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Finishing the Brisket

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    Finishing the Brisket

    So after wrapping and when the brisket finally reaches 203 and is ready for the resting phase, I've read two ways of resting:
    1. Leave wrapped
    2. Unwrap and release steam, then quickly rewrap

    I'd like to know pro's cons of each approach and what the favored approach is.

    Also, does anyone roll the hunk on the grill at the end to crisp up the bark?

    MH says leave wrapped in his technique. From the article on Texas Brisket:

    When the temp hits 200 to 205°F, get your plastic beer cooler, line it with a towel, blanket, or crumpled newspaper and put the meat, still in foil, into the cooler on top of the lining. Leave the thermometer probe in. If the foil is leaking fluids, put the meat in a large pan first. The lining is important to prevent the plastic from warping or cracking. Close the lid and let the hot meat sit in the cooler for at least 2 to 3 hours until you are ready to eat. If you have a tight cooler it should hold the meat well above 160°F for hours.

    I have put butts back on the grill to firm up butts if I have wrapped them


      I use a hybrid method with good success- crutching to about 190F, unwrapping up to 203F and then wrapping in foil, then towels, then into the cooler.

      The point for me (no pun intended, given the subject... god I love point) is that between the crutch and the cooler, I widen the timeframe I work with when it comes to brisket. Sure, brisket's "done when it's done", but that doesn't always work when there's mouths to feed and/or you're bringing briskets on the go. Whenever time is any kind of factor: crutch and cooler.


        As matt alluded to, there is more than one way to do this right.

        I have unwrapped, let cool down to 150. Re-wrap, put in the freezer until cool to the touch. Then transfer to the fridge until they get reheated in the same foil at 250 for 3.5-4 hours to attain an internal temp in the 160's. That has resulted in JUICY brisket flat.


        • fzxdoc
          fzxdoc commented
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          This is a great tip, Jerod. Thanks. I made two briskets a couple of days back. We ate the first one right away and I used this method on the second one. We had it last night and it was perfect. You continue to make me a better cook.


        • Jerod Broussard
          Jerod Broussard commented
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          No prob. When cooking 11 briskets for 300, and you can only fit 5 in your Pit, someone has to enjoy the reheating process.

        Big Jim...Your question about putting the hunk of meat back on the grill to firm up the bark after the resting period, well I have a great experience with this.

        I cook on an XL Big Green Egg. I finished the meat let it rest and 30min before serving put over direct flame on the Egg to firm up the bark. Well.............I put the meat closed the lid and waited a few minutes, when I opened the lid the rush of oxygen ignited that fire from the fat drippings and I had a 4ft flame over top of my smoker and almost caught the umbrella on fire. The worst part, I couldn't get to the meat because of the flame and couldn't close the lid either to extinguish the flame. So you can imagine after 24 hrs of preparation and cooking my brisket was almost lost. The bark firmed up REALLY good, but had to cut away the burnt (maybe could have past for very burnt ends) part from the flat. The point was saved because of the fat cap and was face up. So since then I have forgone the firming up process of the bark. If I was to do again, I would probably do on the gas grill or keep the grill as indirect and not put over direct fire. Also I leave the meat on longer before wrapping to get a better bark, so I have been wrapping more on visual them temp.
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          Good way to lose your hair and eyebrows! Got to watch that with the Egg.



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