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Left-handed Brisket?

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    Left-handed Brisket?

    One of the best things I love about AR web site is all the information available under the table of contents to us readers. One article I found interesting under the brisket section was called "Left handed brisket".

    A women by the name of Ole Connie Baker from the team "Li'l Pit Of Heaven" said the left side brisket of the cow is more tender than the right. Why you ask?

    When a cow lays down, the majority of the time it's on the left side. When a cow gets up it will push up with the right legs and it flexes the right brisket muscle more than the left. Therefore the right-handed brisket will be tougher and less marbled than the left.

    She also said you can tell a left brisket from the right in a store. With the flat side down, on a left-handed brisket, with the narrow part closest to you, the point will curve to the right.

    My question to all you brisket smokers out there. Is there a very small, small, small chance for this to be true? what do you think?
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    airforcekixbutt .

    I think it was meant as humor.😎

    Try telling your local butcher you want a left handed brisket and see what kind of response you get.

    You might want to run that past our resident Briskethead first though. That would be Jerod Broussard. He knows ALL there is to know about briskets!


      What about left-hoofed cows? I'm not poo-pooing the entire concept though. It makes sense that using one muscle more than the other makes it tougher. However, with cooking methods, even the toughest brisket will give it up.


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        Breadhead commented
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        😎... I guess it could be true.

      Well... I always sleep on my left side, but my brisket seems OK... one nostril is bigger around than the other though - Too Much Info???


        Briskets want 2 things.

        1. They want to get dark and get bark
        2. They want to get tender

        No brisket is impossible, but because they are so unpredictable, people think it is that way.



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