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Spur of the moment Pork sauce

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    Spur of the moment Pork sauce

    I had to come up with something to throw in the wrap with some country ribs today and this is what I came up with for a small batch. All measurements are approximate.

    1/8 cup apple cider
    1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
    3tbsp ketchup (Heinz if it matters)
    2tbsp apple jelly
    2tbsp molasses (maybe 3)
    1tsp cinnamon
    1tsp garlic powder
    1tsp chipotle pepper

    I put everything in a pan and let it simmer til it thickened up a bit. I then spread it liberally on the meat before wrapping.

    I could have used a bit more vinegar and less apple cider, and could have used a bit more heat in it. It had a distinct apple flavor (which I wanted) but it was not overpowering. Texture turned out pretty good. Could possibly add some salt, but keep in mind how much salt is in the dry-brine if you are sodium sensitive.

    This was obviously a small batch with nothing left over. The measurements are my best guess since I usually go by seat-of-my-pants whenever I do something like this, but should give a starting point if you want to play with it.


    If you say it needs more vinegar, what do you think about 1/4C apple cider vinegar, and a couple Tbsp of apple cider? Also I would probably add 1tsp black pepper, since in these types of recipes good ol' plain jane black pepper packs quite a wallop of spiciness.


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      That might work. I tend to shy away from black pepper in sauces for texture reasons and make up for it with chipotle, cayenne or even tabasco sauce. Was just a tad too sweet maybe, so drop down to 1tbsp of molasses, too.

    For texture and or appearance issues, I substitute fine ground white pepper for the black. Similar flavor & temp profile


      I've heard of white pepper, JB is a big white pepper user. I might need to pick some up. I really like black though so never have found the need to experiment. People taste my BBQ sauce and always say things like "Wow there's a little kick to it, you use a little cayenne in there?" When I tell them no, just 2 tsp black pepper, they're always have this perplexed look and out comes "Wow, I didn't realize pepper could be so spicy."



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