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Lemon/Herb Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

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    Lemon/Herb Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

    A simple, delicious roasted chicken recipe that probably most of us have. You can do this in the oven or indirect on your BBQ. I like to do it on my PK because I use a little bit of wood to give it a kiss of smoke. I also tried this in an iron skillet after seeing a video on the PK website.

    I spatchcock the chicken, but also remove the ribs and breast bone (a technique I learned on AmazingRibs). This way I can simply cut slices of breast meat, rather than having to cut the breast into serving portions. You can easily give both light and dark meat to your dinner guests.

    1. 3-5 lb. whole chicken. I usually use organic chicken.
    2. Spatchcock chicken, remove ribs and breast bone. Dry brine bird with kosher salt for at least 3 hours in the frig.
    3. Prepare Grill for 2 zone cooking or use your oven. Desired temp between 325-375 d.
    4. Rub chicken with EVOO, freshly ground black pepper and season using your favorite non-salt rub. I used Amazing Ribs Simon & Garfunkel rub.
    5. In skillet, add a little EVOO, sliced lemons, cloves of garlic and fresh herbs. I used thyme, rosemary and sage.
    6. Place seasoned bird on top of lemon/herb medley, skin side up.
    7. I used a pecan split as my charcoal fence to add a hint of smoke to the cook.
    8. Again, desired cooking temp is 325-375 d. Place skillet with bird on opposite side of fire, close and monitor.
    9. Every 15-20 min baste chicken with pan drippings.
    10. Cook to desired internal temp. I removed it from the PK when thigh temp was 170d and the breast was 175d. The bird in the picture was 4.9 lbs and took 2 hours to cook.
    1. 3-4 depending on size of bird and who ya feeding (Tiny Tim or Godzilla)
    1. Moist, juicy meat with slightly crispy skin. Great lemon/garlic/herb flavor. Sorry, forgot to take finished pics.
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    Last edited by TripleB; January 18, 2021, 03:03 PM.

    I could put a "hurtin" on that barnyard strutter. Nice looking cook on the PK.


      That "does" look good!


        Wow, looks great. Thank you for the write up and sharing.




            Looks awesome.
            Can you find and share the link for removing the ribs and breast bones?


            Spatchcock is the only way I cook chicken or turkey after reading an AR article 4-5 years ago. I like the idea of fresh herbs and citrus in the cast iron skillet. Gonna have to try that next time!


              Your PK is a perfect shape for that cook. The bird looks so delicious. Nice job!



                Ever since the Doc ☝posted the link I also remove the breast bones (deboning the whole bird is just to much of a mission). As you mention it is so much easier for serving. Like your style on the bird it looks so good. Great job all round Sir.


                  Whoa, what the heck happened?!? I log on about once a month to get the spatchcock recipe and found this thread. I never gave it a thought to derib because I have never have had a failed cook yet. Maybe next time. Okay, off to the Yoder 640. I can hardly wait for the goodness to come. Thanks for the thread.
                  Last edited by Smokin' Hole; February 16, 2021, 03:38 PM.


                    I like your setup with the log there. Did you put a full chimney's worth of lit charcoal in? What were your vent settings and what temp did it run at?

                    The cook looks delish I was thinking about doing a spatchcocked chicken on my PK this past weekend


                    • TripleB
                      TripleB commented
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                      About 3/4 chimney of charcoal. Vent settings were wide open on top and bottom. The temp was around 325 d. I don't think I'll do the wood split again. It did add some smokiness, but I found it did not really compliment the lemon/herb flavor. The bird did come out very moist.

                    Last edited by RDSBandit; September 10, 2021, 03:27 AM.


                    • RonB
                      RonB commented
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                      . . .

                    This turned out fantastic. Flavors were great. Meat was so flavorful.
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                      You done Good, as a Griller should.


                      • Troutman
                        Troutman commented
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                        Except he forgot the PBR, that's why I can't give him a star !!!

                      • bbqLuv
                        bbqLuv commented
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                        How Bazaar to forget the PBR, and the emotional scar after coming so far.

                      • MBMorgan
                        MBMorgan commented
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                        Har har har?

                      Any body using a Blackstone Griddle?


                      • alec coxe
                        alec coxe commented
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                        yes,it took me two days to clean it ;and I tried everything .I was making a fried rice dish and the oil just stuck to the griddle ..I toweled ,then scraped ,then sos pads ;also tried to burn greese off ..Not fun


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