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Dyna-Glo adjustable charcoal grill

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    Dyna-Glo adjustable charcoal grill

    I was originally planning on getting a Lone Star Grillz adjustable charcoal grill. But I’m also about to take a job making a good bit less money so that I can have more time with my family. The price for the Lone Star with the options I wanted and shipping ended up being $3600, so I decided to set my budget to $1500. I ended up ordering a Santa Maria grill of all things. But I still kinda want an adjustable charcoal grill with a lid.

    So of course an ad pops up on Facebook for the Dyna-Glo Dual Zone Premium charcoal grill. It’s $248 at Walmart with free shipping. My first smoker was a Dyna-Glo, so I know to expect poor temperature control and only a few years out of it. But for the price, it can’t be that bad... right?

    Has anyone used it? Even with the Santa Maria grill, this wouldn’t put me over the budget I set.

    I can't help you with the Dyna-Glo question, but a Hasty Bake grill could fit in your budget. I ended up choosing the WSCG over the HB in the end, but it was pretty much a toss up.


      CaptainMike If I'm understanding the OP right, I think his total budget is $1,500, most of which has already been spent on the Santa Maria grill, leaving enough to also spend $250 on another grill.

      I don't have any firsthand experience with Dyna-Glo, but I have seen them in the store and can see how it would not seal up very well. I'd say some Nomex tape could fix that, though.


        Killa J please don’t waste your money on that grill. It just does not have good temperature control, and will be a total waste of money. I’ve seen it in person - just poorly sealed, and it might be fine for running rip roaring hot and burning some stuff up.

        Read the review of an older model here:


        not recommended.

        and the exact model here:


        Not reviewed yet, but I don’t expect to see it do any better than the other model.

        You already have an adjustable grill - the Santa Maria is the ultimate in being able to adjust distance between wood or charcoal and the food.

        I advise you to get a tried and true Weber kettle or a snsgrills kettle if you want a quality charcoal grill and want to stay under $250. The kettle design seals tightly, meaning the vents give you full control over the fire. The issue with most cheap grills and smokers is a poor fitting mess of sheet metal with lots of leaks, which makes it hard to control temperature and use the grill effectively.

        Charcoal grills I would look at:

        - Weber
        - Snsgrills.com
        - Napoleon kettle
        - PKgrills
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          The more I looked into it, the more I agree about not buying it. The extremely few reviews didn’t sound like they were from anyone that knew what they’re doing. I really don’t need another grill, but you know... MCS. And it popped up in an ad. But nah.


            I had that exact grill for 2 or 3 years. Just sold it on the cheap to my buddy. Never wrote up a review on it, not sure why.

            It is GREAT for burgers, steaks, etc. You absolutely cannot do low & slow on it. It is as airtight as an open mailbox. Sure it has adjustable side dampers and a chimney damper, but they are for show, they do not seal and thus you cannot have good control over temps. If you know that going in, it's a nice dirt cheap pretend Hasty-Bake for hot & fast grilling & searing. Bonus- the bottle opener on it which my buddy loves.

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              Grilling hot with 2 zones would have been the only real purpose for me. But I’ve got a Dancook kettle that I can do that with if I really wanted to (it’s currently set up as a pizza oven).

            I'd hate to see an attack of MCS go unfulfilled, so I'll operate from your opening remarks about wanting a lidded cooker with adjustable fire bin height. Jerod Broussard broussard did a review of the Oklahoma Joes' Judge. https://amazingribs.com/ratings-revi...charcoal-grill If you're still thinking of something like this then I'd suggest you read that review, he gave it a good work out. Then read this thread; https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...-smokers/page2 . Post 17 has the pics of the mods I made that seal it well for smoking purposes which, based on Jerod's remarks in the review, probably would have elevated it to Gold Seal level had the factory done those mods. I had other commentary in that thread as well. Once the leaks are sealed it has very good temp control and good smoking abilities that the Santa Maria can't offer despite all it's other benefits. The Judge isn't widely available however so it's less likely to be discounted much if at all. If you weren't in a hurry, OkJ has a once per year sale, typically in late winter/early spring, where they sell with no shipping charge from their site (saves the $150 added shipping). Otherwise, if you have a Tractor Supply nearby, they offer store pickup at $404.
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