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PK 360 as their only cooker?

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    PK 360 as their only cooker?

    For years I've been playing around with an older Weber kettle that I had inherited. It mostly works fine, but I have a difficult time getting it to hold steady at 225-275 because the bottom vents have corroded out and no longer seal properly. I want to upgrade to something that can do low n slow cooks, but my wife isn't too keen on me having multiple cookers consuming space on our small patio. I really like what I've been reading about the PK 360, in terms of temp control, durability, and build quality. For those of you who know the PK 360, would you have any reservations about making that your sole cooker for both smoking and searing?

    I wouldn't, but I also have a KBQ and access to copious amounts of wood, so I use it for smoking. Polarbear777 and Larry Grover both use their PKs for smoking, and have quite the temperature control setups. Hopefully they will weigh in.


      What about the Lang hybrid that’s a charcoal on one side and a smoker on the other ? You can tell the wife , “You said one grill”.


        The cheapest solution would be to call Weber and see if they have replacement vent covers for your cooker. Then get an SnS. The Kettle and an SnS will allow you to cook just about anything you'd like - low and slow to hot and fast. If you like chicken, add a Vortex and you have a chicken cookin' machine. All for a lot less than a PK.

        It's easier to control temps using the SnS too.

        Oh - and welcome to The Pit.
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          Heck you can buy a NEW kettle, an SnS, and a Vortex for far less than a PK360!

        Jfrosty27 nailed it...."Heck you can buy a NEW kettle, an SnS, and a Vortex for far less than a PK360!"

        I have a PK360 and Weber Kettle and to answer your question, I would have no reservations on making my PK360 my sole cooker for smoking and grilling. But you would not be able to smoke a lot of meat on it. A little less than the Kettle.
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          I could get by with the pk360 as the only one. Only issue is capacity. You aren’t doing a huge event with just the 360. It’s about the same capacity as a 22” kettle but rectangular so some things can fit better. I can still split a 17lb packer brisket in half and fit it in there.

          here’s a link to some of my testing.


          kick ash and “the burn shop” both make nice baskets to help with fire management in the pk360 AND the Weber adapter that’s bbq guru makes will press fit into the front of one of the lower vents so you can block the back of that tube and the fan can have total control.

          after three years of heavy use m, I finally cleaned my 360 interior (I usually just scrub the grates).

          it is a very nice cooker. I leave it out in the elements and don’t worry.

          nothing wrong with lots of other options either.


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            Agreed on the capacity. It gets qrowded quick on there.
            Especially if one is cooking ribs.

          While it will rock 225-250 all day long, space is the biggest issue with a PK360. Due to the left right setup it's tough to smoke ribs without cutting the rack in half. I did pork butts on mine and it was awesome for reverse searing steaks, however, I found it hard to maintain temps at 350 for hotter cooks like chicken, for any length of time.

          I sold it and bought a Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. I liked the PK but have no regrets. The WSCG is the most versatile grill I have ever used. It is both a Kamado and a kettle grill.
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            Look at your lid vent. Normally there is a two digit code for its age. Use this to find out how old. If less then 10 years old the metal parts are still under warranty. Also, show us a picture. Some of us are into old stuff.


              IMO get a 26” Weber with a SnS, vortex and an extra elevated grate.


                I cant add anything here. Welcome from Virginia!


                  I got rid of my beat up Weber 22” and my Akorn Kamado, replacing them both with the PK360 this spring. I was also considering the Weber 26” and with an SnS I’m sure that would have been a fine option.

                  But I’m loving the PK—it excels at two zone cooking and searing, and still does great at low and slow. I’m usually cooking for four, and never more than eight, and capacity hasn’t been an issue for me. But I do have to shorten rib racks, and you’d have to get creative with a full packer brisket.

                  It’s more work to clean out the ashes than a Weber (but what isn’t?), but the rectangular shape is more practical for the cooking I do.

                  I recommend it.
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                  • TripleB
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                    More work to clean out the ashes than a Weber???? I think this is one of the advantages over a Weber. Just pull the plug and sweep the ashes into a pail with a paint brush. The Weber I got to pick up and dump. The Weber is faster to clean out (scrap and dump), but the PK360 more work? Maybe more tedious. But then the whisking of a paint brush back and forth is rather therapeutic for an old man like me. 😊

                  Personally, I really like the construction of the PK grills, both the original and the 360, but find their capacity to be limiting. If you want to get a set of Grillgrates, fill it up with charcoal, and do full grill 1 zone cooking, its almost as big as a Weber 22" kettle. But if you like to do indirect or smoking, that is where I see it as falling short. The setup of the PK360 is rectangular, and if smoking, you get about 1/2 of the grill area, with their charcoal basket taking the other half. With the grate only being right at 14-15 inches deep, front to back, you will ALWAYS have to cut ribs in half, cut a brisket in half, and so on. And use a rib rack to stand stuff on edge.

                  With the 22" Weber kettle and a SNS, I get about 2/3 of the grill area for indirect smoking space, and its wide enough to where I've never had issues fitting several racks of ribs flat, or 5 racks of ribs in a rib rack, without cutting the ribs down. And I've been able to fit 2 butts or a full packer up to about 18 pounds on the kettle, many times. Not to mention a 20 pound spatchcocked turkey (was tight!). At times I put a Hover Grill in there (elevated grate), and fit a TON of food. I've gotten to where I rarely use my much larger offset, even when feeding a crowd.

                  You would think that a rectangular grate would hold more food, but when you can only use half of it, its a 14x14 square grate for indirect use. On the kettle with the SNS, the rounded area is not always a great fit, but I have an indirect area that is 22 inches across, and about 16 inches deep.

                  I think I would look hard at a new kettle, or better yet, the SnSGrills kettle, which has a handy side table, as it will cost a lot less than the PK360, and hold a LOT more food.

                  That said, if you only ever cook for 2, and don't plan to smoke much, by all means - the PK360 is a solid grill for sure.
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                  • jfmorris
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                    Glad to know the basket takes less space. I still don't like to cut my ribs and briskets down though!

                  • Polarbear777
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                    Have to get creative but you can fit most things.

                    Of course a barrel or large cabinet is less work overall if you are cooking for a crowd, which is why I have those too.

                  • jfmorris
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                    Polarbear777 if I do buy a new charcoal grill, now that I cook more for 2 than I do for 5 to 8, the PK grill is certainly one to consider if my Performer gives up the ghost.

                  Some size indicators for the 360

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	BCDC73AC-8D16-4136-A714-41FA88AA0EE0.jpeg
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Name:	27D2866A-ADC7-4708-9E40-05F4195C187A.jpeg
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Name:	8F85E13B-9CAD-4B76-A2D2-BE341E7EA394.jpeg
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Name:	FCD124A1-6257-43FE-8E8F-B32481C4EA28.jpeg
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Name:	0AF2A710-2107-41F8-B29F-8568502EB9A4.jpeg
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Name:	19F6A029-DA19-44B7-98A2-E0FD51CD9DC9.jpeg
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Name:	11E2FECA-118F-4C5F-B907-29A56C636F69.jpeg
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Name:	82A0620E-32E6-4366-9AC5-294FC0107D6A.jpeg
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                  • Mr. Bones
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                    Great pics of delicious foods!

                  • Mickslick
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                    Great pics, like how you used foil to protect the ribs from the hot side, loving my PK!

                  All cleaned up with the burn shop adjustable width coal basket installed.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	B623F531-810B-42B0-AF36-C612F5923C93.jpeg
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Size:	208.8 KB
ID:	917657
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	4C60D2CD-BC66-49C2-86D6-AAE38D9A7502.jpeg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	54C57432-EFD9-468A-BFD6-36D682BBF73E.jpeg
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Size:	280.9 KB
ID:	917656


                    I have never owned a PK, but always found them to be very solid and for those who use them no one really has many negatives except the size. I wonder why they have never released a larger version?


                    • Polarbear777
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                      To cast a a 720, maybe the process requires larger and more $$ equipment? Maybe not enough market share expected for the price point.

                      Also, maybe not as durable, probably no longer "portable" kitchen.

                      the 360 is portable, but near that limit.


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