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Ribs vs boneless ribs on Rotisserie.

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    Ribs vs boneless ribs on Rotisserie.

    Tomorrow I am planning to do a test with some slabs of ribs bone in and boneless on a rotisserie in front of a wood fire.
    For the fun of it, and hopefully another learning experience. As this is one of my joys of Q-ing.
    And understanding the process is reason for becoming a member. Even though times are difficult. I try to go on and use my time learning.
    And I have never done ribs on a rotisserie before.

    Pork slabs today, as the lock down has caused a run on beef ribs. And there were no more evenly sized beef ribs available. Well, next time I guess.

    Any tips or hints are always welcome in the next 12 hours.

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    Greetings from Spain,

    #PuraLeña for other cooks.
    Liking, following and sharing would help to get my business running when people will finally be allowed to smile in the open air again.

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    Not a tip, but more a question - how will you attach the slabs of ribs to the rotisserie spit? Do you have a basket of some sort that a will hold them?


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      Correct. I have a flat basket. Which I mainly plan to use for lamb legs, pork belly or beef ribs.
      Curious to see what rotisserie will bring to ribs. As I feel hanging works great as grease keeps dripping of the products. And thus avoid standing puddles of fat. Just collecting absorbing smoke.
      Which I feel, helps to bring more flavour to the meat.
      I would love to see comparison test. To find out if I am right when I taste hanging ribs compared to flat stored ribs.
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    Hi all,

    In the end I concluded that it just takes up too much space for just some ribs. I did grill them on rotisserie. And my son loved them. Result wasn't too bad at all. And for hot and fast actually very nice.
    But I prefer low and slow for my ribs.
    Also didn't bother cutting bones as I got Louisiana slabs on sales.

    Will do some other tests on another day with boneless baby racks. But then just smoke them in the cabinet.

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    These were done low and slow.

    Click image for larger version

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      That's an awesome cooker!

      I have an old 1960s cookbook for an electric rotisserie grill but it doesn't go into much detail on how to place them on the spit. I think they are to be skewered somehow.

      Originally posted by PuraLeña View Post
      Also didn't bother cutting bones as I got Louisiana slabs on sales.
      What are Louisiana slabs? Google is not helpful.



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