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Looking for your input on adding a second grill

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    Looking for your input on adding a second grill

    I am looking to add another grill and I cannot decide between a Kettle style, or Kamado style. I currently have a RecTeq Stampede pellet smoker and I love using it. I'm wanting to add another grill for two reasons, first is the challenge of a more hands on fire management, and second is the higher heat for searing. I have the GrillGrates for my Stampede and they work great, but I do not take my smoker above 400 because I have a vinyl wrap on the lid that would discolor at higher Temps.

    If I go with a kettle style I was thinking of the Weber Performer Deluxe.

    If I go with the Kamado style, then I was looking at the SnS Deluxe.

    The weber is much easier on the pocket, but does the Kamado style have advantages over the kettle style to justify the price?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

    I don't have a kamado, so I can't really speak to that. My only advice is to take whatever lessons you learn and apply those when you are adding your third grill.


    • RickyBobby
      RickyBobby commented
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      What he said. Lol.

    Personally, I would go with a kettle style cooker. Especially since you have a smoker. What’s your location, ie will cold weather be a factor? If so, the kamado will help in that situation. I can get a really nice sear with my SnS or banking a mound of lump in my kettle.


      Kettle with SnS. It can do It anything. I have the RT-700 and Performer Deluxe. Very very happy.


        Weber also makes a Kamado style grill that fits right between your two as far as price: https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/c...111188#start=1

        My Kamado experience is with that. For grilling I don’t feel there is much difference between the Kamado and the kettle. For smoking, the Kamado offers a few advantages. It easier to keep stable temps, but that can be assisted on kettle with an automatic temp control. It is much more fuel efficient, meaning more sleep on overnight cooks. If you compare smoking in Kamado mode vs using a SnS on a kettle, you have a lot more cooking capacity on the Kamado.

        The Performers advantages would be the work table and the vast assortment of accessories available for Weber 22” kettles.


        • Jfrosty27
          Jfrosty27 commented
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          Remember he already has a Recteq RT590.

        • glitchy
          glitchy commented
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          Jfrosty27 Is the OP not asking about kettle versus kamado? I think I relayed my experiences regarding that comparison. Despite having a pellet grill, I still smoke food on my Summit and also did on my performer. I actually prefer the kamado to smoke brisket, beef ribs and pork ribs. I also shared my feelings on grilling before talking about smoking, from the experience of having had an original kettle, a performer deluxe, and a WSCG.
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        You won't go wrong with a Weber kettle. If you want a combo kamado capable / high heat griller the Oklahoma Joe Bronco is an often overlooked option.


          I own several grills and pits, including two kamados and a small Weber kettle.

          Weber kettles are great and established the benchmark for kettles many moons ago! However, you may want to look seriously at the new Kamado Joe Kettle. I understand that it's being released in the coming weeks and it appears to have integrated the merits of a kettle grill and a ceramic kamado into one grill.

          Here's a recent thread on the KJ Kettle.
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            If you going to get a kettle grill go for the sns kettle. It has a few more features then the webers .


              I tend to use my kamado mostly for smoking. So I would recommend getting the Performer.


                Naw, go with a PK360. It has a built in SnS.


                • Alphonse
                  Alphonse commented
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                  Hmmm, guess I didn't get a SnS when I bought mine! What does it look like?

                • TripleB
                  TripleB commented
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                  Alphonse - the PK360 is the SnS. No need to buy anything.

                Have you thought about the SNS Kettle? https://snsgrills.com/products/original-kettle-grill


                  My first thought is... why not take off the vinyl wrap if the stampede would be a good grill without it?

                  Second thought - what do you want from a grill? Do you care about smoking on it or is it just for high temp grilling? What capacity do you need?

                  If you just want something on which to grill steaks, burgers and the like.. go gas.

                  Both a kettle and a kamodo are fuel inefficient for grilling some chops etc unless you're doing it over and over. You light a fair amount of fuel, spend 30 minutes getting to fully ashed over, use it for under 15 mins but you can't really shut it off so most of the burn time is wasted. For just a couple of steaks etc and if you don't care about smoking but really want charcoal, a Smokey Joe is the way to go.
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                  • Attjack
                    Attjack commented
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                    A kamado shuts off nicely.

                  • rickgregory
                    rickgregory commented
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                    Does the charcoal get saved though? I mean you can shut the vents on a kettle, but the coals burn for quite a while.

                  My vote: 26" Weber kettle and SNS.


                  • N227GB
                    N227GB commented
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                    Can't go wrong with a kettle and there are a lot of accessories available. 🍻

                    (Posted from my phone)

                  • Dadof3Illinois
                    Dadof3Illinois commented
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                    I agree...the 26” is a great versatile cooker for the money.

                  You can’t go wrong with a kettle/sns combo. Throw in a vortex and you are pretty much set - well, aside from mcs. How many people you cooking for?


                    I have a BGE and two 18” Weber kettles, one with a SNS and the other with a Vortex. It seems to me your pellet smoker accomplishes most of what a kamado would do. So, I think a kettle with a SNS or Vortex or both would accomplish what you want.



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