tried these? I saw them today in Publix and noticed they are made of chuck, brisket, and short ribs. Of couse, they don't give percentages, but at $5/lb I'm a little leary.

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    So, what? Like, Ten Simoleans fer 6 terd pound patties made o chuck, brisket, an short rib????

    Fuhgettabout it, I'd buy em an try em...Funk Yeah, I would, at least once...If'n dey blows chow, PM me, an I'll PayPal ya an apology, Brother!

    Buck Sixty Seven a burger, fer 1/3 pound? Go out an eat one...lmk how dat costs

    Grind yer own? (An I frequently do) factour in th meat, trim time, grind time spent, grinder, attachments, tell me th cost per patty...

    Here, we'uns has, (as might ya well there), Dillons (Kroger) sells https://www.dillons.com/search?query...ulfillment=all, in various blends purty much everyday msrp is $8.99 a box, iirc one blend hangs at $9.99-$13.99...(Looks like th brisky blend is up to $13.99, irl, so I'd say try em

    Sales occur, often $6.99-even $5.99 a box...then's when I fill up my deep freeze!

    Why? On accounta they're cheaper, easier, faster, without th cleanup, an jus as dang dang savoury as any burger I can make my dang danged self...

    HV has a very similar lineup, most likely packaged an rebranded by th very same folks, what do Dillons, an yer own local Grocery...
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      I'm with Bonesy. I'd try it. I mean, I could go buy a Costco prime brisket and grind it down and it would cost me under $5/lb so I'd believe that it's mostly brisket and chuck with some short rib given that they're not paying retail prices for the meat.


        As an aside, both out here on th Windswept Prairies, an way on yonder, back up clean into in th Rollin Hills of Muhzurrah, from whence I come forth, we'uns certainly hold Great Stock, in zackly how th hail dey does things, all up dere in Brooklyn,NY LOL



          We also need to consider the source and conditions of cattle. Feedlot raised cattle with plenty of antibiotics most likely.


          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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            Possibly, but verification would be necessary to validate, an verify such any counter-claim(s).

            An, even if so, only makes it same same as regular, plain ol Commodity Beef, but ground from specified cuts, yes???

          Our local stores carry BubbaBurgers and they are really good all chuck hamburger patties. https://bubbafoods.com We don’t bother grinding our own any more.


          • RonB
            RonB commented
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            They are available here too, but my wife did not like them when we tried them.

          • Donw
            Donw commented
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            All are 80/20 chuck. Maybe she would like the Angus or Wagyu ones?

          Buncha premade/frozen so called....chain burgers....available around here too, tried a few once or twice and that was it.
          So much fat in some damn near burned the BBQ to the ground.
          Kind hard to swallow a frozen burger from a place that brags about how fresh they're burgers are when cooked in front of you.
          Never ever tasted the same as the fresh made.
          My wife has decreed only fresh homemade patties around here from now on.



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