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searing on a weber smokey joe

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    searing on a weber smokey joe

    Hi folks - picked up a smokey joe for a cook tomorrow nite at a friends. Steaks for 9. I'm going to use his gasser and do an indirect cook and am hoping to use the smokey joe for the reverse sear.

    My question is "what do you set the air vents to if you have to hold the coals for a while after lighting them in the chimney?

    I have found in the past that Meathead's after burner technique can burn up the coal faster than I'm ready.

    Today I threw 65 coals in the smokey joe after lighting and put the lid on. The lower air vent was at 1/2. The upper vent was at 1/4. I checked in 10 minutes and the fire was very weak. I put a hair blower on them and they were barely hot enough.

    Then I took the lid off and banked the coals and voila, I had a beautiful sear station.

    My conclusion is that smokey joe burns slower than a chimney as well as the SNS on my 22". I think it will burn slow enough for my needs with the air vet on bottom at wide open and the lid off on top. I'd like to have a window of 1/2 an hour to be able to sear without doing another chimney full.


    IME, holdin coals at sear temp in a Smokey Joe is gonna deplete yer coals dang dang quick, like...

    Vent setting fer a sear on a SJS? 1/2-WFO works well fer me here, dependin on my coals...

    Even though I ain't cookin on any gas grill, I want a lil wood taste to even simple quick burgers, steaks, chops, yardbirds, dogs, brats, etc., usw, ad infinitum, ao...

    I always use my lid, often set 1/2-3/4-WFO, dependin on my coals...

    I always use Kingsford, or RO hickory, apple, or mesquite charcoal, or a mix thereof...not regular KBB...time to time, they's other chunks added into th coals, dependin upon jus where I'm headin, with jus what I'm tryin to create, flavour-wise...


      How many steaks are you going to cook?


        Mr. Bones Thankyou. What does WFO mean? zzdocxx Im cooking 5 very thick New Yorks.


          Mr. Bones - Now Im thinking you mean Wide open? Cant figure the ‘F’ 😀.


          • Mr. Bones
            Mr. Bones commented
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            Lol, yup, wide open

          Most of the flavour you get when reverse searing comes during the low and slow phase and not the sear phase. If it were me, I'd either reverse your planned process or just leave the gasser out completely. When I reverse sear on my Napoleon kettle, I light my chimney for searing when I get within 25 to 30 degrees of the desired IT. Most gassers will get really hot, really fast so if I were using charcoal and gas, I'd definitely low and slow on the charcoal and sear on the gasser.


          • Jfrosty27
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            This is what I do. I start low and slow, 225*, on my pellet smoker and then sear on my Charbroil Grill2Go mini gasser which is a searing machine. (See review on the free side) Works like a charm.

          pkadare normally I would do it all on my 22 inch kettle with SNS. Just not up for loading big kettle in car for drive to friends house. I dont want to experiment on low and slow on new SJ (especially since require multiple cooks). I cant see a way around low and slow on gasser. I have other options but my favorite sear is charcoal and none of my friends have that option.

          im just trying to stop the darn charcoal from burning up so fast. Im hoping the SJ is a better sear solution than a chimney. If not, I get a MCS fix out of it!


          • HawkerXP
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            Start the SJ and reload the chimney and light. Backup ready to go charcoal if needed.

          • Burntfood
            Burntfood commented
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            HawkerXP - thats exactly what I ended up doing. 3 of the guests phoned and said they would be 20 minutes late after I put the coals in the Smokey Joe. Lit another kettle for backup and sure enough had to use it.

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