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Is this brisket bad??? Pics inside...

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    Is this brisket bad??? Pics inside...

    Ok, so I've got a Costco Prime brisket I've been 'wet aging' in my small drink fridge at work. Packing date is 03/09/21 - well, sorry, "Sell By" date is 03/09/21. I'm assuming packing date (which is blank) is a week or two before that.

    According to my calculations, that means this has been wet again for somewhere likely around 87 days - allowing packing date to be 2 weeks before the date above.

    Now, I've done this before, most notably I did a briskie for Christmas Eve a few years back that was probably right around that 87 day mark. It had a slight funk when I pulled it out of the cryovac package, just kind of a really RICH meaty smell. Rinsed it off and it was perfect, turned into a great Christmas brisket.

    But this one has me a little concerned.... there's a spot on the fatcap on the thin end of the flat that almost looks like.... well, almost like mildew inside the bag. It's definitely still sealed, no question, I've moved it all around and there's not a leak anywhere, but...well, look at the pics and you tell me what you think.

    So this isn't just congealed blood, it doesn't look like that at all. It actually looks like... well... mildew.

    I haven't opened it yet, I'll do that tomorrow and see how it smells, and looks up close, but I'm a little worried.

    I’ve never heard of anyone wet aging a brisket that long. Most everyone here I’ve seen, does just a few weeks of wet aging, 4 weeks tops. Also, what temps was it kept at? I’d be concerned eating it myself. I think Jerod Broussard could help you with this one.
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      This might sound dumb, but since you already have experience in this matter, what about slicin that piece off? I f it smells decent I would think the meat as a whole will be OK.


        Go ahead and cook it. Then let your MIL taste it. If she survives, it's probably OK.

        Other than that, I can't help ya.


          I think if there is something on that piece... it's fat cap anyways, I'm gonna be removing that top layer anyhow...

          But I'm concerned any spores or contaminant would have been carried around the rest of the bag by the liquid.

          As for temps, I don't know exactly, it was in my minifridge at work which gets opened several times daily to get drinks out and such, but it's always cold. Never tested the temp, but it definitely keeps my Diet Mt. Dew really cold. Not 'sorta cold' by any means.


            Your nose knows. If it is bad, unless you have the covid and cant smell things, then yea. Also if it is too slimy that isnt good. Again, you will know. There is normal slimy and "oh my god, what happened to this".

            But if in doubt, throw it out. Sucks to have to do that, but if you have lingering doubts that you cannot shake you will not enjoy the cooked results anyway.


              That is fine. They use some kind of special tool to cut them, and it produces marks like that. Cut it off and it will be okay.


                Better safe than sorry IMO. If you are asking you most likely know the answer. That being said, I have probably wasted some meat in my life that would have been just fine


                  I can't speak to Costco's policies, but for what its worth, Restaurant Depot marks their brisket sell by date 45 days after the pack date.

                  I guess I agree with the nose test, but if I was going to worry about it instead of enjoying it, I'd throw it out.


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                    I've seen other Costco meat in the past when they were both marked (packed and sell by) and they were just a couple weeks apart.

                  A slight funk ain't nothin'. I had a couple like that I just served. Trim off any obvious discolorations. Of the 151 pounds I had to trim this week, a 10lber got tossed. That dude about put me on my knees with one slice of the knife into the bag.


                    When in doubt, through it out. I hope it is not COVID-19 or that black fungus out breaking in India.
                    I would think if cooked to 200*F+ is should kill all the nasties.


                      I ended up as sick as a dog not long ago. When I finally got to the 2 briskets I had wet aging they were at least 80 days in the garage fridge. One was obviously bad, it had started to inflate the cryo pack. The other didn't even smell funny. It cooked up just fine. I think with your skill set, being a physician, you can look at yours and decide what to do.


                        I got it out and trimmed it yesterday morning, had the usual "aged" funk when I opened it, rinsed it off good, trimmed it up and it was fine. I have no concerns.

                        It's 0400hrs and my Fireboard alarm alerted me we had hit 165, by the time I got up, got my butcher paper laid out and got it wrapped and back on the smoker, my second alarm at 170 went off... now to see if I can relax and get another couple hours' sleep before my 200 alarm goes off.



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