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    KC Classic

    With the batch I made last week its almost gone. I did 1 cup with a teaspoon of Chipotle and it was awesome, for me, not the wife .

    I added tamarind concentrate to some today, will check in a couple days if there is any left after today's picnics come off and we do pulled pork sandwiches tonight.

    I have a qt of boiled cider. Has any one used this in sauce before? I think in small amounts it may be an awesome layer. I bought it at King Arthur if you want to see it.

    Going to make some fresh rolls I think for the pulled pork tonight.

    gardenfish ... "Going to make some fresh rolls I think for the pulled pork tonight."

    Nice to see another breadhead on AR.😎


    • gardenfish
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      Thanks, I love to make bread. Every time I find a good roll somewhere that is chewy and will hold up to sauce and meats the baker leaves. I have been working on a roll for a year and a half now. I have a recipe I think I keep a while. Done about 40 trials with it and like where it is now.

      Have you tried the Tangzhong Dough method? It is pretty awesome. I have used it in my roll recipe and I like it a lot.

    • Breadhead
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      gardenfish ...

      I'm familiar with the tangzhong method. It's a heated preferment used to make Japanese milk bread from what I understand. I've not tried it yet...😎

      I use 2 different recipes for buns, rolls and sandwich bread.

      1 being the Brioche buns that requires bread flour and delayed fermentation. This is the one I prefer.
      2 being a faux brioche type bun that you can make in 4 hours or less. This one I use all purpose flour and intentionally retard the gluten development. Visually they look exactly the same. This one is softer and fluffier.

      The brioche recipe is really cool because you can use the same exact dough to make really good donuts too.
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