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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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Wood Pellet info

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  • CandySueQ
    • Jul 2014
    • 1535
    • Pellet Fired Jambo, T1000 Woodmaster, FEC100, MAK 2 star, Yoder 640, Backwoods Pellet Chef, 14" & 22" WSM, 22" Weber Kettle, Stoven, Hot Box Grill, Hasty Bake Portable

    Wood Pellet info

    There are different ways to make pellets. Some manufacturers use whole trees, bark and all, grind them up and make pellets.  Some manufacturers use a base wood and add various flavoring oils to impart flavor to the resulting pellets. There are chemicals which can be added to sawdust to "fluff out" the wood during pelleting process.   BBQr's Delight pellets are 100% all natural wood, very clean wood and the pelleting machinery is lubricated with food-grade vegetable oil.

    At BBQr's Delight, we take a high BTU, very clean (no bark) base wood (white and red oak sawdust) and add actual flavoring wood sawdust to the oak, blend it and make pellets.  Our blend is approximately 2/3 oak-1/3 flavor wood. Our oak is a very, very mild wood which doesn’t mask the flavor wood added (oak gives a beautiful color though). Our flavoring woods come from a number of sources.  Mesquite we get in Texas, orange we bought an orange grove that was being cut down, apple comes down from Michigan.

    Bark tends to produce a bitter smoke. If you’re cooking with bark-on stick wood, that bark is going to burn off quickly. The impact of the bark is not huge on stick wood.  If that bark is in the sawdust wood mass made into pellets, it is mixed throughout the resulting pellets. Burning those pellets will give bitter results.

    Don’t buy into the 100% specie necessity. When cooking with a pellet fired cooker, you need a clean burning, high BTU fuel. You can’t do long cooks when your fire pot fills with ash! Ash is another result from bark in the pellets. Except for Mesquite, it’s just ashy by nature. Sand gets imbedded into the wood from harsh Texas winds. At BBQr's Delight, we make and sell 100% specie pellets as well. Over the course of time, I've burned all our BBQ pellets thru a pellet cooker. 100% specie is not necessarily going to produce a smokier meat to eat. It may leave you with cooker issue where you have to finish your meal in the oven!
  • jfmorris
    Club Member
    • Nov 2017
    • 3920
    • Huntsville, Alabama
    • Jim Morris

      • Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado (2021)
      • Camp Chef FTG900 Flat Top Grill (2020)
      • Weber Genesis II E-410 w/ GrillGrates (2019)
      • Weber Performer Deluxe 22.5" w/ GrillGrates & Slow 'N Sear & Drip ‘N Griddle & Party Q & Rotisserie (2007)
      • Custom Built Offset Smoker (304SS, 22"x34" grate, circa 1985)
      • King Kooker 94/90TKD 105K/60K dual burner patio stove
      • Lodge L8D03 5 quart dutch oven
      • Lodge L10SK3 12" skillet
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      • Thermoworks Thermapen Classic
      • Thermoworks RT600C
      • Whatever I brewed and have on tap!

    CandySueQ thanks for that education!

    I'm really window shopping for pellet cookers right now, and am partially swinging away from the "bigger is better" concept, and leaning towards the original Grilla, based on yours and others experiences with it. Even Grilla admits it has a better smoke profile than their Silverbac, even though I like the size on that one better. Sadly, I don't have the budget for a Yoder Cimarron (or even a YS640).

    When the time comes (and I am thinking it will be in time for Thanksgiving turkey), I'm already planning to stock up on Candy's Contest Mix, as it sounds like the best possible blend (to me) for all around smoking.


    • CandySueQ
      CandySueQ commented
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      Drove thru Huntsville in the rain last Thursday! In spite of what ckreef said in another thread, B&B Champ Blend is my contest mix in one 40# bag. Candy's Contest Mix is one bag of cherry and one of pecan.

    • bten
      bten commented
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      I was wondering if was the same as your contest mix. I will have to try a bag.

    • jfmorris
      jfmorris commented
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      Sorry you had to deal with rain on your way through my neck of the woods CandySueQ! I see your website lists a little place up the road from me as carrying your pellets, but Academy is really close, and says they carry that 40# B&B Champ Blend, so that's the way to for me looks like, when the time comes.
  • CaptainMike
    Club Member
    • Nov 2015
    • 2966
    • The Great State of Jefferson
    • 24X40 Lone Star Grillz offset smoker
      Weber Summit Charcoal Grill w/SnS and DnG (Spartacus)
      Old school big'ol Traeger w/Pro controller (Big Tex)
      2 W22's w/SnS, DnG (1 black, 1 copper) (Minions 1 and 2)
      20+ y/o many times rebuilt Weber Genesis w/GrillGrates (Gas Passer)
      20 x 30 Santa Maria grill (Maria, duh)
      Bradley cabinet smoker (Pepper Gomez)
      36" Blackstone griddle (The Black Beauty)
      Thermoworks Smoke and Thermapen.

    Great write up, thank you for taking the time do educate us a bit.


    • jgreen
      Charter Member
      • Oct 2014
      • 2751
      • Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
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        Broil King Smoke
        Weber Kettle 26
        Grilla Pellet smoker
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        Napoleon Pro 22 kettle

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        Thermapen (ok..4 thermapens)
        Thermo works DOT (or two)
        Fireboard (probably my favourite)
        Thermworks Smoke (or two)

        SnS (original, plus and XL)
        DnG pans, 6 or 7 of these
        and, maybe some other toys as well

      Good to know. Thanks.


      • Texas Larry
        Club Member
        • May 2017
        • 1872
        • Wilson County, TX
        • Kamado Joe Big Joe 2
          Napoleon TravelQ 285X Pro
          Weber Jumbo Joe/SNS
          Thermoworks Smoke
          Thermoworks 2K Thermocouple
          Thermapen MK4
          Thermoworks Dash
          Too many gadgets, accessories, and tools
          Favorite beer: Alaskan Amber

        I’m. new to pellet cooking but so far I’ve been delighted with the B&B hickory I’m using. I have also found apple, oak, and mesquite locally but still looking for the championship blend. Thanks for the good information.

        TX Larry


        • PWB0108
          Club Member
          • Jun 2018
          • 87
          • Jefferson, MD
          • Yoder 640
            Weber 22" Kettle Performer Charcoal Grill w/SNS2.0
            Weber Genesis Silver Gas Grill

          Yes, thank you for the information. I found a local source that carries 20# bags in various flavors. I plan to pick up a few bags to try once I deplete the pellets provided with the grill when I purchased it.


          • klflowers
            Club Member
            • Sep 2015
            • 3886
            • Tennessee
            • 22" Weber Kettle w/SNS, 18" WSM, Grilla Chimp, Traeger Tailgater, UDS, Camp Chef Tahoe Stove

            When we bought our Traeger earlier this summer, they threw in 2 bags of Treager pellets. I am not all that impressed with them. One of the bags got a little damp - not wet, but damp - and half of the pellets turned to sawdust. We have the small Traeger Scout model, and I only use it for grilling, but I still need better pellets than that. I'll give the BBQr's Delight a try.


            • Nate
              Banned Former Member
              • Apr 2015
              • 3794
              • Quarantined

              Like jfmorris I am looking hard at pellet smokers.

              I’m torn right now between Grilla Silverbac, the OG, or a Blazin. Been leaning hard towards the Silverbac...

              Anyway once I pull the trigger I will be looking for some BBQer’s Delite or some B&B.

              great info as usual. Thank you for the share and information.


              • jfmorris
                jfmorris commented
                Editing a comment
                Nate I'm liking the Silverbac and original Grilla for the price point. The only thing that makes me lean towards the OG, is the fact that even Grilla says it has a better smoke profile than the Silverbac. And of course, it has the cool glass window to see the fire, etc. I like the capacity on the Silverbac, but with the extension grate, think I could live with the OG if it means better smoke.
            • Skip
              Founding Member
              • Jul 2014
              • 3957
              • Blue Earth, Minnesota
              • LSG Adjustable Grill/Smoker, MAK Pellet Grill, Large BGE, Weber Gasser, Cast Iron Pans & Griddle, Grill Grates, Mostly Thermoworks Thermometers

              Thank you for the very useful information CandySueQ . You always give us a very unbiased post on pellets and how they are made and perform. I wish I could find BBQ Delight or B&B in southern Minnesota. Thanks again!


              • CandySueQ
                CandySueQ commented
                Editing a comment
                The Charcoal Store in Shakopee is my main dealer up there.
            • MBMorgan
              Club Member
              • Sep 2015
              • 6738
              • Colorado
              • > Weber Genesis EP-330
                > Grilla Grills Original Grilla (OG) pellet smoker
                > Pit Barrel Cooker (gone to a new home)
                > WeberQ 2000 (on "loan" to a relative)
                > Old Smokey Electric (for chickens mostly - when it's too nasty out
                to fiddle with a more capable cooker)
                > Luhr Jensen Little Chief Electric - Top Loader circa 1990 (smoked fish & jerky)
                > Thermoworks Smoke
                > 3 Thermoworks Chef Alarms
                > Thermoworks Thermapen
                > Thermoworks IR-GUN-S
                > Anova sous vide circulator
                > Searzall torch
                > BBQ Guru Rib Ring

              Originally posted by jfmorris View Post
              am partially swinging away from the "bigger is better" concept, and leaning towards the original Grilla, based on yours and others experiences with it.
              I find myself leaning the same way ... so much so that my original Grilla is scheduled for delivery in two days. I figured I'd give the Grilla comp blend pellets a chance, but based on CandySueQ 's excellent information (thanks, BTW), I'm betting that I'll be in the market for some BBQr's Delight products real soon.
              Last edited by MBMorgan; September 17, 2018, 04:28 PM.


              • jfmorris
                jfmorris commented
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                Look forward to hearing how you like the Grilla
            • Steve B
              Club Member
              • Jun 2016
              • 3280
              • Rockland county New York
              • Lonestar Grillz 24x36 offset smoker, grill, w/ main chamber charcoal grate and 3 tel-tru thermometers - left, right and center
                Yoke Up custom charcoal basket and a Grill Wraps cover.

                22.5 copper kettle w/ SnS, DnG, BBQ vortex, gasket and stainless steel hinge kit.

                Napoleon gas grill (soon to go bye bye) rotting out.

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                1 maverick et-733 - gray
                1 new standard grilling remote digital thermometer
                1 thermoworks thermopen mk4 - red
                1 thermoworks thermopop - red

                Pre Miala flavor injector
                taylor digital scale
                TSM meat grinder
                chefs choice food slicer
                cuisinhart food processor
                food saver vacuum sealer
                TSM harvest food dehydrator

              Nice write up. At first I thought you were just doing a sales pitch. But when you said you don’t need 100% specie wood, even from BBQ’ers Delight. I know you are talking from the heat.
              I give you 👍👍


              • Scott H
                Club Member
                • Dec 2017
                • 16

                Great review! Thanks


                • Marvin
                  Club Member
                  • Apr 2018
                  • 5

                  Good information Candy, Thanks. I am having serious temperature control problems with my GMG Jim Bowie. Their tech support blames the problem on my pellets, Pit Boss. The GMG dealer is 50 miles away. After your discussion, I suspect that BBQr's pellets are a higher quality, but I don't know where to buy them here on the Texas Gulf coast. (1) Do you think that the quality of the pellets determines the grill's ability to control the temperature? (2) Where can I buy BBQr's pellets in south Texas?
                  Thanks a million!


                  • AmosMoses01
                    AmosMoses01 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Academy has B&B and HEB does too here in Round Rock and Austin.

                  • bten
                    bten commented
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                    I have had problems with Pit Boss pellets and temperature control on my Camp Chef, especially at higher temps. I find the B&B are better and the pit works well with them. Again you can get them at Academy or HEB. HEB has them at a lower price than Academy.
                • Marvin
                  Club Member
                  • Apr 2018
                  • 5

                  Thanks for the information. Are B&B pellets made by BBQr's Delight?


                  • bten
                    bten commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Yep, same pellets, different bag. Made by the same company.
                • McEDaddy
                  Club Member
                  • Jul 2017
                  • 201

                  Evening all - just pulled the trigger ona rec Tec 590. I got the lecture from the folks there about the dangers of using all fruit wood and to never use mesquite. I ordered 1 bag to the rec Tec competition, but clearly I’m on the forum looking forpellets. What is this B&B????


                  • jfmorris
                    jfmorris commented
                    Editing a comment
                    B&B is a brand of pellet that is also made by BBQr's Delight, where CandySueQ works. If you have an Academy sports where you live, that is a good place to buy them:


                    I expect the above to be my standard mix if/when I get a pellet cooker - thinking of a Grilla this fall.



                2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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                Meat-Up in Memphis