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Sous Vide Corned beef- Is it salty?

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    Sous Vide Corned beef- Is it salty?

    I nabbed a CB about 2 weeks ago for an air fryer experiment. I've done them on the pellet grill and found them to be super salty. This one I soaked for 2 days and it still was super salty-

    Has anyone done a CB sous vide? Do you think it still would be extremely salty? Is there anything other than soaking that could keep the salt lick with the deer and off of my plate?


    allsid I’ve smoked several corned beef brisket, and usually desalinated overnight in water, then smoked until the stall, then finished the cook by braising with veggies (cabbage, etc) in my Lodge dutch oven, with no seasoning or salt. Everything tasted good, and I think the braising liquid helped pull more salt out and distributed it into the potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, etc.

    Did you consider changing the water several times during the desalination process? That might help pull more out.


      Definitely need to desalinate with a few changes of water overnight or longer.

      I’ve done many QVQ and it’s fine but the desalinating step is critical


        I've gotta say that SV can't make a difference in the saltiness of the meat--there's no place for the salt to go inside the SV bag, except into the purge, which makes the purge in effect a brining liquid. I agree with the others: desalinate with multiple changes of water prior to SV.


        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          +1 he's spot on

        I don’t SV, but I can understand why people do it. But why SV corned beef? Your cooking it till it’s tender, not to a desired temp. What am I missing?


        • Polarbear777
          Polarbear777 commented
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          SV cooking is about cooking to tenderness if your time exceeds the time required to just get it to the final temperature.

          A brisket will be tender in 135F SV after 72 hours.

        I have sv’d my corned beef for many years now and I always desalinate over night with a few water changes. I agree with others than sv by itself doesn’t affect the saltiness.


          allsid I thought you were going to show us how to cook corned beef brisket on our griddles... maybe as an addendum I can print and tape into the last page of your griddle cookbook...


            I have three corned beef briskets desalinating right now.



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