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Crystal, Minnesota (West of Minneapolis) checking in!

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    Crystal, Minnesota (West of Minneapolis) checking in!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a real newbie to smoking. I received a Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker as a gift last year and am only recently starting to use it.

    I have smoked pork chops and a spatchcocked chicken and both were wonderful. I am smoking ribs for the first time tomorrow.

    ​​​​​​Do any of you use an electric smoker like I have? What are the benefits of different styles of smokers?

    Welcome to the Pit!
    Cheers from Norway


      Welcome to the Wikipedia of BBQ. Have not used an electric smoker myself but you will get responses from those who have. I manly use my Camp Chef pellet grill and my Weber Kettle. You are at the best place to up your game.


        Greetings from South Africa


          Welcome from Colorado ...


            Welcome from Virginia!


              Welcome from southern Minnesota. I don't use an electric but here's a link for some good reading for you.



                Welcome to the Pit from Dallas!


                  Howdy from south Texas!


                    Welcome to the Pit! Nothing electric here other then my personality.


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                      And his doghouse

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                      And his fence.

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                    Welcome from Maryland. I understand that they have dropped the Shamrock from the name, but the Crystal Shamrock airport was where I hangered my plane when we lived close by many years ago.


                      I have a Smokin-It model 2 electric. It was my first true smoker and I used it exclusively for smoking for about 5 years. Works great for all types of low and slow cooks. I even have a cold smoking kit for it that also works great. I got a big pellet cooker a little over a year ago and so don’t use it as much as before. But it still has a place in my group of cookers!

                      You will Usually not get a smoke ring on an electric. Also, be careful how much wood you put in there. Easy to over smoke if using too much. Lastly, mine has a max temp of about 250 average. But the temp will swing widely just like it does in a kitchen oven. But once you get to know your unit, they can turn out some terrific food.


                        Huntington Beach welcomes you.


                          Welcome from the California Delta.


                            Welcome to The Pit. There are lots of types of smokers available. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. Skip gave you a good place to start.

                            After going through that, we can answer any questions you might have. And if we don't know the answer, we will make something up...
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