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Good bread, good meat...Good Lord, let's eat!

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    Good bread, good meat...Good Lord, let's eat!

    Greetings, grillmasters!

    I discovered the site a few years ago when I took a stab at ribs and wanted reputable advice—I found it! When I got serious recently about the purchase of a dedicated smoker, I realized how valuable the Pitmaster Club could be and just how far down the rabbit hole you rib-sniffers have gone. And I wanna whiff o' that!

    I made a modest investment in mastering the charcoal arts in 2007 with a Walmart rust magnet. I was hooked by the smokey depth it added (in addition to the obvious primal arousal of watching and smelling as tangible fuels combust at my command). I replaced it with the aggressively-priced but versatile Char-griller Duo 5050, but I still prefer the charcoal side when there is time. Here I am braving the "adverse conditions" to put flame under meat while my South Carolina neighbors hoarded bread and milk.
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    I'm proud of my history in the Carolinas, and the barbecue I'm partial to is pulled pork (with a sweeter sauce or mustard-base now and then) or ribs (with no sauce, if I can get 'em juicy and rubbed with the right stuff). As a charcoal newb, I worked on dialing in my burgers (my wife's "last meal" now), and stuck mostly to steaks, chops, and chicken thighs. Jamie Purviance's Weber books taught me the basics, like two-zone fires, and I still use several of the recipes.

    But now that I've nabbed a Bronco drum smoker, I have my sights set on Invite-him-to-the-Fourth ribs and Let's-just-stay-home Boston butt!
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    Maybe I will post a newer photo or several of myself cooking or with an empty plate soon. I do enjoy pointing a camera at things if I'm not licking my fingers. Meanwhile, I'll post a larger copy of my avatar, taken by my wife while I heaped burning coals on the heads of my enemies. Look for me soon in the brand new Bronco channel or in the Pork channel getting rib advice and posting my nerd graphs. My project for this fall is juicy, tender dry rub ribs, and at the first sample, my wife's cousin said, "Forget turkey—bring these to Thanksgiving!"
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    Chimney gallery

    Welcome from Maryland


      Welcome from a "Rib-Sniffer" on the California Delta. Good thing I'm not sensitive, or as a good friend once said a "touchy bast*#d"


        Welcome from TN. I think you are going to fit right in around here.


        • Mudkat
          Mudkat commented
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          My thoughts exactly!

        Nice Smokey Joe barrel. You can do a lot with it. Welcome from the mountains of NC.


          Welcome to The Pitmaster Club! Loved reading you intro. Thanks for your support!

          I too like the same kinda pulled pork and ribs as you. If you care to look at or try, I have a rib rub recipe and a few BBQ sauce ("shawsh") recipes you may be interested in trying out.

          Since you’re new here, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos. This will help you learn your way around so you can get the best experience from our forum.

          Also, it's very important that you:
          1. Give us an email address you actually use. You can check the email we have on file for you by clicking your username in the top-right, then User Settings, then the Account tab. You currently cannot change your email on file with us yourself since it’s tied to your Pitmaster Club account as well as our payment processor if you’re a paying member. Don’t worry though, we’d be happy to change it for you, just click here to fill out an email change request.
          2. Add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list. We NEVER spam! This is important so you can receive special deals we occasionally work out for our members, receive notices about your account, such as if you’re up for renewal or are ever drawn as our monthly "Great Giveaway" Monthly Sweepstakes winner, which is open to all USA members. (Paid members get automatic monthly entry, whereas Free Trial members or general public must enter manually.) We’d hate to have to pick another person because you don’t answer us!
          Hope to hear & see more from you!


            Welcome from Colorado ...


              Welcome to The Pit. Nice intro.


                Welcome to the PIT from the LOU, where when it comes to ribs, we know a thing or two. I love Carolina recipes as a changeup to the sweet smokies (dry) I most often make. And I'm watching closely to add a Bronco to my cookers.


                  I LOVE that first photo, with the icicles coming out horizontally from the open lid while the chimney glows!


                    Welcome from Raleigh, NC!


                      Welcome from Chico. I, like Mosca , love that first photo. Priceless.


                        Welcome from Wilson County, Texas!


                          Welcome from Minnesota. Enjoy The Pit!


                            Very cool intro. Very cool Bronco! Oh, & the rust thing, 👍. Welcome, eat good and have fun!



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