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MCS strikes again!

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    MCS strikes again!

    Since we’ve finished up pouring the concrete patio that has since been named “Grill Island” by SWMBO, I’ve been casually looking for an offset or something “different” to cook on and really complete the feng shui. It looks like my FB marketplace stalking has finally paid off, as this beautiful thing followed me home today! Now time to figure out what all it can do. I think tonight’s gonna be steak night though!
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    Wow. One of my dream grills right there. Congrats and have fun!


      It looks Santa Maria like. No Tritip?


        Nice!! They were high on my list when I was researching EO's


          What, got a new truck?


            Sometimes when you buy a new pick up they throw in a new BBQ.
            Guess there you buy a BBQ they throw in a new pick up.
            Nice rig(s) look forward to your cooks on that baby.


              Thanks all! I’m still somewhat in disbelief that 1. Someone sold one, 2. They didn’t want an arm and a leg for it.

              I do have a tri tip in the freezer too, but want to try out cooking over wood a few times before I get too cocky.

              It does need some TLC, I just finished up sanding down and oiling the handles. There’s a few spots of rust, especially around the firebox/the support frame. I’m assuming I can use a flapper disc to get that rust down, treat it with naval jelly and then re-coat with high temp paint? Does the rest of the paint need reseasoned every once in a while?


                New Truck, new cooker, new patio, and a new driveway!


                • HawkerXP
                  HawkerXP commented
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                  Oh! Forgot! High water pressure! LoL!

                Great score. Congrats!


                  Real nice, looking good, I want one.
                  I need a vaccine for MCS, I understand the is no cure.
                  Happy Grilling to you, Long Live BBQ.


                    Good looking cooker, brother! I’m fighting with myself currently because of MCS. There is a Weber Performer with SnS and spin grate for sale on CL for $200 in Danville. From the pictures, it doesn’t look like there has ever been a fire in it. I’m just not certain I can come up with the cash, but lord knows I want it REALLY bad!!!!


                    • USMCCrashCrew89
                      USMCCrashCrew89 commented
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                      Is it bad that I know the one you are talking about? LOL I think he is a little high on it, but it is super clean versus most of the ones that come up around here that look like gunked up grease traps.



                      Nice Score!!!


                      • GolfGeezer
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                        glitchy Says the man that is the poster boy for "breakthrough recurrence" of fully vaccinated MCS cases!

                      Sweet looking unit. Couldn’t find any used units in Alaska - ordering new!


                        Engelbrecht Braten 1000 for the win! It’s on my short list of next grill choices. Looking forward to seeing you cook on it!



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