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Hosted my first grill skills class

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    Hosted my first grill skills class

    So we invited a regional women’s magazine staff over last night. Called it girls with grills, cooked 25 pieces of chicken, 12 brats, and 8 smash burgers, and went the the various steps, and the ‘why’s” of each of those steps. How to control a charcoal Weber, for the 3 various cooks, and how to cook with out constantly tending to the grill, kind of like "the art of cook out" and being able to enjoy your guest’s rather then working over a cooker the entire time. Fun night, and have other groups wanting to do this now, they will make an article about this for their next magazine issue.

    A guy here in my town who’s big on Instagram decided to start giving lessons in his house as well. Mostly had young couples with some women. He went from doing it with maybe 4 to 6 people and he now has groups of about 12 to 14 and is building an outdoor kitchen to accommodate his new business. Good luck and I hope something like that catches fire with you.


      Yup a guy named Ted Reader did the same here, started out with small BBQ camps.
      Took off, into classes and corporate affairs that were booked into forever, at least before the plague.
      He has a line of cookware and rubs n sauces now.
      He’s parlayed a hobby into a thriving business.
      Don’t know what your aspirations are Richard but there’s certainly a thirst for knowledge when it comes to BBQ/smoking.


      • Troutman
        Troutman commented
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        The problem with me is I’m too old and too lazy, LOL 😂

      • smokin fool
        smokin fool commented
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        I’m a lousy teacher, don’t have the patience for people when they make mistakes.
        ....did I mention I’m perfect😶...
        Anyway I’ll dole out advice to those who ask but teach, hey, stranger thinks have happened.

      That’s great Richard! Sounds like fun, and you’re becoming a neighborhood celebrity. Let us know when the magazine comes out. I’m sure we’d all like to read about it. Maybe we can view the magazine online? And by the way, was there a lot of single chicks asking about me?


      • Troutman
        Troutman commented
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        No John, but I did hear at the mention of your name the dogs began to howl ….. 🤪

      • RonB
        RonB commented
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        I'm no grammatical expert, but shouldn't that be "were there a lot of single chicks..."

        And my guess fer the answer is "NO".

      • Panhead John
        Panhead John commented
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        RonB Your answer of NO, would be wrong, grammar aside. Richard actually told me a big fight broke out among several hot twenty somethings….all wanting my number.
        Apparently beer bellied, balding 65 year old men are in big demand.
        Last edited by Panhead John; June 19, 2021, 12:19 PM.

      What a great idea! Get the wife involved and be promoted to pit supervisor! Honey, get me another PBR please!


        Great to hear, it’s a lot of fun! I pride myself in having 50/50 mix of men/women in my last classes. Women need to use the grill(s) more. Keep it up!


          What I hope to do is once a month teach a class like this for 2-4 people, could think larger, but, trying to create it for friends and couples that would like an experience that they can pay for. From there, I’d like to get hired maybe once a month to cook the larger cuts for their own picnic, also, continue to sell bred, and cook once a week a shoulder for pulled pork that can be sectioned out in 1/4’s to full to go along side the bread for sandwich kits. From there I would like to sell a few shirts, some of the seasoning that I make for the meals while they are here or other. Take my down time every day and monetize time, not effort. I would like to buy a few of the items that I use and sell them here. Bread knives, kind of stuff. Also get a few sponsors from some of these companies for a YouTube channel sponsor, that would help when my arms get worse. But, coaching a cookout with low stress, and bringing people together, sharing stories etc, are the highest on the priority list. I’d also like to see more people gain confidence to go with a kettle. I’m already likely never going to actually catch up on bread orders, which is likely a good thing.
          Last edited by Richard Chrz; June 19, 2021, 11:15 AM.


          • Caffeine88
            Caffeine88 commented
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            I love this idea, and I'm happy to see your other half shown up in the avatar, too.

            My wife and I have had several requests to do a cooking class or two, but never got it together. Great job in making it actually happen!

          With your talent and drive I have no doubt that you will achieve your goals Richard.


            Good going, Richard!

            The best of luck to you in addressing this pretty much neglected area of kettle school'in. I'm too damn old and blind to do that teaching stuff myself, lucky I can still crank out stuff for me and GW. The main thing to pass on is to observe the rule to have fun, and don't run out of cold ones!
            Last edited by zinfella; June 27, 2021, 11:30 AM.


              It sounds like a really fun venture.


                Great idea Richard! Sounds like it was a huge success!


                  Great job Richard. Not one in West GA that i know of.


                    looks like fun!


                      Did the article ever get published? If so, do you have a link?


                      • Richard Chrz
                        Richard Chrz commented
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                        It did, I thought I had shared it. But will find it.

                      Group weber kettle classes can be fun.

                      The Austin food and wine festival (highly recommended) does a grilling class for about 200 people at one time.

                      The directions that were given were fairly easy and approachable (paraphrasing slightly, but pretty close to actual):

                      "put your fish on the grill"
                      puts fish on grill

                      "pour yourself a shot of tequila"
                      does a shot of tequila

                      "check on the fish. is it done yet?"
                      the fish is not done yet

                      "pour yourself a glass of wine"
                      pour and drink a glass of wine

                      "the fish should be done now"
                      OMG THE FISH IS FANTASTIC!

                      Click image for larger version

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