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More Restaurant Recommendations Please

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    More Restaurant Recommendations Please

    So as I have been clomping through The Pit organizing, cleaning up, etc. I have noticed how few restaurant recommendations. We know you eat out a lot because you told us in the member survey which was done in the middle of the COVID shutdowns no less. So get in there and share your favorite restaurants, especially BBQ joints and steakhouses!

    Please DON'T post reviews here. We have a whole channel state by state for this. Here https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...aurant-roundup
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    I'm kind of protesting dine in restaurants of any kind right now. Especially bbq places.
    When you are able to find one that actually allows you to dine in the table is bare of condiments. The serving staff is always short handed. You have to mask up to walk to your table but from there on it is OK to unmask?
    BBQ joints in the Kansas City area do not allow dine in, and take away BBQ lacks atmosphere as well as quality. When I do splurge to eat BBQ out I want it hot on my plate, and I want to be able to sauce it or not to my taste.
    I believe a lot of places use Covid as an excuse to cut down on staff, and quality.
    I believe what finally flipped my switch was a recent trip to a National Pancake chain place. 39 degrees outside and about the same inside. Their explanation was to help control Covid with the cold. I call BS!
    As always MY opinion honestly expressed and yours may and probably does differ. Good on you if it does.
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      I kinda keep up with things in the restaurant world and count many chefs as friends. The restaurants that are doing best are the ones who have pivoted to carryout. And BBQ restaurants almost always had carryout systems in place before dining restrictions took effect. They, along with Chinese, and Pizza seem to be doing better than most.
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        I can do some steakhouse recommendations around Seattle and Bellevue, for sure. There aren't many good BBQ joints here, and I think I already did the couple that are good :-)


        • Cheef
          Cheef commented
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          Have you ever been to Totem Diner in Everett?
          The owner is a very good friend of mine.

        • ecowper
          ecowper commented
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          No, I don't get up to Everett very often

        • allsid
          allsid commented
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          I hope the 5-spot in Queen Anne is still rocking.

        Ha! We haven’t been in a restaurant since March. Curbside carryout or delivery only for us. 🤣🤷‍♂️


        • smokin fool
          smokin fool commented
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          Same here, Ubereats, skip the dishes and such have our address memorized.
          The is a pub called Lionheart a block away we have frequented quite often, they have the patio open, no dine in allowed right now.
          The stress of the situation caused the pub's owner to suffer a heart attack last month. Not fatal but nothing to joke about either.
          The local Keg steakhouse tried with a patio but gave it up. The patio faces a busy street and no one wants to sit outside in these cooler temps.

        • jfmorris
          jfmorris commented
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          Same here. Last time I ate inside a restaurant, it was a visit to Salsarita's on Tuesday March 3rd, followed by a movie at the local movie theater. All of that stuff got shutdown about 5 days later. The 18 screen movie theater is now out of business forever.

        I’ve been getting take out pretty frequently, particularly from my favorite local restaurants. Trying to help keep them going and support them. No good bbq locally though. The closest I’ve found is about an hour away and I’ve posted about it before.


          I really haven't eaten out much at all since March. I'm starting to come back around just because I've gotten a little burned out on cooking at home. Didn't see that coming at all! But I'm not sure it would be fair for me to rate any restaurant based on the way they currently have to operate. We're all just doing what we have to do to get by right now.


            Here is the NW Oregon, its Busters Texas BBQ or Famous Dave's.


            • bbqLuv
              bbqLuv commented
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              take out I should have included.

            • Meathead
              Meathead commented
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              Please DON'T post reviews here. We have a whole channel state by state for this!!!! Here https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...aurant-roundup

            • bbqLuv
              bbqLuv commented
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              Okay my bad, Did not think a recommendation was a review. So when asked "More Restaurant Recommendations Please" . . .
              I got more time for fun with Amazing Ribs,
              Please understand in got to this channel via Recent Posts, and I responded.
              I think I understand what I thought you posted, but I not sure if what I read is not what you meant.

            The only restaurant we've been to since Covid is a Brazilian steakhouse in Nazareth called Rio's. It's quite good and reasonably priced for such a place. I was nervous going but it was a family thing with the step-daughter's boyfriend's whole family, so we're went. Foods was as good as ever. Mostly we just get takeout from our local Chinese place that we like, or pizza, if I'm not into cooking on a particular day.


            A few I like

            Duckworth's Bistro Gloucester, MA - My favorite restaurant. Ken was the Chef at Maison Robert in Boston. Temporarily closed due to COVID.

            Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport, ME - Awesome food amazing drinks set on a pretty beach. My favorite summer spot.

            Tennessee BBQ Peabody, MA - Good BBQ Ribs and Sides

            Rusty Can BBQ Byfield, MA - Great Brisket and sandwiches.

            Newbridge Cafe Chelsea, MA - Hole in the wall that serves the Best Steak Tips on the planet. Antipasto is amazing.

            When Pigs Fly Kittery Maine - Great Pizza, sandwiches, and an amazing Craft Beer selection. When the wife drags me up to the outlets I insist we eat here.
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            I don't go to BBQ joints or steak houses because it's usually not as good as what I make and it's far more expensive. I frequent food carts, pubs, and bars instead.


            • ssandy_561
              ssandy_561 commented
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              It's been years since I've gotten a steak at a restaurant. $30 at home buys me a 2 lb. CAB ribeye. $30 out buys me a 16 oz sirloin steak. Its a no brainer.

            • Thunder77
              Thunder77 commented
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              Hear hear!

            I did start a thread about a year ago entitled What Did You Have For Lunch Today? It had several reviews of Houston bbq joints that I frequent along with a lot of interesting member posts. I may try to resurrect that. COVID, as you mentioned, has kind of knocked down the whole restaurant experience thing although most Houstonians still enjoy either a 50% to 75% occupancy rate in outlying areas. One of my favorite lunch counters is full most days. Strange times for sure.

            Lunch Today?


              As The Pit is currently organized you can find the start of the threads here:


              Meathead , would you still like us to use it in this format?


                Some of my favorite local joints. Forest Park Il

                1. Jimmy's Place..Great Italian https://jimmysplaceforestpark.com
                2. Scratch Kitchen The Owner is a Classically Trained Chef that takes bar food and more to a whole new level https://www.scratchfp.com/locations/...e-forest-park/
                3. Small Batch BBQ...Great BBQ https://www.smallbatchq.com
                4. Loui's Grill... A great old fashion diner. https://www.facebook.com/Louies-Grill-102385648125112


                One of my favorites is The Tavern at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Perfection in every way.
                One of the b est steaks ever was in Lincoln, NE. at a restaurant called The Steak House. On Cornhusker Hwy (of course) but I haven't been there for 6-7 years so don't know if it is still good or what.



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