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Ha Had Haddock

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    Ha Had Haddock

    smokin fool the following recipe contains ingredients that may be harmful to your psyche. You have been warned.
    Inspired to post recipe by 58limited and think you'll enjoy it.

    A dish SWMBO makes on a regular basis and is much enjoyed by all. Fortunately we get smoked haddock at most stores.
    Recipe makes a fairly large quantity. The wife bakes it in two dishes when we are few at the table and freezes one.

    Recipe: Haddock Spaghetti
    Source: Sarie Henning
    Serves 6 - 8 generous portions

    500g spaghetti
    600g smoked haddock
    250g bacon chopped
    3 medium onions finely chopped.
    125g butter
    60g (125ml) flour
    1 litre milk
    100g grated cheddar cheese
    S&P to taste
    Extra grated cheddar cheese for topping.

    Prepare spaghetti until soft. Poach fish slowly in some of the milk (Wife nukes it instead in a dish covered with clingwrap. Says its easier and you don't get bits of fish skin in the sauce). Drain and flake fish, saving the milk. Fry bacon until done, add the onions and fry with bacon until soft. Drain off the fat.
    Melt butter, stir in flour and then the milk gradually, smoothing out lumps. Bring to boil and stir in cheese.
    Mix spaghetti, fish, bacon mixture and sauce and season to taste. Spoon into greased baking dish (can be two). Sprinkle extra cheese on top and bake at 350F for 30 minutes or until golden.

    where can i buy these "gram" thingies" ?


    • Panhead John
      Panhead John commented
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      Pssst, hey Bonesy. I know a guy.

    • holehogg
      holehogg commented
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      Me thinks Mrs. Google may be able to help 😂.

    Haddock Spaghetti, fish spaghetti, Liter of milk. Sounds interesting.


      This sounds good and kinda reminds me of tetrazzini but without the pimientos. My tetrazzini recipe also has cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups, used instead of the bechamel sauce.
      Last edited by 58limited; September 14, 2021, 04:20 PM.


        This may be a silly question, but did you purchase the haddock smoked? If not, was the fish was cold or hot smoked?


        • holehogg
          holehogg commented
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          We buy it ready smoked and it's frozen. Not sure on the process but more than likely cold smoked. Nothing on packaging that mentions how it's smoked. Does say oak smoked.
          We do get fresh smoked snoek though.

        • efincoop
          efincoop commented
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          Thank you holehogg. I'll have to keep an eye open for it the next time I'm at the grocery store. I know cold smoking is not encouraged for home cooks as it requires the right equipment/conditions. That is kind of a bummer because I have a subscription to Sitka Salmon Shares and get all sorts of excellent (responsibly harvested) fish delivered each month. I would live to be able to cold smoke some of that fish.

        What’s not to like of the ingredients, I mean spaghetti, haddock smoked, bacon, butter, onions, a smorgasbord of tasty.
        BTW, Mr. Bones , check the gram store. With me I juss hit the button on my scale til g.


          Thank you and your kind spouse for the recipe, holehogg !

          Rough conversions to US measurements for the gram-challenged amongst us ...

          one 16-oz package spaghetti
          1 1/2 lb (24 oz) smoked haddock
          1/2 lb (8 oz) bacon chopped
          3 medium onions finely chopped
          8 TBL (1 stick or 1/2 cup) butter
          1/2 cup flour
          1 quart (32 oz) milk
          4 ounces grated cheddar cheese (about 1 cup grated)

          I haven't finished my first cuppa joe yet, so if there are errors, blame it on my caffeine starved state.
          Last edited by IowaGirl; September 15, 2021, 07:14 AM.


          • holehogg
            holehogg commented
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            Thank you for conversion ratios. I was just being lazy. I spend a lot of time converting most of the recipes from AR. I have most unit amounts in my upstairs but doing quick calculations in my head with decimal points gets a bit dizzying 😊

          • FireMan
            FireMan commented
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            Oh, so now we have to go to the oz store. 🕶

          • IowaGirl
            IowaGirl commented
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            You're welcome, holehogg -- I've been converting a bunch of my favorite recipes to weight measurements. It's getting easier for me to convert simpler recipes in my head, and yours was good practice.

            And as for FireMan -- You do dat -- might be good fer ya. Wear yer cheddar head when ya do so they can see ya comin'!


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